Is oVertone Bad For Your Hair? – A Must Read For All Color Fanatics

is-overtone-bad-for-your-hair, Does Overtone Damage Hair,

Most hair colours and dyes leave permanent hair damage and breakage. But what about oVertone? Is oVertone bad for your hair?
The oVertone ingredient list shows no harsh chemicals like parabens, ammonia, or sulfate.

The conditioner only includes organic elements, for example, coconut oil, jojoba oil, linseed oil, etc. It means this product is not toxic or bad for the hair. Give the following article a quick read for more basic information and a guide on oVertone.

Is Overtone Bad For Your Hair?

No, oVertone is not bad for your hair. Well, why would it be? The product contains
absolutely no harsh chemicals.

Is Overtone Bad For Your Hair, Overtone-Hair-color
Is Overtone Bad For Your Hair, Overtone-Hair-color

I know it sounds impossible. But it is what it is. Usually, when we apply a dye, it causes a burning and stinging sensation on the scalp. All because of the chemicals.

Yes, these artificial formulas definitely make your hair look shiny. But in the long run, these chemical-induced dyes take away the charm and softness of your hair.

When I applied oVertone for the first time, I expected the same stinging chemical sensation. But to my surprise, there was absolutely no burning. So, the company excludes harmful ammonia and peroxide from the dye as it promises.

The “No Ammonia! No Peroxide!” rule of the oVertone has made this product less damaging. It means you enjoy the hair colour without sacrificing the charm. So, go ahead and apply this dye without the fear of rough hair texture or breakage.

Read on to more if you want to know How To Use Overtone Daily Conditioner

Does Overtone Damage Hair?

Generally, dyes or colours damage your hair. It is because those products are heavily doped with chemicals. The brands use those ingredients purposefully to manipulate your hair colour permanently.

is-overtone bad for your hair
Overtone hair color, Is-overtone bad for your hair

However, you are safe with oVertone dyes. The brand has a strict policy about excluding harsh chemicals like ammonia and sulfur from the products. Also, as the oVertone hair colours are not permanent, there is no need for such strong chemical ingredients.

But yes. It does not mean that you will not get the desired hair colour. oVertone ensures that you enjoy the perfect colour boost without experiencing any drawbacks.

One More Thing

In a few cases, the customers have claimed that oVertone has damaged their hair. Well, I believe there must be some truth in their complaint.

However, a hair dye can not be 100% chemical free, and there can be minor side effects.

Again, some people have sensitive hair. Hence, it is possible that any of the oVertone ingredients have triggered them and caused rough hair.

Is Overtone Safe For Hair?

According to the oVertone team, the dyes are totally safe. The brand includes no harsh
chemicals in the dyes and so using them to colour your hair can do no major harm.

But as some of us have sensitive hair and scalp, oVertone suggests consulting a doctor to
avoid any unexpected occurrence.

The company markets each dye after proper lab testing. As per the reports, the formula
is safe and sound for dyeing hair.

However, some people use the products elsewhere, which is highly discouraged.

Though oVertone uses no harmful chemicals, the pigments can be reactive to your face,
eyes, or skin other than the scalp.

Hence, the customers are requested not to do any extreme fun experiments with these dyes.

Again, some people have concerns about whether a baby or pregnant lady can use the
oVertone or not. The answer is yes. oVertone products are safe and harmless for

However, the baby hairs are healthy and may require more pigments to bring the desired colour boost.

oVertone dyes are also safe for pregnant women. But yet, I recommend you ask the doctor just to be safe.

Furthermore, I know people who desire to colour their pets. Although oVertone dyes are not designed for pet fur, they are safe. Still, you should not colour your furry pets.

The oVertone pigments can be dangerous if consumed or come in contact with the eyes. In addition, our little pets are unpredictable and can lick their fur at any time. So, taking the risk is not worth it.

How Fast Does Overtone Fade?

Unlike many hair dyes, oVertone is semi-permanent. It means the colour will fade away
in some days, and you have to reuse it.

Usually, some users have suggested that the colour will be intact up to 22 washes and then start losing its charm.

However, 22 washes are not any ideal calculation but an educated guess. Actually, how
fast the oVertone colour will fade depends on several factors.

For example, which colour you have fallen for or when you have dyed your hair. The health of your hair,
washing frequency and other hair care also matter.

Do not stress over the faded colour. You can get back the shine by dyeing your hair again.

How Long Does Overtone Last In Your Hair?

There is no accurate answer to how long oVertone colour lasts. According to some sources, the dye will make your hair shine up to 22 washes. But the brand hasn’t made any official statement related to it.

