Cause Of Dark Circles Under Eyes: Know These Before It Is Too Late

cause of dark circles under eyesse of dark circles under eyes

Look in the mirror. Do you see the darkened thick lining under your lower eyelids? Yes?
Congratulations! You have grown dark circles beneath your eyes, which is nothing to be proud
of. Not to mention, it is a complete hassle to make those spots disappear.
Do you know the primary Cause of Dark Circles Under Eyes? Or What Can You do to Vanish Them
Within Weeks
? Find out everything in the article below.

What Are Dark Circles Under Eyes?

The thick, darkened lining beneath your eyes is what we call dark circles. These can be really
unpleasant if you are a beauty freak.
Nowadays, dark circles are more than common in both men and women. A study was
conducted among 13000 participants, and surprisingly, roughly 53% of them had Dark Circles
Under Their Eyes
. But unfortunately, we know little about the causes of this unpleasant
condition and its remedies.
According to dermatologists, the thinning of skins, bulging fat, and loss of fatty tissues beneath
the eyes make the dark shadows more visible. In addition, people experience these Dark Circles
Due to Their Age
, genetics, and even having a non-white skin tone.
There are many more explanations behind dark circles. Sometimes the darkening beneath the
eyes might be indicating an underlying disease. Let’s discover all the causes and possibilities in
the next section.

Cause Of Dark Circles Under Eyes, How to remove dark circles under eyes

Causes Of Dark Circles Under Eyes

Maybe we all know the most common reason for dark circles. Yes, fatigue and hectic or
stressful life. However, several more causes exist that introduce Dark Circles Under The Eyes.
Read on to them, one by one.

The Young Days Are Gone!

If you have dark circles, consider your age first. Natural aging can be the primary cause why you
have darkening areas beneath the eyes.
Experts have addressed this phenomenon gracefully. They suggest that we have a SOOF, a
pillow of soft tissue, sitting beneath those eyes. These tissues shrink and lose collagen, fat, and
overall volume to maintain skin elasticity as we grow old. As a result, the deeper capillary beds
become visible and appear darker.

You Forget To Drink Water

Are you 25, and still, you have dark circles? Hmm. Is it possible that you do not drink a sufficient
amount of water every day?
Experts explain that our body requires 70% of water to function. The dehydration not only
interrupts body mechanisms but also makes the aging fast. Hence, when you do not drink
water, your skin loses volume, shrinks up, and eventually, you end up with dark circles.
In rare cases, you might think you are drinking enough while you are not. Take tea, coffee, and
other beverages as examples. Unfortunately, these do not count as water hydration and often
lead to dehydration.

No Sound Sleep

Your body gets into a cardiac rhythm once you start maintaining a regular sleep time. In
addition, the veins under your eyes become more visible, and the skins grow pale if the sleep
cycle is broken. Experts suggest 7 – 8 hours of sleep every night keeps us fit and the dark circles

Blame The Allergies

If you catch allergies quickly, you know who to blame for your dark circles. Dermatologists say
the release of histamine during an allergic reaction causes itchiness, sneezing, nose congestion,
etc. However, the unpleasant effects do not stop here.
You often rub your eyes because of the irritation and itching. Unfortunately, such actions
increase the swelling and redness of the eyes. As a result, your blood vessels dilate and get
more apparent, leaving behind dark circles.

Here is the thing. You get those dark marks under your eyes with or without rubbing.
Antihistamines might reduce inflammation and help you with spots. However, the drug
won’t work if some other factor is causing the dark circles.

Ah! That Burning Sun!

Are you an outgoing person? If yes, then the overexposure of the sun rays might be causing
Dark Circles and Sunken Eyes.
Scientists suggest that spending hours under the sun without protection increases the melanin
pigments in the skin. As a result, it leads to a darker skin tone and circles under the eyes.
Straining Eyes Is Not Healthy
Do you know looking at any screen strains your eyes? Not only that, straining causes vision
damage and enlargement of blood vessels around the eyes. As a result, the dark circles become
more prominent and visible. Consulting with an eye specialist might help you get out of the
straining and further issues.

Iron Deficiency, Anemia, Or Any Other Underlying Condition

There is a thin possibility that an underlying disease is causing your dark circles. For example,
experts claim that conditions like anemia, vitamin or mineral deficiency, malabsorption
, hypothyroidism, etc., often lead to marks under your eyes.

Take the example of anemia in this case, which occurs due to iron deficiency. A study was
conducted among 200 participants to find the link between this condition and darkening under
the eyes.

