Does oVertone Damage Hair? Time To Face The Truth About This Hyped Brand

oVertone always plays the “safe-for-hair” card during advertisements. But of course, these big companies will lie without an eye blinking when selling products. So, is oVertone playing the same strategy?

Does oVertone damage hair? Or has the brand kept its word?

oVertone does not damage hair. This-semi permanent conditioner deposits a temporary color on any hair tone. The shades come off with several washes. Besides boosting hair color, the oVertone formula smoothes hair and promotes nourishment.

Learn more details on the oVertone application and its effects below.

oVertone Damage Hair: What’s The Truth In It?

Does oVertone Damage Hair?
Does oVertone Damage Hair?

For the starter, oVertone is not like any other hair dye on the market. Well, that is because this is not a permanent but a semi-permanent color deposition. However, tagging the oVertone products as conditioners fits even more.

In simple terms, this pigment-rich product will impart a temporary vibrant shade on your strands. The color will fade and come off after several washes.

Of course, you can not get rid of the dyes so easily. These permanent colors include strong chemicals to change your strand shades.

You can not gain such accuracy with natural ingredients. So, the companies use synthetic chemicals to prepare their formula for quick and long-lasting hair color. As a result, the strong chemical composition often backfires and ruins the hair.

oVertone is not in the dye business. Thus, the brand requires no such chemicals to manufacture its products.

Instead, the oVertone products include all-natural ingredients for hair nourishment as any traditional conditioner. Therefore, you can not really complain about this brand.

overtone ingredients, Does oVertone Damage Hair?
overtone ingredients, Does oVertone Damage Hair?

According to my Real-life Experience,

I have personally used both oVertone coloring and daily conditioner. Honestly, I was pretty impressed with what these semi-permanent colors did with my strands.

My hair is light blonde. The oVertone vibrant purple coloring gave the exact violet shade I was looking for. Later, I continued the daily purple conditioner to stretch the longevity of the color, and it worked perfectly.

Additionally, I noticed a positive change in my hair. The strands looked smooth and bouncy with no residual at all. There was no breakage or split ends whatsoever.

The oVertone conditioners basically include a high percentage of pigments to shade your strands. Other than this, most other ingredients in the conditioners are natural. Not to mention that the oVertone products are free of sulfate, ammonia and paraben.

Therefore, the oVertone coloring conditioners are safe for your hair and do no damage at all.

Does oVertone Wash Out Completely?

Does oVertone Wash Out Completely?
Does oVertone Wash Out Completely?

In the majority of cases, oVertone washes out completely. Now, why have I mentioned the majority? Is there any chance that the colors will not come off?

Coming from the official website, being a semi-permanent conditioner, the staying power of oVertone is subjective. There is a high possibility that the colors will come off after several washes. Then again, a slim chance of bleaching your hair to get rid of the shades is still there.

In any case, you can not expect to wash out the oVertone colors in just one rinse. The longevity of the oVertone shades totally depends on the strand health and condition of the user.

Generally, porous hair absorbs more pigments. But removing the colors is also easy from such hair with several rinses.

So basically, you can not tell for sure how many washes it takes to get rid of the oVertone colors. Thus, I recommend taking a strand test before experimenting with these semi-permanent pigments. Here is how you can do the testing,

  1. Apply a handful of oVertone coloring conditioner to a small hair section.
  2. Wait for 10 – 15 minutes before rinsing off the colours.
  3. Notice how bright and vibrant the shade is.
  4. Note down the fade factors each time you wash your hair.
  5. You can make an educated guess about the longevity of the colors by going through the notes.

How Do You Remove oVertone From Hair?

Getting rid of the oVertone completely is not a quick task. You have to wait for weeks or even months. But yes, you can adopt tricks to influence the shade’s fading time.

I have listed 8 ways to remove oVertone from your hair quickly. Of course, you can not expect the colors to be gone overnight, and it will still take weeks.

Some of the tricks can be a little aggressive for your hair. So, measure the risk before using them.

1. While the oVertone colouring conditioner is for imparting a deep shade, the daily conditioners boost the shades. Hence, stop using the conditioners in the first place if you want the oVertone colors out of your strands.

2. oVertone has launched a fader shampoo. It gently removes the current colour deposition and prepares the strands for the next hair shade.

Besides, the formula nourishes the hair by moistening the strands. Also, it stimulates hair growth with natural ingredients.

3. Experts suggest that direct sunlight or heat on the strands helps fade the shades. Therefore, long swims under the sun or a hot shower at home will help.


4. Olive oil is corrosive to hair colors and does an excellent job removing them. Hence, you can use this natural moisturizing oil to eliminate oVertone.

Start by taking a hot shower so that the strand pores open up. This will make color extraction easier. Towel damp your strands after the shower.

Next, heat the olive oil and massage it on your hair thoroughly. Wear a shower cap, allowing the oil to sit on the strands for 30 – 40 minutes.

Finally, wash off the greasy, oily hair with a thick shampoo and warm water. The oVertone pigments should be out of your strands within 2 – 3 washes.

You need no conditioner. The olive oil is enough to hydrate and nourish your strands naturally.

5. You can use liquid laundry soap to remove oVertone shades from your hair. I know this trick is aggressive and will dry your hair. Thus, after applying this method, you would need to moisturize your strands continuously for weeks.

