How To Use Overtone Daily Conditioner: A Complete Guide For oVertone Users

How To Use Overtone Daily Conditioner, Overtone Daily Conditioner

When it comes to daily conditioners, people seem to be confused. They struggle with how to use it, when to use it, how much to use it, or, let’s say, how often to use it.

If you are one of those people, do not worry. This article will cover everything you should know.

I use oVertone as my daily conditioner and color conditioner. You may think I am here just to sell the product. But, no, sir. I am really satisfied with the brand service.

So, throughout the article, I will take oVertone as a reference. But you can apply the same rule to any other daily color conditioner you use. So, let’s start.

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How To Use Overtone Daily Conditioner

oVertone daily conditioner is not like the regular dyes you use. Hence, bleached hair is not mandatory. As the oVertone conditioner is rich in pigments, you will notice the color regardless of your hair’s shades.

Here is the step-by-step process of applying oVertone daily conditioner to your hair,

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1. Which Color Do You Want?

Well, of course, I would say choosing the right color is a do-or-die situation if you were to dye your hair. But as you have decided to go for a daily conditioner, experimenting with the shades will not harm you.

oVertone daily conditioners are semi-permanent deposits that will come off after some days. Still, you do not want to look like a hippie with an odd colorful head. Right?

So, here is what you should do.

Go through the available oVertone colors and see what suits your hair shade best. You can use vibrant colors on pre-lightened hair and platinum blond. Go for extreme shades if you have dark brown or black hair.

As you know, oVertone is just pigmented. So, you can not expect a flourishing color like regular dyes. But yes, your strands will have pastel, shiny shades. The oVertone colors will be most noticeable if you have bleached hair.

One more thing.

You can mix up two oVertone color conditioners and get yourself a custom color.

2. Cutting Off The Risk

Now, if you are really not sure how the color will turn out on your hair, go through this step. Avoid this little experiment if you are confident.

Take a few strands of your hair and apply the oVertone daily conditioner on them. Let the color sit for 15 minutes or more and then rinse it with lukewarm water. Now, you can see the shades once your hair is thoroughly dried.

Go with the color if it matches your vibe. Or choose a different shade that suits your personality more.

3. Shampoo Your Hair!

Of course, you have to clean your hair before you apply oVertone daily conditioner. This way, dandruff or dirt will not come between the pigments and your strands. Hence, taking a shower and shampooing your hair first is recommended.

Rinse off the foam and apply the oVertone daily conditioner on your hair. Use the product like any regular conditioner. Wait for 3 – 15 minutes before washing out your hair.

If you shower with hot water, then good news for you. The brand suggests that the colors work better in warm water.

However, you can also apply oVertone daily conditioner on dry hair. In fact, the company claims that the colors will flourish more if your hair is dry and clean. Your strands will absorb more pigments as there is no water.

So, dry out your hair after shampooing with a blower or dryer and then go for the color. Let the pigments sit for 3 – 15 minutes before rinsing your hair.

However, why should you let a shower stop you from coloring your hair? Well, here is a quick solution. Wet your hair a bit and apply the pigments on the strands. Wait for 15 – 20 minutes and rinse off the color.

Dry your hair with a blower, and there you go! You have bright shades all over your hair.

4. Take Precautions!

I know oVertone daily conditioner is not a permanent dye. But the conditioner is rich in pigments and surely stains your skin, t-shirt, and shower. Therefore, you must take precautions beforehand to avoid such staining or minimize the mess.

So, what prevention measurements am I talking about?

  • Wear Gloves: You can save your hands from getting stained by wearing latex rubber gloves.
  • Change T-Shirt: Never apply oVertone daily conditioner on your hair while wearing your favourite T-shirt. Later, you will get the shade both on your strands and tee. Instead, put on any old and shabby T-shirt.
  • Petroleum Jelly On Skin: Well, wearing gloves definitely keeps the stains out of your hands. But what about your neck, forehead, or face? The quick solution is to apply a bunch load of petroleum jelly to those areas to avoid staining.
  • Dark Towel: When needed any wiping, use a dark-colored towel that would mask the stains.
  • Find A Corner: The oVertone pigments can easily stain your bathroom tile joints. Hence, find a corner that goes unnoticed most of the time.

5. Time To Color Up!

Coloring the hair on your own may seem like a challenge at first. But once you know the tricks, this task turns into a fun experience.

