Bear Hunting Suit: What To Wear To A Bear Hunt?

Of course, you can not just wear any outfit from your wardrobe when bear hunting. It is indeed a dangerous sport and requires maximum protection. Otherwise, a permanent injury is waiting for you. So, what is the ideal bear hunting suit?

You have to choose the bear hunting suit according to the weather. For fall, you need an underlayer, a mid-layer hoodie, and an extra layer of jacket or vest as the top part. As for the bottom, long underwear and insulation pant are suitable. Also, wear rubber boots, socks, gloves, and a beanie to complete the suit.

Besides dressing up right, you would need the proper gear to kill the bear. I have discussed everything in the article below.

Russian Bear Hunting Suit: Is This Real?

Bear Hunting Suit
Bear Hunting Suit

Recently, a post featuring a Siberian bear hunting suit has gone viral. Per the post, a spiked leather jacket and leather pants with an iron studded helmet was the essential bear hunting costume in the 19th century. However, people have expressed their speculations and doubt about the authenticity of this post.

I mean, a man running in the wild with a spiked leather suit to hunt bears does not add up. Not only that. Hunting bears was a ritual and a manifestation of manhood in ancient times. The hunters had to take special training first, and only then could they go out for bear hunting.

According to some sources, there were certain rules for bear hunting. For example, the hunters had to let the beast attack them and give them the same advantage that they had. People who could still beat the animal were respected and tagged the real men.

Considering these rules and words, the spiked costume does not seem like a bear hunting suit. But then again, you can not say anything for sure until the experts express their opinions. On the other hand if you want to know about What is the hunter most important items of cloth click to go.

What Is The Ideal Bear Hunting Suit?

So, you can not wear that bizarre Siberian spiked costume when bear hunting. Right? Then what are your options?

Well, you have to pick your suit wisely. A small mistake can ruin the whole hunting trip. For example, you can be a perfume fanatic, but wearing body odor while hunting is not recommended.

In fact, you must suppress your scent as much as possible to blend in the wild. The bears check the wind before moving to an area, and a strong perfume can attract the animals directly to you.

Just to keep you away from these silly mistakes, I have made a list of how the ideal bear hunting suit should look,

1. Appropriate Top

You should select your top parts as per the weather. Generally, heavily insulated clothing is recommended when you hunt bears in low temperatures. But if it is spring, the average warm garments will be fine.

Sometimes, when the weather is sunny, you can wear a flannel shirt and vest. Again, on rainy days, wear rainy jackets to stay dry.

If the temperature is chilly, wear a wool sweater and a down vest over it. You must wear an insulated jacket when the temperature is closer to zero. This will keep you warm on a cold night. Insulated parka jackets are popular options as bear hunting suits.

Choose the jacket colors carefully. In icey areas, wearing white will help you mask your entity. But a camo jacket is a better choice to blend in with nature when hunting in forests. When hunting in a group, you can wear yellow or orange jackets to stay visible to your teammates from a distance.

In any case, do not forget to wear a polypropylene T-shirt under your vest. These garments do not hold back the moisture inside and keep you sweat-free and dry when hunting.

2. Comfortable Bottom 

Going bear hunting with lousy, fancy pants is not a good idea. Instead, fitting cargo pants or sweatpants is preferable. The cargo pants pockets can hold maps and other small gear when hunting. Hence, those are the most popular among the hunters.

Of course, you have to select the pants according to the weather. Go light if it is spring and hot outside. But wear insulated pants when the temperature drops to zero. Finally, instead of short underwear, choose long ones for the most comfort.

3. Reliable Shoes 

Bears are not like most other wild animals. They can not only smell you from a distance, but they also have sharp ears. So, if you are loud with your movements, you are just inviting danger yourself.

A rubber sole boot can help you here to stay silent. Also, the boots will keep your feet warm in the cold weather. However, a normal slipper is okay when roaming around in the camping area.

4. Accessories

You must wear hand gloves and socks to keep warm in cold temperatures. Otherwise, you can not hunt or aim well. Wearing a beanie or hat also helps combat the cold. Also, carry a backpack to keep all your gear.

What Is The Best Bear Hunting Jacket?

The bear hunters were disappointed for so long as no suitable jackets for bear hunting were available. So, they had to adjust and go with other hunting clothes.