Massage the liquid laundry soap on your wet hair and lather properly. Leave the foams for 10 minutes to let the formula work on the strands. Rinse off the soap with lukewarm water before conditioning your hair.

The oVertone colors will fade away after a week of this routine. To combat the dry strands, start applying a mask of jojoba oil, aloe vera, etc., on your hair overnight.

6. Baking soda has a lightning property, which is why it is used to remove oVertone. Prepare a paste of baking soda and lemon juice first. Then apply it on your hair and wait 5 – 10 minutes before rinsing it off.


7. Applying developer to the hair offers a quick escape from the oVertone shades. But the strong chemical composition damages the hair if used out of proportion. You can pair the developer with a moisturizing shampoo to minimize the risk.

Hydrating the hair with coconut oil is also an excellent trick to avoid the severity of the developer. But wash off the greasy oil before applying the developer and shampoo.

Start with rinsing the hair with fresh water. Then apply the mixture of moisturizing shampoo and developer thoroughly on the strands. Massaging the solution on the hair also helps. Allow the formula to sit for 15 to 20 minutes.

Rinse off the mixture with water before conditioning your hair. Do not continue this routine daily. Once every 15 days is the best schedule to avoid hair damage. Also, moisturize your hair afterwards with natural oil and masks.

8. Apparently, vitamin C can help fade the oVertone shades. To avail of this benefit, crush the vitamin C tablets in your shampoo and prepare a paste. Apply the mixture to your wet hair and leave it for half an hour.

Finally, rinse the paste off. Continue the routine several times to remove the shades altogether.

Can I Use oVertone On Wet Hair?

You can use oVertone on both wet and dry hair. While dry hair offers a brighter result, the shades are not extra vibrant with wet hair. However, most people prefer using oVertone on damp hair when taking a shower.

Following the proper steps to get a rocking color from oVertone products is essential. I am revising the actions again for you,

  1. Shampoo your hair beforehand, and towel damp your hair.
  2. Apply the daily conditioner on your wet hair thoroughly.
  3. Wait for 5 – 10 minutes.
  4. Rinse off the products with warm water.

For colouring conditioners, dry hair is preferable for brighter results. Apply the couring paste on your strands and wait for 15 minutes max. Then wash off the conditioner with hot water.

Which Temporary Hair Dye Is Best?

The hair dye market is swarming with brands and products. But which one to use? Which product is safe for your hair?

I have mentioned 5 temporary hair dyes below that have a minimum damaging effect. Also, considering the features, these products are budget-friendly.

1. oVertone Hair Care

For me, oVertone will always be number 1. The brand has kept its word and offered the perfect shades for any type of hair tone. Besides, the gentle formula does deep conditioning and nourishes the strands.

Learn More About The oVertone Hair Care

2. Moroccanoil Color Depositing Mask

Moroccanoil shampoo and conditioners are ruling the hair care world. It goes without saying that their color masks are also a success. The formula is safe and highly nourishing for hair.

Learn More About The Moroccanoil Color Depositing Mask

3. dpHue Color Boosting Gloss Deep Conditioning Treatment

Colors often leave a dry strain on the strands. But it is definitely not the case with dpHue conditioners.

The formula imparts the desired shade on your strands and ensures a deep healing hair treatment.

Learn More About dpHue Color Boosting Gloss Deep Conditioning Treatment

Frequently Asked Questions of Does oVertone Damage Hair?

Does oVertone Damage Curly Hair?

oVertone includes no sulfate, paraben, or ammonia. Therefore, this semi-permanent color deposit does no damage to curly hair texture. Yet, it is advisable not to overdo the product.

Does oVertone Stain Scalp?

oVertone is rich in pigments and so, getting stained with the product is no surprise. However, only the vibrant and extreme shades will cause a stain on your scalp. But do not worry, as the colors are not permanent. A little rubbing with hot water will remove them.

Is oVertone Ok For Hair?

oVertone will definitely impart a vibrant shade to your hair, regardless of the hair tone and condition. The product includes no strong chemicals. Hence, there is no risk of hair damage or breakage.

Why Not To Use oVertone?

Though the products are chemical-free, they include a rich concentration of pigments. The percentage may backfire on sensitive hair. Also, the oVertone is a semi-permanent deposition. So, if you are looking for a dye, oVertone is not your brand.

How Many Times Can You Use Overtone?

The oVertone daily conditioner is perfect for everyday use. This formula is gentle and works like any other conditioner besides offering a color boost. However, you can not use the oVertone colouring conditioner every day.

Does oVertone Have Ammonia?

oVertone does not include ammonia, paraben, sulfate, or other harsh chemicals. Also, the product is 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

How Many Washes Until oVertone Comes Out?

The company hasn’t clearly mentioned any exact details on this. But an estimated guess is that the oVertone will come off after 22 washes. However, it may take more or less rinsing depending on the hair condition of the user.


80 – 90% of oVertone users are satisfied with the products and the service. Only a small group complains about these conditioners. According to them, oVertone leaves a weird film on the hair and messes up its texture. Besides, it causes brittle hair and split ends.

Well, with due respect to their opinions, I beg to differ. I have used oVertone myself and faced nothing of this sort. Many of my friends and family are regular users of oVertone, and they all gave me positive feedback.

So, there is a chance that some other factor is responsible for their damaged hair.

However, it is definitely up to you to measure the good and bad of oVertone. Trying out the product and experimenting on your hair will not harm anyway.

Dr. Marjumin Sinthia

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