To make your job easier, brush your hair in two parts first. Then make several sections of strands and secure each one with a hairpin or clip. Of course, those portions need not be in perfect thickness or order. We are just dividing the hair for ease of dye application.

Now that your hair is divided into several sections let’s start the coloring.

Grab a glob of the oVertone conditioner and layer up the section. Make sure each strand gets its share of the deposit. It is suggested to start from the root of the hair and then to the downward positions.

Repeat this instruction with each hair section. You can reapply the oVertone conditioner if you are unsatisfied with the first layer. However, combing your hair afterwards often aids in uniform distribution of the color. Lastly, be careful and patient while dyeing your hair.

6. Tick! Tock!

So, you have done your part. Now wait for 3 – 15 minutes and let the oVertone magic work.

Head to the shower sink after 15 minutes. Now rinse your hair with warm water until the deposit comes off ultimately.

As I have said, oVertone colors cause stains in the shower or hot tub. So, do a quick cleaning with bleach or other removers to avoid a permanent stain in your bathtub.

7. Shade You Wanted

After rinsing, use a towel or blower to dry the strands. Once they are completely dried out, you can see the shiny shades on your hair. So, finally, you can enjoy the freedom to color your hair without making it permanent.

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How Often Can I Use Overtone Coloring Conditioner?

The ideal way to use oVertone coloring conditioner is once a week. But every other week deposition also works if your hair is healthy and the color does not come off in a week.

On the other hand, you have to continue using the oVertone daily conditioner to maintain shade consistency. The coloring conditioner is only for shade boosting as the deposits gradually fade. The regular conditioners include less pigments. So, you can not expect a level-up brightness from them.

I know you do not have to go through this hassle with the traditional dyes. But keep in mind the hazards the dyes come with. Those dyes are made with harsh chemicals that make your hair rough, leading to breakage.

Compared to the dyes, the oVertone coloring conditioners are safer. It is because these conditioners include no ammonia or sulphides. Instead, they are rich in nutrients and pigments, depositing colours and nourishing your hair.

How To Use Overtone Daily Conditioner

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Overtone Daily Conditioner Instructions

oVertone daily conditioner allows users to experiment with different hair colors. The product is semi-permanent and colors the strands with bright pigments.

Unlike dyes, using oVertonedaily conditioners is more straightforward and less time-consuming. For the starter, you do not need to bleach your hair. Instead, you can apply the oVertone daily conditioner on any hair. Hence, there is no need for any pre-preparation.

The simple instructions for oVertone daily conditioner are given below,

  • It is recommended to start with clean hair. The pigments can not sit appropriately if your strands are oily or covered in dirt. Hence, shampoo your hair before dyeing.
  • You can apply the conditioner on either dry or wet hair. Generally, dry hair can absorb pigments more quickly and efficiently, offering you a brighter color.
  • The oVertone conditioners stain your skin or shower. Use petroleum jelly on your neck and face to avoid skin staining.
  • Next on, divide your hair into several sections for ease of application.
  • Apply the oVertone daily conditioner on your hair, ensuring a proper distribution. Comb your hair afterwards so that each strand receives its share. You can reapply the conditioner if necessary.
  • Wait 3 -15 minutes and let the strands absorb the pigments properly.
  • Once dried, rinse off the color with warm water and enjoy the shade.

How To Use oVertone Coloring Conditioner

The oVertone coloring conditioners come with more pigments than the daily conditioners. So, you can expect a brighter and more persistent shade with these products.

The instructions for using the oVertone coloring conditioner are the same as the oVertone daily conditioner. Yet, I am stating them again for your convenience,

  • Take a shower and shampoo your hair if necessary.
  • Keep your hair wet or do a quick blow dry for the maximum deposition and a brighter color. 
  • Apply the oVertone coloring conditioner carefully. Make sure you get a uniform distribution of the pigments.
  • Wait for about 20 minutes and then rinse off the conditioner with lukewarm water.
  • You will notice the colors popping out and becoming more visible upon drying.

Overtone Daily Conditioner Vs Coloring Conditioner: Which One Is Better For You?

How To Use Overtone Daily Conditioner, Overtone Daily Conditioner, Overtone color conditioner
How To Use Overtone Daily Conditioner, Overtone Daily Conditioner, Overtone color conditioner

On a bigger picture, both the oVertone daily conditioner and coloring conditioner do the same thing. But of course, there are fundamental differences. Otherwise, the brand wouldn’t have launched these products separately.

