Monthly Archives: March 2023

WOW Shampoo And Conditioner: The Ultimate WOW Guide You Were Asking For

WOW shampoo does not clean the scalp, and the conditioner has no noticeable effect on the just-washed hair. The hair looks dry and frizzy even after several applications. These two are the most common allegations against the WOW shampoo and conditioner. Are they true? The WOW shampoo and conditioner produces a little lather because of […]

Woman In Burka: Basic Look And Laws Of Wearing Burqa

Burqa is basic wear for most Muslim women. No wonder they search for tips to level up their look in the burqa. So, how can you style the burqa with your personality? You cover your entire body except the hands and feet with a loose burqa. So, there is not much room for styling with […]

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