Ghetto Wedding Rings: Can You Propose Your Girl With A Ghetto Ring In 2023?

Ghetto wedding rings have come to us as a meme. But apparently, some people are really enjoying the idea of proposing with a ghetto ring. So, what is a ghetto wedding ring?

Ghetto wedding rings are cheap, fake, funky rings available at a gas station or any local store. Recently, because of the trolling and memes, some companies have rebranded the ghetto rings and made those suitable for engagement. So, anyone with a budget issue can get a decent ghetto ring to propose his girl. 
 Want to know more details on ghetto wedding rings? Give this article a read.

Ghetto Wedding Rings: A Joke To Everyone

Ghetto Wedding Rings, ghetto engagement rings
Ghetto Wedding Rings, Ghetto Engagement Rings

I am sure you all have your opinions on ghetto wedding rings. Well, I respect them all. However, considering the trolling and viral memes, I can not but share my own opinion on ghetto wedding rings. 

For those who do not know, ghetto rings are tacky or fake gold jewelry. Usually, these items are sold in subway stations, shady vendors, or seedy shops. 

Ghetto Wedding Rings, Ghetto Engagement Rings, wear hut
Ghetto Wedding Rings, Ghetto Engagement Rings, wear hut

Whenever someone mentions a ghetto ring, an image of a funky, tacky, and oversized hippy-like ring comes to mind. Sorry to disappoint you, but such jazzy and weird rings do not define the whole ghetto ring category. In fact, there are sober versions of ghetto rings too!

When it comes to weddings, the event is incomplete without the engagement rings. Those rings are not just jewelry but have a special meaning for each bride and groom. The couples wear those rings till death makes them apart. 

Couples spend thousands of dollars on their wedding rings to glorify the relationship and the event. Walk to any jewelry shop, and you will be mesmerized by those lavish wedding ring collections. 

Of course, there is nothing wrong with buying gorgeous and elegant wedding rings. Money does not matter when it comes to cherishing a moment with your partner. On top of that, an expensive ring makes the wedding look more graceful and stylish. 

I agree with each of these points. But here is my thought!

What if you can not afford a luxurious diamond ring for your wedding? What do you do then? Should you wait thousands of years to save enough money to buy an eloquent ring? 

I personally do not think so.

The wedding ring is nothing but a symbol of your dedication and love for each other. It reminds you of your promises and the bond you share with your partner. So, why does money matter here?

You can definitely propose your partner with any sober-looking ring as long as you love that person. Hence, there is nothing wrong with proposing your girl with a tacky ghetto gold wedding ring.

However, do not just pick any funky-looking hipster ghetto wedding ring. Your girl will break up with you on the spot for sure and will curse you for a lifetime.

So, choose a sophisticated-looking ghetto ring that gives you a wedding vibe. But yes, if you have the budget, do not miss the chance to propose your partner with an elegant ring.

Ghetto Wedding Rings Meme

As far as I know, the ghetto wedding ring memes started from a social media post. The lady posted her expensive wedding ring and said every girl deserves such a perfect engagement ring. Right after this post, she was bashed and trolled badly.

Of course, your wedding ring does not prove the love and affection between a couple. You can propose your girlfriend with a plain gold ring and still love her to the moon and back. There is no law saying that your wedding ring has to be one of a kind.

However, another meme went viral against the ghetto wedding rings. Those memes claim that women always deserve a perfect wedding ring, not some ghetto and tacky one.

The logic behind these posts is that you only marry once. So why not make it memorable? On top of that, girls dream of their wedding since they are in school. It will only take a funky ghetto ring to ruin that dream and break their hearts.

Well, while I am not against all the ghetto wedding rings, I despair of those big, gangsta-like rings. If you intend to propose your girl with one of those weird-looking rings, start taking those memes seriously.

However, do not just buy a one-dollar ghetto ring from the gas station if you have the budget. That will be so immature and irresponsible of you. Instead, go for the best wedding ring you can afford. It will make your girl happy and love you even more.