Let’s go through an overall comparison between oVertone daily conditioner and coloring conditioner.

oVertone Daily Conditioner

If you are coloring your hair for the first time, the daily conditioner is not for you. Yes, of course, you can shade your hair with a conditioner but that is not recommended. Instead, these daily conditioners help you maintain the existing color.

See, oVertone is a semi-permanent dye and rich in pigments. So when you apply this conditioner, your hair absorbs those pigments and gets in that shade.

But yes, the deposit is not permanent. You will lose the pigments every time you wash or shampoo your hair. As a result, you soon notice the shades fading away.

Therefore, oVertone has launched daily conditioners to nurture your hair and its color. You can use this product after shampoo, just like any regular conditioner. This way, your hair strands come in contact with new pigments regularly and you get to maintain the same hue consistency.

The oVertone products are safe and free from any harsh chemicals. Thus, you can use the oVertone daily conditioner as frequently as you want. However, the ideal routine is to apply this conditioner thrice a week after a shower.

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oVertone Coloring Conditioner

The oVertone coloring conditioners are primarily used for more color boosting. Yes, a daily conditioner does the same job. But the 50% more pigments in this coloring conditioner can make the shades look more brighter and consistent.

However, unlike the daily conditioner, you can not regularly use the oVertone coloring conditioner. Applying this product once or every other week is suggestable for satisfactory results.

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How Long Does Overtone Color Conditioner Last?

The oVertone color conditioners include 50% more pigments than the daily conditioners. Therefore, they last longer and offer a brighter hue.

Generally, the color from a daily conditioner starts fading after a few days with regular rinsing. On the other hand, the coloring conditioners may wash out after a week or more with regular shampooing.

But yes, you can not predict the exact longevity of the oVertone coloring conditioner. Some sources say the shades can stand 22 washes and even more.

However, the longevity of the color depends on several factors. For example, your hair condition, application technique, washing frequency, etc.

You will enjoy the hue for more days if you have healthy hair. Similarly, frequent washing and improper distribution of the pigments make the colors fade fast.

How To Maintain oVertone Color?

The oVertone daily conditioner is semi-permanent. So, you lose pigments every time you wash your hair, and the shade fades away. But fortunately, you can revive and boost the color with simple habits. For example,

1. Add The oVertone Daily Conditioner To Your Shower Routine

Of course, you can not prevent pigment loss with every shower. But the regular use of the oVertone conditioner will help maintain a rich pigment state in the strands, preserving the shade.

The goal is to replace the regular conditioner with the oVertone daily conditioner. This product has all the nutrients you require to nourish your hair. As an extra, the brand has introduced pigments, which offer color deposition on your hair.

So, if you continue regularly using the oVertone daily conditioner, the shades will always stay shiny and bright.

Usually, experts suggest applying the oVertone daily conditioner thrice a week. You can go for more if necessary.

I understand if you are concerned about your hair health. The best part here is that the oVertone products include no strong chemicals. Hence, you will experience no rough hair or strand breakage even on regular use.

2. Give The Color A boost

The oVertone daily conditioner is enough to maintain the colors. But sometimes, you need something to add more life to the shades, and the coloring conditioner does that job.

Every once a week or two, use the oVertone coloring conditioner to boost the hue. The coloring conditioners have 50% more pigments. So, you get a brighter and perfect shade.

Overtone Daily Conditioner Before And After: My Personal Journey

I have seen people doubting oVertone and tagging it as toxic. But are those statements true?

As a regular customer of oVertone, I strongly disagree. Yes, there are a few drawbacks. For example, you may experience rough hair and minor breakage. Well, that is because some people have sensitive hair follicles, and oVertone might not adjust too well to that condition.

Again, you do not get the desired brightness if you have darker hair and aim for a light shade. Moreover, the pigments fade away with several washes, and you must keep using the conditioner to maintain the shade. It can be expensive for some of us.

Well, with each brand, you have to accept some flaws until you get a magical product. Other than those minor fallouts, oVertone is perfect. It is easy to apply, and you can try out fun colors without fearing hair loss.

I have been using oVertone daily conditioner, and here is my journey.

Before oVertone, I was a customer of some other brand ( of course, I am not naming it). The product was fantastic, but the color wasn’t. So, when I switched to oVertone, I had lesser expectations.

