Magnificent Long Kurti Design: Your Closet Needs Right Now

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Forget the designer lehengas, fancy sarees, and all those churidars suits. Kurti has taken over women’s wardrobes in no time. I mean, why Kurtis would not shake the market. It is trendy, light, comfortable, airy, and you will always find a Long Kurti Design that suits your mood.

Long Kurti design for girls and women's
Long Kurti design for girls and women’s

Have a party to attend? Put on the halter neck casual long Kurti. Are you going for an outing? The light and airy Kurti is here to serve you with comfort. So, when I say Kurtis are staples in any woman’s closet, I mean it.

long kurti design
Long kurti design,

The Kurti fashion and market is upgrading every day. A little heads up on the trendy long Kurti design will definitely help you shop classy. So, without any further ado, come one and take a deeper delve into the world of Kurtis with me.

The 8 Latest Long Kurti Design 2023

Long Kurti Design for Women's
Long Kurti Design for Women’s

The comfortable Kurtis have made us ditch jeans and T-shirts on hot summer days. Gals now prefer wearing Kurtis on any occasion.

Of Course, you can not blame them. The Kurti market is introducing new designed Kurtis every once in a while, and my god! Each Kurti design is stunning and tempting.

I understand shopping for Kurtis can be a little confusing. Firstly, you don’t know which Kurti to pick. On top of that, you want it all in your closet. Here are 8 exquisite and trendy long Kurti designs that should rule your wardrobe

1. Straight Kurti

Straight Kurti is nothing fancy but classy and stylish for sure. This almost rectangular-shaped Kurti can be tailored with or without collars. On a hot summer day, the straight, long Kurti is a total savior.

Straight Kurti
Straight Kurti

Compared to other Kurti designs, the straight pattern Kurtis are around in the market for the longest time. Girls have embraced this attire in their daily lifestyle with open hearts.

 Straight Kurti, Long Kurti Design
Straight Kurti, Long Kurti Design

These straight Kurtis come in plain, print, or pattern. So women can pick the right design according to the occasion. Besides, you can pair this outfit with almost all bottoms, such as skirts, denim, leggings, palazzo, trousers, etc.

2. A-Line latest Kurta Designs

Uniqueness and eye-catching designs are the secrets why women are such a fan of the A-Line Kurtis. Though the attire has similarities with Anarkali, it is more comfortable and fashionable. The Kurti goes by the name ‘A-line’ because it flares out faintly from the waist forming an A shape.

A-Line Kurti Design
A-Line Kurti Design

Wearing these latest Kurtis on formal occasions and festivals has become the new trend. Even nowadays, girls choose the A-line Kurtis for casual and daily use over traditional salwar-kameez. Pair this attire with dhoti pants, leggings, trousers, denim, or any other bottoms, and you will still get to pull off a chic ethnic look.

3. Asymmetrical Kurti

Asymmetrical Kurti is the latest addition to the Kurta world. Trust me. You can not get enough of this ongoing Indo-western fashion. From a casual to a festive look, these asymmetrical Kurtis will never let you down.

Asymmetrical Kurti
Asymmetrical Kurti

The funny part is, the asymmetrical hemline was frowned up at first. But as soon as the celebrities welcomed the fashion, women started running after this trend. And now, very few designs on the market can beat this indo-western styled attire.

Asymmetrical kurti, Latest new kurti design for girls
Asymmetrical kurti, Latest new kurti design for girls

You can easily jazz up your look by pairing this asymmetrical long Kurti design for girls with jeans or trousers. Girls usually go for the dhoti pants or churidars when it is time to pull out an ethenic look for a festival.

Asymmetrical kurti
Asymmetrical kurti
Asymmetrical kurti
Asymmetrical kurti

4. Anarkali Kurti

Anarkali Kurti
Anarkali Kurti

The Anarkali Kurti has been on the market for a very long time. Have you watched the film Mughal-e-Azam? The iconic actress Madhubala had not only impressed everyone with her fabulous acting in this film but started the trend of Anarkali Kurtis.

I don’t think any other Kurti design can match the grace, elegance, and traditional quotient of the Kurti. The outfit shows both a rich taste and ancient history. I personally prefer Anarkali because it fits every occasion and body type.

Anarkali Kurti design for girls and women
Anarkali Kurti design for girls and women

Is there a wedding to attend? Pair the Anarkali Kurti design dress with a churidar or palazzo and get an exquisite look. Have you run out of wear options for a casual meeting? Choose jeans or leggings as the bottom and look spot on.

Anarkali Kurti
Anarkali Kurti

There was a time when Anarkali design Kurtis ruled the Kurta world. It is the most worn outfit at weddings or any festival. Right now, Anarkali Kurti comes in variations of the front slit, side slit, layered, etc., which have made the attire more fascinating and stunning.

5. Are you familiar with the high-low long Kurti design?

The C-shaped Kurti is often mistaken as the high-low Kurti due to the similarities.

The name of this Kurti came from the front C-shaped hemline. Look closely. The longer back and shorter fronts of this attire create a perfect circular C shape.

high low kurti design, Simple kurti design
high low kurti design, Simple kurti design

This unique and fixed structural look has taken over the Kurti market in a heartbeat. Girls go for this Kurti because it is the best option to flaunt their curves.