Most Expensive Wedding Rings In The World

You can not buy happiness. True that. The smile on your partner’s face after seeing the wedding ring is priceless. But you have to count sacks of money to get your hand on an elegant ring for sure.

When it comes to engagements and weddings, celebrities know no boundaries. Pick any movie star or sportsperson. Each has spent thousands of dollars on their wedding ring. No wonder why those engagements are still in conversations today.

Here are the 5 most engagement rings in history till now,

1. Grace Kelly’s 10.47 Carat Emerald Cut Diamond Ring: $39 Million

Hollywood actress Grace Kelly wed Prince Rainier III in 1956. The actress got engaged to the prince with the 10.47-carat Cartier ring. This ring is considered the most expensive wedding ring in history to this date. However, the ring is worth $38.8 million now because of inflation. 

2. Jackie Kennedy Onassis’s 40-Carat Ring: $20 Million

Jackie O’s second engagement ring was the talk of the town for so long. Her billionaire husband chose a 40-carat Harry Winston diamond ring for their wedding.

The ring is worth about $20 million today.

3. Mariah Carey’s 35 Carat Bling: $10 Million

Mariah Carey’s 35-carat Wilfredo Rosado is the 3rd most expensive wedding ring on this list. Carey’s Australian businessman lover proposed her with that platinum ring set, and she said yes. But unfortunately, their love story came to an end soon.

4. Elizabeth Tylor’s Krupp Diamond: $8.8 Million

The engagement ring of Elizabeth Tylor, the famous British actress, and Richard Burton is worth $8.8 million. This iconic wedding ring is a 33-carat Krupp diamond, which is rare and very iconic.

5. Anna Kournikova’s 11-Carat Wedding Ring: $5.4 Million

Remember the secret wedding ring of Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias? Apparently, that Canary Yellow Diamond ring was purchased at $5.4 million in 2009. Now the ring is worth $7.5 million.

Most Popular Women’s Wedding Rings: Take No Risk For Your Girl

Take a relaxed breath if your lady is shopping with you for the engagement ring. This way, your girl can choose the wedding ring of her dream, and you are safe from the struggle.

The real challenge comes when the guy has to choose the perfect wedding ring for his girl. See, women have fantasized about their wedding ring since they are little. So, buying a random ring will do no good to them, even if it is expensive. Instead, you have to look for something thoughtful yet magnificent. Sounds confusing?

Well, to help you make a better decision, I have pinned down the top 3 wedding ring ideas below,

1. Toi Et Moi

Toi-Et-Moi Wedding Rings - Engagement Rings
Toi-Et-Moi Wedding Rings – Engagement Rings

Megan Fox, Emily Ratajkowski, Ariana Grande, and many other celebrities have recently got engaged with a multi-stone wedding ring. So, such double and even triple-stone rings are becoming trendy.

Shopping for a multi-stone wedding ring allows you to customize and combine different types of stones and gems. Hence, your wedding ring becomes unique and more elegant.

2. Gemstones

Gemstones Wedding Rings - Engagement Ring
Gemstones Wedding Rings – Engagement Ring

Well, not every girl is a fan of diamonds. If your lady demands a non-diamond wedding ring, go for the colorful gemstones.

The colored stones are bright, cheerful, and of course, bold. Though these rings look simple, they are sophisticated and graceful. The emerald, sapphire, and morganite rings are in demand right now.

3. Vintage Nostalgia

Vintage Nostalgia Wedding Ring - Engagement Ring
Vintage Nostalgia Wedding Ring – Engagement Ring

Have you seen how the 70s and vintage style is taking over the fashion industry? It is not different for a wedding ring too. People are now showing more interest in buying vintage-inspired rings.

Honestly speaking, those vintage-styled wedding rings are timeless. The craftsman puts true effort into pulling off one single ring. Also, it is possible to add personal style to these rings. As a result, the millennials are going for these elegant and simple-looking engagement rings.

Why Ghetto Wedding Rings Most Popular?

Most women hate ghetto wedding rings from the core of their hearts. Well, they have valid reasons to do so.