In reality, no one can actually guess the longevity of oVertone. Instead, it is because several factors are there that control this time frame. For example, your hair health, oVertone shade, frequency of application, etc.

Healthy and light hair can absorb the pigment more easily and last longer. On the other hand, if your hair is in poor condition or you mess up the application process, you can expect a faster washout.

So, the oVertone longevity is dependable. But one thing is for sure. The colour will not wash out with just one rinse.

The oVertone can be there for a week or several months. With each wash, you will notice the dye fading out a bit. You can reuse the product to boost the shade in such a case.

Does Overtone Stain Hair?

First of all, you use oVertone to colour your hair. As it changes the shade of your strand,
so, yes, oVertone stains hair.

Other than that, oVertone can also strain your skin or bathroom. In fact, this is the case
with all the top-brand hair dyes.

See, any hair colour has to be highly pigmented to leave behind a bright colour on your
hair. Otherwise, you will not get the shade you root for.

Hence, if a dye is not staining, it is not pigmented enough, and the colour will fade away with minimum washes.

So, if a brand promises no staining, it is a lie, or the company has come up with a magical product.

However, staining should not be your problem as there are tricks to prevent this hassle. Here are a few of them,

  1. Staining Clothing
    ● Use a darker towel that can hide the colourful stains
    ● Do not use a towel until the colour fully dries up
  1. Staining Shower
    ● Dye your hair in a less visible area of your shower
    ● Wipe off the tiles with a cleaner
    However, sometimes the stains do not come off. It is because of the surface material.
    The stains on the glazed tiles come off as soon as you rub them with a cleaner.
    Generally, bleach and peroxides do a great job of removing the stains. Also, you can
    buy another product that suits your bathroom tiles.
    But the grout joints cause trouble. It is porous and absorbs the pigment quickly, leaving
    a permanent stain in your shower.
  2. Staining skin
    ● Rubbing alcohol, applying hazel, or gentle exfoliating scrub can remove the
    ● You can clean your skin in between dyeing.
    ● Section your hair into areas and colour them turn by turn.
    ● You can clip up the dyed section and move to the next one.
    ● Clean the stained neck or hairline as soon as the mess is made.

Does Overtone Stain Your Shower?

I know you do not like it, but oVertone will stain your shower anyway. However, it is not
the case with only oVertone. No matter which brand colour you buy, you have to deal
with this issue.

The induced pigments in the dye or conditioner are basically responsible for all the
staining. You can not complain about this, as without those pigments, you will not get
the desired hair shade.

I have met many people who avoid colouring at home just because of this staining.
Well, yes, you can head to a salon to get your hair done.

But that is expensive. Instead, follow a few tricks and avoid staining your shower.

For example, the Pastel or Vibrant lines include less pigments than the extreme ones.
So, there is less risk of permanent staining.

However, in most cases, the stains from oVertone are not permanent and come off
easily with a cleaner. Experts suggest that the glazed tiles have a smooth surface and
allow quick removal of the stains.

Apply bleach or peroxide to the stained zones and let the chemical sit for 30 minutes.
Then rinse off with warm water.

On the other hand, the grout joining layers can absorb the colour permanently. Hence,
you have to be very careful about dyeing your hair.

Let the colour dry on your hair before running around in the house. Or use a less visible place in the shower to dye the colour to avoid mess.

How Often Can You Use Overtone?

oVertone Hair Color

You can use oVertone as often as you want. Unlike many dyes, oVertone is a daily
colour conditioner.

Therefore, you can apply this product every time you shampoo your hair. It will give your hair the maximum colour boost and brightness.

However, using a colour pigment daily is a hair concern. Though oVertone ensures the
formula is safe, a little hair damage or breaking is unavoidable.

So, the perfect routine is to use oVertone once a week. Some people suggest that
thrice-a-week conditioning has helped them with a brighter shade.

It is because the regular use of oVertone will replace the colours you rinse off with every shower.

Does Color Depositing Conditioner Damage Hair?

The brands claim that the colour depositing conditioners do not damage your hair. As a
daily colour conditioner, oVertone suggests the same thing.

But to many people, this statement is nothing but a marketing strategy. So, what is the truth?

Well, compared to bleaches and dyes, colour depositing conditioners include way less
chemicals. In fact, some brands, like oVertone, have excluded harsh ingredients from
their products.

As a result, you do not face roughness or hair breakage after colouring your hair.

Again, every colour depositing or daily colour conditioner includes pigments, which
provide shade to your hair.

