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Soap Cover Grey Coverage Bar Shampoo Reviews: I Have Wasted My Money

Soap Cover Grey Coverage Bar Shampoo Reviews

Recently I saw the advertisement for Soap Cover grey coverage bar shampoo. The brand claimed to eliminate the grey hair with 3 washes. Not only that, the company is offering a money-back guarantee. I have washed my hair multiple times with the Soap Cover grey coverage bar shampoo. But unfortunately, my hair was as grey […]

Soap Cover Reviews: Another Scam? Here Is Your Answer

Soap Cover Reviews

The bold advertisements of Soap Cover will steal anyone’s attention. I mean, who does not want dark hair? But does this shampoo bar actually work? Apparently, the Soap Cover shampoo bar does not work for most customers. But there are a few who claim to be benefitted from this product. Scientifically speaking, it is impossible […]

I have A Messed Up Hairline Because My Barber Is Careless: What Are The Fixes?

Aging and genetics are at the root of receding hairline. But for a messed up hairline, indeed, an inexperienced and sloppy barber is responsible Though hair treatments may help you with the receding hairline, they are useless for messed up hairline. In the latter case, you must look for hacks to fix or conceal the […]

A Discussion On Woman In Burka And Islam

Well, it is no secret that not all Muslim women wear burka. While some ladies have accepted this dress code cordially, others seem to turn down wearing a burka. So, where does Islam stand on woman in burka? Islam does not mandate a burqa on females. The religion only asks the women to conceal their […]

Do Moroccan Oil Shampoo And Conditioner Live Up to The Claim?: The Complete Review

The Moroccan oil shampoo and conditioner hype has taken over the internet. From TikTok to YouTube, influencers love these products. But a handful of negative reviews claim these cleaners do not work. So, what is the truth? Moroccanoil shampoo and conditioner formula seems to work on all hair types and conditions. A regular wash with […]

Baby Dress Design: For The Best Quality and Fabric 2023


Styling the adorable little kids is the best thing. Choosing a dress from thousands of options canbe daunting. But the most important thing in a baby dress design is the season. We want the baby girl’s dress to be breezy on a hot summer day, definitely not stuffy. If the cloth is breathable, the parents […]

Latest 20 New Burqa Design 2023

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Do You Want to Know What is The New Design and Fashion Trend of Burqa 2023? Burqa is the symbolism of modesty. In Islam, it’s taught to cover and carry oneself with modesty. Hence, year after year Muslim women have practiced modesty. But like any others, burka design has evolved with time. For this reason, […]

Tops Design for Girls: Do you Know About the Tops Design for Girls?

tops design for girls online shopping in USA India Bangladesh Nepal Canada Dhk

Before we learn about the tops Design for Girls, We should know what is the tops of girls. The tops are a generalized concept for a cropped top of different types: blouse, T-shirt, or cardigan. The tops are the easiest way to effortlessly and stylishly cover up when we wear a dress. It’s also great […]

Long Kurti Design For Girls and Women’s

hot long kurti design 2022

Elegance, smartness, and confidence are the key elements that you require to make yourself presentable. Being able to carry out what you wear is a great way of expressing elegance. The clothes we wear always reflect a part of ourselves. And currently, you can simply look elegant wearing long Kurti design dresses. Long Kurtis come […]

Moroccan Oil Shampoo Makes My Hair Greasy: Should You Try It?

Moroccan oil shampoo makes my hair greasy. I have heard these complaints so many times that I stopped counting. But does this Moroccan oil shampoo really cause greasy hair? Moroccan oil Shampoo does not make your hair greasy. But the formula can weigh down the thinner hair. However, the greasiness in your hair may have […]

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