Anemia hampers the production of red blood cells. Such deficiency leads to oxygen
insufficiency in the eye tissues, resulting in dark circles. However, iron-rich foods and a
balanced diet can reduce the dark marks.

Stop Smoking And Drinking

Drinking coffee or any caffeine drink leads you to dehydration. The same goes for alcohol too.
Besides damaging your liver, these addictive and nerve relaxing drinks dilate your blood vessels
under the eyes, making the dark circles more visible.
The health injuring cigarettes are not healthy either. Smoking causes oxygen insufficiency in the
tissues, skin damage, and premature aging. So, chain-smokers with dark circles should not be a

It’s All In The Genes

Have you approached each of the above factors but still can not think of anything wrong? Well,
your genes may be the ones holding the answers for you.
Scientists suggest that family history and the skin tone of a person can contribute to dark
circles. Studies report that more non-white ethnicity experiences dark marks under their eyes
than the white communities.
Making the dark circles disappear in such cases might be tough and challenging. However, you
can consult a doctor and seek help to mask the spots.

How To Remove Dark Circles At Home Naturally

Natural treatment is always preferable to Remove Dark Circles as the chemical ones come with
side effects. Curing the under-eye spots with home remedies might take time, but it is the most
effective. Using cucumbers, cold pressing, tea bags, and antioxidants will heal the dark circles at
home. All the natural treatments I will cover below have no noticeable side effects. However, the
effectiveness of these remedies is scientifically questionable.

Cucumbers contain high water content, vitamin C, and silica. These ingredients work best in
reducing eye swelling, inflammation, and moisturizing skin.

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Cold Compression

Swelling and dilated blood vessels are often behind dark circles. Applying ice-cold compression
to the eyes can reduce the spots and puffiness by constricting blood vessels. Eventually, the
Dark Circles Under The Eyes also disappear because of this cold therapy.
Ice cubes and a clean washcloth are enough to proceed with this method. Wrap the ices into
the cloth and apply directly under your eyes for 15 to 20 minutes every day.

Coconut Oil

How to remove Of Dark Circles Under eyes at home

Coconut oil is unbeatable when it comes to lightning and nourishing skin. Applying this oil under
the eyes can reduce the fine lines and disappear the dark circles within a short time.

Tea Bags

Tea bag for removing Of Dark Circles Under eyes at home

The caffeine and antioxidants properties of teas can effectively vanish your dark circles by
stimulating blood circulation. In addition, it is a cheap and widely popular method to reduce the
hyperpigmentation effect.
You can use any tea bag in this therapy, green, black, or herbal. However, do not put the boiling
tea bag under your eyes. Instead, allow it to cool down to room temperature and then put it on
your skin. People often freeze the bags to add the cold compression effect.

As you have seen, antioxidants are capable of reducing dark circles under the eyes. Vitamin C
and E lotion or any other antioxidant-rich creams come in handy in this situation.
Facial Massage
Poor blood circulation often causes sunken eyes. Hence, gentle massage around the eye will
prompt blood circulation, reducing the dark circles.

Dark Circles Under Eyes Treatments

Treating dark circles under the eyes is medically possible. Approaching the condition with
creams, chemical peels, fat transfer, laser, and surgery have been widely effective and
successful in masking the darkening shadows. However, it is suggested to try medical
treatments only if the home remedies fail.
Here is a brief insight into each of the possible medical treatments for masking dark circles.


Topical treatments include bleaching creams which contain hydroxy acid, hydroquinone,
tretinoin, etc. Practically, these ingredients treat the hyperpigmentation caused by dark circles
only in 3 months.
Vitamin C lotions are also popular as an effective topical cream. Studies have proved that using
10% vitamin C lotion for six months can treat the dark spots without any side effects.
Safe Acids

Experts often suggest Koijac and Azelaic acids for masking dark circles under the eyes. Both
these acids are effective in reducing hyperpigmentation. However, though Azelaic acid is safe
for long-term use, the Konjac acid might irritate the skin.
Chemical Peels

Chemical peels serve the purpose of achieving a fairer and smoother skin texture. Not only that,
but the dark circles are also treatable with this process because of alpha-hydroxy acids.
Three types of chemical peeling treatments are available, superficial, medium, and deep.
Dermatologists suggest superficial peeling as it is weaker and does little or no harm to your
delicate skin.
Tips: Taking chemical peeling and topical creams simultaneously offers more effective results.
Microdermabrasion has a similar effect to chemical peels. Here, the dark and dead cells are
removed from under the eyes by exfoliating.