Imagine your partner is proposing you with a tacky, fake ring. How would you feel? Not that you can not flex your ring, but now you know your partner is an idiot.

But surprisingly, ghetto rings are getting popular day by day. Of course, not those chunky rings, but the sober-looking ones.

Apparently, men with a tight budget prefer proposing with a ghetto ring. Yes, those rings are affordable, and you do not have to sell your kidney to afford one. On top of that, various designs are available for ghetto rings.

There is no shame in proposing your girl with a ghetto ring as long as she is comfortable. Again, if you have a low budget, getting a ghetto wedding ring is the most convenient option available for you. In fact, some girls are totally okay with the idea of a ghetto engagement ring.

Considering these points, different brands have launched special categories of ghetto wedding rings. You will find gorgeous, fake rings on those websites. These rings are available in a wide range of designs and fit absolutely any budget.

Ghetto Wedding Ring Vs. Gold Wedding Ring: What Are The Differences?

Gold Wedding Ring Vs Ghetto Wedding Ring 2023
Gold Wedding Ring Vs Ghetto Wedding Ring 2023

Well, all of us already know that a ghetto wedding ring is not the same as a gold wedding ring. I mean, come on! You are comparing real gold with a fake one.

Yet, a comparison between the ghetto wedding ring and the gold wedding ring is necessary for amateurs.

See, the gold-plated ghetto rings look exactly like a solid gold rings. It will shine under lights and make you feel precious. Again, designing is easy with such gold-plated materials, and customizing any style is possible. So, you can still flex about your engagement with a ghetto wedding ring without spending the unimaginable cost of gold.

Gold plated ghetto wedding ring is the perfect choice for those on a budget. But remember, there are downsides to this ring too.

For example, unlike gold, you can not wear the ghetto ring daily. Regular use will tarnish the coating, exposing the silver or copper base underneath. Also, you can not wear this ring if you are taking a swim. 

On the other hand, a solid gold ring is a symbol of elegance. Not to mention that wearing a gold wedding ring changes your personality automatically.

Furthermore, there is no limitation of use with a gold wedding ring. You can wear it every single day for the rest of your life. The material will not tarnish as easily as the gold-plated ones.

So, if you compare based on looks, the ghetto and gold wedding rings are the same. But when it comes to comfort and sophistication, gold rings are always one step ahead.

Where To Buy Ghetto Wedding Rings?

You will find ghetto wedding rings everywhere. Even your nearest subway station sells those rings. But of course, you do not want to get married in a cheap-looking ring. Right?

That is why I suggest you invest a little more money and get a decent ghetto ring. Gold-plated and platinum-plated ghetto wedding rings are quite popular now and come within budget. Those rings are found on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and other jewelry websites. Again, you can even look for a sober ghetto wedding ring in your nearest jewelry store.

However, do not just pick up any ghetto ring from the shop. Look for the following criteria before making the purchase,

  • How is the ghetto ring quality?
  • Is the ring design perfect for a wedding?
  • What is so unique about the ring?
  • How is the build quality?
  • Is the ring durable?
  • Can you imagine your partner in that ring?
  • Is the price of the ring worth it?
  • Does the ring have a return policy? Etc.

If you consider all of these questions beforehand, you will land on the perfect wedding ring for your partner.

Where To Repair Ghetto Wedding Rings?

Ghetto wedding rings are cheap alternatives for fancy wedding rings. Because of the cost and build-up materials, the ghetto rings are not durable. If used regularly, those ring coatings will fade away. Again, you should not be surprised if your ghetto rings get broken after several months.

I know we have shops for ring repairs, but those suit the expensive rings. Repairing a ghetto ring is a waste of money.

Just think about it. The repairing cost of your ghetto wedding ring will be more than its original cost. 

Where To Repair Ghetto Wedding Rings
Where To Repair Ghetto Wedding Rings?

But yes, I understand that you have a sentimental value linked to it. In such cases, take the ring to any ring repair shop or any Gold ring maker shop which is available near you and look into the services.