Fortunately, now, finding a bear hunting jacket is not that challenging. You may have to pay a little extra, but you will get the quality. Right now, three brands have killer bear hunting clothing, including jackets. Those are,

1. Sitka Gear 

Sitka Gear sells all types of jackets necessary for bear hunting. You will find camo vests, jetstream jackets, and hoodies for both males and females. The store also sells other necessary gear for bear hunting.


KUIU is a reliable name for collecting bear hunting clothing and gear. The store has a quality collection of jackets, vests, Tees, pants, etc., specially designed for bear hunting. You can get all the supplies of your bear hunting checklist from this shop.

3. Huntworth

Huntworth has gained immense popularity in a short time. The color combination of its camo jackets and hoodies is more than perfect for a bear hunt. Most hunters choose this new brand because they offer the best quality at a reasonable price.

Siberian Bear Hunting Suit For Sale

After the viral post of the Siberian bear hunting suit, youngsters started looking for the costume like crazy. The demand for that outfit spiked when the music video ‘Bear Hunting Armor’ was released.

But unfortunately, there is no reliable shop that sells that hunting suit. Of course, that armor is dangerous because of all the spikes and studs. Walking down the streets in that suit can definitely harm people.

However, you can customize a fake bear hunting suit for a fancy dress or Halloween. But make sure the spikes are not made of iron.

Bear Hunting Gear List: The Ultimate Guide

You can not just go hunting a bear unprepared. It will get you killed. Instead, prepare yourself for the challenge while collecting the necessary bear hunting gear. Remember, the gear list will change with location and your hunting tactics.

Clothing For Hunting

  • Rain jacket
  • Rain pant
  • Hoodie or other mid-layer
  • Softshell jacket
  • Insulation jacket or vest
  • Insulation bottom
  • Socks
  • Gloves
  • Insole
  • Rubber boots
  • Beanie

Clothes For Camping Area

  • Tee
  • Lightweight hoodie
  • Sweater
  • Sweatpant
  • Gloves
  • Socks
  • Slippers
  • Mountain shoes
  • Hat
  • Underwear
  • Leg gaiter

Optical Gears

  • Tripod
  • Tripod plate
  • Spotting scope eyepiece and objective
  • Eyepiece cover
  • Digiscope setup
  • Digiscope case
  • Rangefinder
  • Rangefinder case
  • Harness
  • Binocular
  • Bino adapter
  • Panhead
  • Lens wiper
  • Lens pen
  • Dust blower
  • Charge cord

Camping Gears

  • Tent or shelter set
  • Groundsheet
  • Sleeping bag
  • Sleeping pad
  • Pillow

Survival Gear

  • Knife
  • Blades
  • Lighter
  • Tape
  • Cords
  • Pills

Weapon Gears

  • Rifle
  • Rifle scope
  • Rifle rings
  • Rifle cover
  • Scope Level
  • Muzzle brake
  • Bipod
  • Bipod rail
  • Two round holder
  • Ammo
  • Sling
  • Rear support

Food Gear 

  • Spork
  • Stove
  • Fuel
  • Water container
  • Water purification
  • Bottle

Safety Gear

  • Headlamp
  • Lamp
  • Battery
  • Satellite messenger
  • First aid kit
  • Toothbrush and paste
  • Toilet tissue
  • Eye protection


  • Backpack
  • Backpack cover
  • Gear bags
  • Wind check tool
  • Compass
  • Camera, etc.


Question: What Do You Wear To A Bear Hunt?

Answer: Camouflage or green clothing is suggested for bear hunting. The color and pattern should blend you in with nature. This way, you can kill the beast without drawing any attention. 

Question: How Do You Prepare For A Bear Hunt?

Answer: Going for a bear hunt without preparation can be deadly. Hence, you have to gather the knowledge first and learn the tactics. Then, get in shape for the challenge and get familiar with the gears. Finally, you can go for a bear hunt when you are confident.  

Question: What Is The Best Round For Bear Hunting?

Answer: The round will vary depending on your kill. But in most cases, you can blindly trust the .308 Winchester, 6.5 Creedmoor, 7mm Remington Magnum, and 30 – 06 Springfield to shoot a bear.

Question: What Time Of Day Is Best For Bear Hunting?

Answer: You can hunt bears in either fall or spring. Remember, the bears roam in the open space in the early morning and late evening. You can take advantage of this and shoot the beast.

Final Thought 

The regular bear hunting suit does not include iron studs or spikes. Instead, you can go for the kill wearing any camo hunting outfit. Again, put on warm, insulating clothes at freezing temperatures.

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