The Dark Circles Under The Eyes become more prominent due to losing fatty tissues. Injecting
hyaluronic gel or platelet-rich plasma into the eyes can bring back the lost volume, vanishing
the spots.
Fat Transfer
The filler and fat transfer share similarities. This process also pumps up the hollow-sunken eyes
and masks the dark circles like the filler. People often claim fat transferring is more effective
than filtering.


Laser is not a recommendable treatment, and it is not for everyone. The process effectively
destroys the melanin and makes the skin tight again. However, this treatment has several
1. Costly
2. Painful
3. Risk of scarring
4. Slow healing

Low intense lasers like pulsed dye and diode might eliminate the above risks to an extent. Yet, it
is advisable to re-think the decision.
If you are willing to try a laser, I suggest you go through the IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) even for
once. The method offers the same features as lasers but does less damage.

Eyelid Surgery

Deposition of fat and extra skin can cause dark circles under the eyes. Blepharoplasty surgery
can remove these undesired cells and tissues, making the spots disappear.

How To Remove Dark Circles Under Eyes Naturally In One Week
Removing Dark Circles Under Eyes naturally in one week sounds quite impossible. However, a
routined life with a few modifications in daily habits can reduce hyperpigmentation. Experts
emphasize sound sleep, giving up smoking, sun protection, etc., to treat dark circles naturally.
Usually, treating the dark spots under the eyes is not an easy and quick task. First, you have to
be consistent with the approach. Hence, removing the dark circles within one week might not
be possible unless you seek unnecessary medical treatment.
Here are some tips to prevent and treat dark circles as fast as possible,

  1. Sleep 7 – 8 hours a day and take enough rests in between your hectic work schedule.
  2. Stay hydrated. Consuming excessive caffeine can cause dehydration. Therefore, stay
    away from such habits.
  3. Give up smoking and drinking.
  4. Take some physical exercise or Participate in Sports
  5. Do not take any stress. Practice meditation or yoga for relaxation.
  6. Take meds if your dark circles are due to an allergic reaction.
  7. Try out the home remedies.
  8. Perfect makeup often masks the dark circles.
  9. If none of the home remedies and lifestyle changes work, go for medical treatments.

How To Remove Dark Circles Under Eyes Naturally In One Week In

If you are from the south of India, your dark circles are probably due to overexposure to the
sun. As a result, your melanin percentage is higher than usual, so you have darker skin.
In such conditions, removing dark circles with medical treatments is not feasible or suggested.
Instead, applying home remedies will bring a more effective and satisfactory result.
I have already discussed some dark circle home treatments in the previous section. A few more
tricks to reduce hyperpigmentation won’t harm. So, here you go,
Cucumber & Lemon Mixture
Cucumber alone is enough to heal your sunken or puffy eyes along with the fine lines. However,
if the remedy does not work, try mixing it with lemon juice. The lemons are rich in vitamin C
and quickly remove the dark circles.
You can apply the mix using a cotton swab and leave it under the eyes for 15 minutes. But,
remember, lemon can irritate your eyes. Hence, be careful while applying to your skin.


The lycopene in Tomatoes can Make Your Skin Glow More. Also, the substance is equally
capable of Removing The Dark Circles Under The Eyes. Mixing the tomatoes with lemon juice
enhances the properties and does the healing quickly.


Cause Of Dark Circles Under Eyes, Remove at home

Tumeric is beneficial for the skin due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.
Applying turmeric paste under your eyes for 10 minutes every day will make your dark circles
disappear. People often mix pineapple juice with turmeric to avail more benefits from it.

Rose Water


Rosewater offers the best skincare treatment, even for healing fine lines. Again, the mixture is
a safe option for makeup removal and treating dark circles under the eyes.
Use a cotton pad, soak it in the rose water, and apply it to your face.


Cause Of Dark Circles Under Eyes, How to remove dark circles under eyes at home naturally

A potato will help you look younger! Yes, you have read it right.
Surprisingly, potatoes are a rich source of vitamin C, and so, this veggie can contribute to the
tightness and healing of your skin by collagen synthesis. But of course, you can not rub the
whole potato on your face. So, extract the juice and apply it to your skin with the help of cotton

Cause Of Dark Circles Under Eyes: Final Words

The root cause of Dark Circles Under Eyes is nothing rare but related to our lifestyle. Applying
cucumbers, tea bags, or cold compression on the skin can be harmless and time-consuming
remedy for this condition. On the other hand, chemical peeling, filler, laser, etc., are extreme
treatments for removing dark circles.

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