Those pigments can harm sensitive hair to an extent. But any major case of severe hair damage due to pigmentation is really uncommon.

In fact, most of the time, regular use of colour depositing conditioner brightens the
shade. Not only that.

The conditioners include nutrients for hair smoothening and increasing volume.

In short, colour depositing hair conditioner does minor damage to your hair. However,
compared to the advantages, those little sacrifices are bearable.

Does Overtone Cover Grey Roots?

Grey hair has a different texture than the rest of the strands. Generally, the thick cuticle
layer of the white hair prevents any pigment from sitting on it.

As a result, you need a strong formula to manipulate that coat and force the colour on the hair.

As you know, oVertone is a daily colour conditioner with no harsh chemicals. The
pigment in this product only sits on the hair offering a semi-permanent brightness.

Such shades can be removed with several wash and rinsing. Therefore, masking grey roots is
not always the cup of tea for oVertone or any similar product.

However, for many people, oVertone works to cover grey roots. They have successfully
swapped the grey strands with fun colours.

It is because they have a different hair texture than others. So, trying out a fun colour on your hair is no risk.

Again, if you want to brighten your grey hair, oVertone can definitely help you there. The
silver shades offer the perfect highlight to your hair stands. Also, you can choose colour
intensity depending on your hair condition.

Can I Dye Over Overtone?

You surely can dye over oVertone. But if you can not match the colour, you will look like
a hobo. So, here is what I suggest.

First, remove or fade the base colour and then go for any shade you want. Or you can
compliment the base with more vibrant and related dyes.

As you know, oVertone is not permanent like other hair dyes. These semi-permanent
colour depositions brighten your hair strand only for a few weeks.

If you stop regularly conditioning your hair with oVertone, the colour will fade. Taking advantage of this
feature, you can dye any colour over oVertone.

However, before dyeing your hair with a permanent colour, consider every pro and con. Those dyes contain harsh chemicals that will make you experience severe hair damage soon. Also, dyeing frequently can mess up hair volume and texture.

Therefore, instead of dyeing your hair, you should just stick to oVertone. You can experiment with any colour once the previous shade fades away.

Does Overtone Have Silicone?

oVertone includes a little amount of silicone. It might sound alarming for a few people
but hear me out first.

I know you may have had horrible experiences with silicone-induced products. Silicones
usually sit on your hair, making it dry and dull.

Not to mention the breakage and hair fall you have to deal with because of silicone. Furthermore, water-insoluble silicones can be washed out.

Considering all of these, oVertone has decided to go with water-soluble silicones. Amodimethicone is a high-grade silicone that can be rinsed off with water. As a result, it does not block your hair follicles or cause any damage.

Does Overtone Work On Dark Brown Hair?

oVertone works on any hair colour and condition. So if you have dark brown hair or,
say, black hair, you can still use oVertone without any doubt.

But of course, you can not expect a vibrant or bright colour to show off. The shades or
tinted strands will gloss and shine fully when exposed to light.

Also, you will need a huge amount of oVertone pigments to bring that subtle colour.

For the best result, clean and dry your hair before applying oVertone. Then condition
your hair with your favourite colour and let it sit for 15 – 20 minutes.

After that, rinse off the dye with warm water and voila! On drying, you will get the perfect shade on your
hair. To maintain the colour, use the oVertone conditioner after shampooing every other day.

Is Overtone Toxic?

Recent research has claimed that the harsh chemicals used in hair dyes can lead to cancer. So, experts encourage people to use non-toxic or safe hair colours. I know it is hard to find any dyes without any strong chemicals.

However, those ingredients are mandatory to bring shade to your hair. Though you can not find
chemical-free hair dyes, there are safe alternatives available.

Take oVertone as an example. This hair conditioner requires no bleaching or lightning to boost the colour. You only have to use this product regularly in the shower to maintain the shade.

The best thing about oVertone is that it is non-toxic. Hence, daily use of this conditioner
will not damage your hair.

Furthermore, unlike most dyes, this brand formula includes no ammonia or sulphides. So you can enjoy and show off your colour without any side effects.

Why Did My Purple Shampoo Turn My Hair Purple?

Of course, your hair will not turn completely purple. But yes, you tend to get a lavender
hue on leaving the purple shampoo on the hair for too long.

It is true, especially if you have blonde or light hair. The pigments in the purple shampoo are mainly responsible for this.

Generally, the purple shampoo deposits come in handy, contrasting the brassy hair

Being the opposite of yellow, purple can balance these two colours effectively. As
a result, you can notice a faded lavender hue after using the purple shampoo.