What Is The Most Expensive Ring In The World?

The Pink Star, a 59.60-carat pink diamond, is the most expensive ring in the world right now. It was sold for $71.2 million in 2017.

How Many Carats Is Hailey Bieber’s Ring?

You can not stop staring at Hailey Beiber’s ring. This elegant and minimal-looking 6-carat diamond ring is plain polished and contains extremely detailed designs.

How Much Is Beyonce’s Wedding Ring?

Beyonce’s mahoosive 24-carat emerald cut engagement ring is worth $5 million. This  Lorraine Schwartz’s piece has a split shank setting.

How Much Was Ariana Grande’s Wedding Ring?

The Avant got engaged in 2020. Not only was her wedding ring of thoughtful design, but the stone was also fashionable and iconic. Apparently, the engagement ring of Ariana Grande is a 3-carat with 12 mm diamond and worth $350K.

How Much Is Kim Kardashian Wedding Ring?

Kim Kardashian’s wedding ring is a spectacular 15-carat cushion-cut diamond ring. Reportedly, the ring costs about $8 million.

How Many Carats Is Ariana Grande’s Ring?

There are many speculations about Ariana Grande’s engagement ring. The experts suggest that the oval diamond is nearly 3 – 5 carat and can cost around $250k – $350k.

Which Celebrity Has The Most Expensive Ring?

Grace Kelly has the most expensive wedding ring, worth over $38 million today. This American actress got married to Prince Rainer III of Monaco in 1956.

How Many Carats Is Meghan Markle Ring?

Prince Harry proposed Megan Markle with a 3.8 carats ring with a 3-carat cushion cut diamond at the center. The side diamonds of the ring belong to Princess Diana, Prince Harry’s late mother.

Further Discussio

How Much Is Jennifer Lopez Ring?

There is genuine confusion about the price of Jennifer Lopez’s new ring. Some sources claim that the magnificent colored diamond ring is 6.10 carat stone and costs between $1 – $5 million. Again, some reports suggest that the ring’s market value might reach $10 million.

How Much Is Hailey Bieber’s Ring Worth?

Justin Beiber has picked up the perfect wedding ring for her wife, Hailey. Hailey Beiner’s ring is a solitaire ring with an oval diamond at the center. Apparently, this ring costs around half a million dollars.

How Many Carats Is Melania Trump’s Wedding Ring?

Melania Trump’s wedding ring is a 15-carat diamond ring with emerald-cut stones. The ring costs $1.5 million after a huge discount.

How Many Carats Is Kate Middleton’s Ring?

One source claims that Kate Middleton’s wedding ring is a whopping 18-carat white gold. It has an oval 12-carat blue sapphire with 14 solitaire diamonds around it.

Why Does Prince William Not Wear A Wedding Ring?

Prince William never made any public statement explaining his reasons for not wearing a wedding ring. Maybe it is his personal preference. But apparently, his grandfather, Prince Philip, also had the habit of not wearing the wedding ring.

What Is Kate Middleton Wedding Ring?

Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton in 2010 with a 12-carat blue sapphire. That oval gemstone is set in 18-carat white gold and surrounded by 14 solitaire diamonds.

How Much Is Cardi B’s Wedding Ring?

The iconic moment of rapper Offset proposing Cardi B in front of hundreds of fans will always be cherished by their fans. Reportedly, the engagement ring of this couple is worth $500,000.

How Much Did Kobe Pay For His Wife’s Ring?

Kobe, the black Mamba, gifted her wife, Vanessa Bryant, an 8-carat purple diamond ring in 2003. The value of that ring was approximately $4 million.

Who Owns The Pink Star?

Chow Tai Fook is the proud owner of the famous Pink Star Diamond. This rare stone set was sold for $71.2 million in Hong Kong in 2017.


Ghetto wedding rings are definitely not ideal for weddings or engagements. But of course, if you have a budget issue and your girl is comfortable with the idea, go ahead with the ring. However, when buying a ghetto ring, make sure it gives you a wedding vibe.

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