Monthly Archives: February 2023

oVertone Before And After: I Tried Out Every Single oVertone & Here’s The Result

Well, no more crying over how dyes ruin your hair. oVertone has brought the perfect solution that allows you to experiment with color without compromising hair health. You get a wide variety of harmless coloring options with oVertone with absolutely zero damage. Your hair will pick up the oVertone hue within 15 minutes. The colors […]

Blue Women’s Tank Top: Try Out The 12 Top Designs Today!

Well, nothing can beat the elegance that blue adds to your closet. So, a blue tank top sounds perfect when you want relaxed wear without compromising your look.  Some of the versatile blue tanks are, More blue women’s tank top designs are awaiting below. 12 Must Have Blue Women’s Tank Top Designs Online 1. Amazon […]

oVertone Rose Gold: A Tough Competition Or A Failure?

I finally bought the awaited oVertone Rose Gold healthy duo. As I have light blondes, this coloring duo should work for me. But yes, for dark hair, the oVertone Rose Gold for Brown Hair is a better suit. So, how did oVertone Rose Gold work for me? Am I satisfied with this product? Find out […]

Does oVertone Damage Hair? Time To Face The Truth About This Hyped Brand

oVertone always plays the “safe-for-hair” card during advertisements. But of course, these big companies will lie without an eye blinking when selling products. So, is oVertone playing the same strategy? Does oVertone damage hair? Or has the brand kept its word? oVertone does not damage hair. This-semi permanent conditioner deposits a temporary color on any […]

Olaplex Shampoo Hair Loss: Truth Behind The Shiny Advertisements

The mixed reviews of Olaplex are enough to confuse customers. I have met many experts and professional hairdressers recommending Olaplex to their clients. But then again, the negative reviews surfing the internet will definitely catch your attention. So, who to believe? Does Olaplex really cause hair fall? In reality, Olaplex shampoo hair loss treatment is […]

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