However, do not think the shade will come in a single use. Instead, you will only notice
the hue on frequent use and if your hair texture allows it.

How Long Does Overtone Last On Blonde Hair?

oVertone colours will do magic on blonde hair. Usually, the bleached stands have an
increased amount of cuticles that can absorb more pigments. As a result, you get a
brighter hair colour.

Compared to dark or unprocessed hair, oVertone lasts longer on bleached hair. All
because of the raised cuticle layer on the stands.

Hence, you can expect the colour to fade after a 20 – 22 washout.

FAQs of Is Overtone Bad For Your Hair?

Question: Does Your Hair Go Back To Normal After Overtone?
Answer: oVertone is not like regular dyes, as it is a daily conditioner. The colour deposition is
semi-permanent and fades away once you stop reusing the conditioner. It requires several washes to make the colour go away.

Question: Does Overtone Ever Wash Out Completely?
Answer: oVertone is a semi-permanent colour deposition conditioner. So, it can be completely
washed out over time.

However, with every shower, the colour will look a bit off, and the shade will disappear if you do not reuse oVertone.

Question: How Do You Get Rid Of Overtone?
Answer: Though oVertone washes off with every wash, shampoo alone can not remove the
colour completely. However, direct pigment or dye removers can help you get rid of the oVertone shades.

Question: Does Overtone Wash Out Of Grey Hair?
Answer: oVertone can not always cover the grey hair because of the thick layer of cuticles.
Hence, the colours come off with a minimum washout of hair.

But sometimes, if the texture is right, the grey strands absorb pigments offering a durable colour.

Question: Does Overtone Have Fabric Dye?
Answer: oVertone is a daily conditioner and not like regular dyes. As a result, it contains no
fabric or dyes of any sort.

Instead, the product colours your hair by the mean of the induced pigments in the formula.

Question: Should I Wash My Hair After Overtone?
Answer: The right way to use oVertone is to wet the hair first and shampoo. Then apply the
oVertone conditioner to the wet hair and distribute it properly.

Let the colour sit for 5 – 10 minutes, and then rinse your hair with warm water.

Question: How Often Can I Use Color-depositing Conditioner?
Answer: You can apply the colour depositing conditioner every day. But daily exposure can steal
the smoothness of your hair.

So, using the colour depositing conditioner thrice a week is considered perfect.

Question: Is It Better To Use Color-depositing Shampoo Or Conditioner?
Answer: Colour depositing shampoo seems to contain more pigments than the conditioner. As a
result, you can expect a brighter tone from those shampoos.

On the other hand, the conditioners have less pigments, and sometimes those do not sit on the strands

Question: How Do You Remove Purple Overtone?
Answer: Washing your hair will fade away the purple oVertone with time. If you need an
immediate fix, go for professional dye removers.

Question: Why Is My Hair Fading After A Week?

Answer: The colour depositing conditioners or shampoos are not permanent. Instead, the colour
will fade if you stop re-applying the product. Usually, too often, shampooing or hair washing can fade colour quickly.

Question: What Is Overtone Made Of?
Answer: oVertone has tried its best to bring an organic colour conditioner to the market.

The daily conditioners of this brand include hair nourishing ingredients like jojoba oil, linseed
oil, coconut oil, primrose oil, and pigment. So, the vegan and cruelty-free tag of oVertone is justified.

Question: Does Overtone Have Parabens?
Answer: oVertone includes no harsh chemicals like sulfate, ammonia or parabens. Therefore,
this colour does absolutely no hair damage.

Question: Why Did My Hair Turn Purple When I Toned It?
Answer: If you let the purple shampoo sit on the hair for too long, the pigments can cause a
lavender hue on your strands. But it is not permanent and can be washed out.

Question: Is Overtone Eco Friendly?
Answer: oVertone aims to be 100% eco-friendly. The brand has launched recyclable sugarcane
packaging as a part of the process.

Question: Is Overtone A Hair Mask?
Answer: oVertone is a daily colour conditioner that can be used as a mask. You can apply the
colour to wet hair and let the strands absorb the pigments. After 10 – 20 minutes you will
get the desired shade.

Question: Can Redheads Use Overtone?
Answer: A redhead can definitely use oVertone to tone the hair colour. Vibrant and Extreme
colours are recommended for redheads or people with dark hair for an absolute glow.

Final Thought

oVertone is a vegan and cruelty-free daily hair conditioner. The products are non-toxic and totally safe for people of any age.

As these conditioners do not include paraben, sulfate or ammonia, there is no risk of hair damage or breakage.

Dr. Marjumin Sinthia

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