I have dark black hair and chose to go with an extreme brown shade of oVertone. The reason I went extreme instead of vibrant was because of my dark hair color. Again, I wanted a browner and a cooler hair tone. So, choosing the vibrant color would do no good to my hair shades.

See, the color selection is important if you use a semi-permanent deposit. Applying a vibrant shade to dark hair will go unnoticed in most cases.

Anyway, the first thing I noticed about oVertone is its strong fragrance. The scent can be annoying for some people, but with time, it gets better. Again, once you rinse off the color, the fragrance is not there anymore.

Next, I noticed my hair became slightly flaky after drying. I bet it was the after-effect of oVertone. While with other brands, the deposition used to leave my hair really dry, it was tolerable with oVertone. I generally oil my hair to beat that frizziness.

Finally, when it came to the shade, my hair turned out fine. There were hues of brown, perfectly visible on my dark brown color. The shades were smooth and seamless. So, no complaints over the color deposition.

Next on, I experimented with different colors and got the same result. The shades usually fade away after several washes, and I have to use the daily conditioner to maintain the hue. Every once in a while, I apply the coloring conditioner to give the colors a boost.

So overall, oVertone has provided a satisfying journey for me, at least compared to the other existing products.


Do You Need To Use Gloves With Overtone Daily Conditioner?

oVertone daily conditioner is highly pigmented. So, if you do not want the stains on your hand, it is recommended to wear gloves. However, the pigments come off with warm soapy water or a remover.

How Often Should I Use Overtone Daily Conditioner?

You can use oVertone daily conditioner every time after you shampoo. The product includes no harsh chemicals like ammonia or sulphides, and so it causes no harm to your hair. But the recommended use is thrice a week after shower.

Is Overtone Better On Wet Or Dry Hair?

The brand suggests you can apply oVertone on both dry and wet hair. But apparently, the day hair absorbs pigments more quickly, offering a brighter result.

How Long Does Overtone Daily Conditioner Last?

It is hard to assume the accurate longevity of the oVertone daily conditioner. Depending on your hair condition, washing frequency, and application process, the oVertone colors can last for more than 22 washes. Of course, with every shower, the shades fade away a little.

Will Overtone Daily Conditioner Stain My Hands?

The oVertone conditioners are highly pigmented and stain your skin. The pigments are harmless as long as they do not get into your system. To avoid stains on your hands, you can wear latex gloves while applying oVertone conditioner on your hair.

Does Overtone Daily Conditioner Stain Skin?

The highly pigmented oVertone daily conditioners can stain your skin. Putting petroleum jelly on the neck and face beforehand can stop the massacre while applying this conditioner.

Do I Shampoo After Using Overtone?

You do not need to shampoo your hair after using oVertone conditioner. Rinsing your hair with warm water is enough to remove the deposits and get a brighter shade. However, it is suggested to shampoo your hair before using oVertone, as clean hair can absorb more pigments.

How Do I Get The Overtone Out Of My Shower?

The oVertone products easily stain the shower or bathtub because of the high pigmentation content. You can use a tile cleaner to remove the stains from the bathtub or shower. Though the tiles’ stains come off, the joints absorb the pigments permanently. Hence, choose a spot of the shower that goes unnoticed and where minor staining will not mess up with the aesthetic.

Does Leaving Overtone On Longer Help?

The brand suggests leaving the oVertone conditioner for up to 15 minutes for a brighter deposition. Though keeping the oVertone mask more than this period will not harm your hair, it surely does not help get a more vibrant color.

Does Overtone Damage Your Hair?

The best thing about oVertone is its non-toxic features. These products are cruelty-free and include no strong chemicals that damage your hair. Though a few people experience frizziness or hair breakage, it is because their follicles are more sensitive.

How Can I Make My Overtone Last Longer?

The first rule to make the oVertone deposition last longer is to apply the conditioner properly. While using, ensure you distribute the cream properly and allow it to sit for a minimum of 3 – 15 minutes. Besides, you must use the daily conditioner thrice a week to maintain the shades.

Does Overtone Work Better On Clean Or Dirty Hair?

An oily or sticky hair surface can not absorb pigments like clean hair. So, it is advisable to shampoo your hair before using oVertone to get the best result.


The instructions on how to use oVertone daily conditioner are not rocket science. You apply the suspension just like your regular conditioner. The only difference here is that you get shades on the strands. Well, oVertone conditioners can stain your skin, dress, or shower, so prepare to avoid the mess.

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