Kurti design for women
Kurti design for women

Simple designed C-shaped Kurtis will suit occasions like kitty parties, casual meetings, or dates. But to attend a festival, the heavy versions will be the better option.

kurti design for girls and  women - high low design kurti
kurti design for girls and women – high low design kurti

Wear these Kurtis with a bottom that really goes with the occasion. For example, pair up with jeans on a casual outing and try it out with Patialas at a wedding.

6. Layered Kurti – Long Koti Style Kurti Design

As the name suggests, layered Kurti comes with an additional layer stitched with the main garment. This newest Kurti design offers a classical look by giving more flares to the attire.

Long Koti Style Kurti Design
Long Koti Style Kurti Design

The color and designs of the upper layer are decided considering the lower part. Right now, this outfit is ruling the market with its new variations and designs. Try the garment with a legging, palazzo, jeans, or churidar, put on some light jewelry, and there you are with your desired ethnic look.

8. Princess Kurti

If you are looking for a royal look, Princess Kurti should be your first choice. The design has been on the market for as long as I can remember. Even to this date, these Kurtis somehow have managed to be on the trend.

Princess Kurti
Princess Kurti

I personally prefer Princess Kurti because it lets me flaunt my curves. The Kurti is well fitted from the shoulder to the waist and flared beneath, giving you the perfect princess look.

Do you think this attire is only suitable for the festivals? No! You can wear Princess Kurtis on your interviews, casual meetings, or even on a date. Match your style with the perfect bottom and accessories, and damn! You are ready to leave an impact anywhere.

Top 8 Kurtis Neck Design

You may or may not have noticed, but the neck of the Kurti contributes to enhancing the beauty of the outfit. I understand if you have a particular collar style in your mind. Anyway, I am dropping here 8 Kurti neck designs ideas that are trending right now.

  • Collar Neck
Collar Neck
  • Round Neck
Round Neck
  • V neck
V neck
  • Mandarin collar
Mandarin collar
  • Halter Neck
Halter Neck
  • Off-shoulder
  • Boat neck
Boat neck
  • Ikat high neck
Ikat high neck

If you are customizing your own Kurti, I am sure these neck designs will help you out. Try any combination of the Kurta and the neck design and see what comes through.

The odd, asymmetric, and weird-looking Kurtis are ruling the market recently. So, never worry about the fashion police when trying out something new and out of the box.

Why Are Indians Crazy About Kurtis?

Wearing a Kurti is the best way to carry an Indo-western fashion trend. The outfit is the perfect combination of Indian tradition and modern fashion. No wonder why Kurti is selling like hotcakes.

Do you think the fusion of style and tradition is the only reason the Kurtis top the Indian market? Well, of course not. Kurti offers you all the benefits and comfort you are looking for in your go-to clothes.

Take a quick look at the features and benefits of Kurtis

I hope this will help you understand everything good about this attire-

  • Budget-Friendly: The best thing about Kurtis is the price range. While the regular Kurtis come in at a cheap rate, the designer ones might cost you a fortune. It means while shopping, the Kurtis will always fit your budget.
  • Fits Every Style: When I said you will always find a long Kurti design that matches your mood, I was not lying. If you want a royal look, Anarkali or Princess cut Kurtis are there for you. Similarly, the asymmetric Kurt offers the perfect western touch to your traditional Indian outfit. I bet you can not name a style that a Kurti can not match.
  • Versatility: No matter which function you have to attend, Kurtis will never go out of fashion. Let it be a birthday party, wedding, date, or formal interview. You can always kill it with your classy Kurti.
  • Fusion Of Tradition And Modern Style: Who wants to wear the same boring ethnic clothes every day? With the latest designer Kurtis, you can spice up your traditional look within a minute.
  • Hassle-Free Pairing: I spend hours matching the top and bottom while dressing myself for any occasion. But with Kurtis, this becomes the least of my concern. Let it be leggings, churidar, or jeans. Everything fits perfectly with my Kurti.
  • Comfortness With Style: Wearing heavy lehengas on a hot summer day is nothing but torture. On the other hand, Kurtis are light, airy, easy to carry, and still offer the elegant look for the desired occasion.
  • Less Time To Get Ready: Women take longer to get ready. That is the universal complaint. Right? Well, not anymore. Consider the Kurtis as a blessing because wearing the outfit is only a matter of a few minutes.
  • Perfect For Everyone: The versatility of Kurtis has crossed the borders. Now women from all over the world are accepting the trend. It does not matter what your age or body shape is. You will always find Kurtis comfortable to wear.

Best Bottoms For Long Kurtis

I must admit that all the Kurti designs for girls are fabulous and go with any recent trends. However, to spice up any look, you need to select the perfect bottom. Fortunately, when it comes to Kurtis, you need not worry about that part.

Though Kurti is traditional wear, the designers have brought versatility to the industry. Now we have Kurtis for every occasion and festival. The mind-blowing collection gives the wearer the freedom to choose any bottom according to their preference.

For example, denim jeans or fitting leggings go well with any Kurti for a casual party or meeting. Similarly, churidar, palazzos, or dhoti pants suit well when you need a festive and wedding vibe.

Final Thoughts

I am a big fan of each long Kurti design. The outfit suits my mood and offers me the comfort I need. If you talk about the elegant or classy look, I am sure Kurtis will never let you down. These are the reasons why the Kurti market never gets old. So, go, grab the Kurti of your choice and never forget to look fab.

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