Maui Shampoo Hair Loss: Read Before Your Purchase

Maui Shampoo Hair Loss

The recent lawsuit on Maui shampoo has created lots of controversies. Even some people believe that this is the end of this brand. But then again, lawsuits on different cosmetic and body care products have become so regular now that barely anyone cares. Still, there is no harm in finding out whether Maui shampoo is harmful.

Maui shampoo does not cause hair fall in dry and curly hair conditions. Instead, the product nourishes the strands. However, the formula can backfire in sensitive hair cases and porous hair conditions. 

Considering both the positive and negative reviews, should you buy the Maui Moisture? Find out my honest review in the article.

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Does Maui Moisture Cause Hair Loss?

Honestly, Maui Moisture shampoo and Conditioner have received a mixed reaction recently. While some users have experienced massive hair fall, the shampoo seems to work like magic for others. Such reviews are confusing for anyone trying to switch to MM products.

But hey! Before going through the customer’s feedback, you should consider looking at how the shampoo actually works. It can clear the air to an extent.

According to the Maui Moisture packaging, the products include many helpful natural ingredients. Aloe vera, coconut oil, coconut milk, Frangipani, volcanic ash, shea butter, sea minerals, bamboo fibers, etc., are some of the active elements of these shampoos.

Of course, none of these ingredients are harmful to hair. In fact, these nourish our hair and keep it moisturized.

Again, the Maui Moisture company has intentionally eliminated harsh chemicals, for example, silicone, sulfate, parabens, etc., from its products. As a result, the chances of hair fall are closer to zero.

But wait! People do face hair damage after using Maui Moisture. So, what are we missing here?

Well, certain elements in the Maui Moisture can cause hair fall. For example,

  • DMDM Hydantoin: DMDM hydantoin is vastly used in cosmetics and personal care products because of its antimicrobial properties. While most people face no side effects from this element, some users face severe irritation and hair loss due to DMDM hydantoin.
  • Sodium Hydroxide: Manufacturers use sodium hydroxide in the Maui shampoo to raise the pH level. Thus, the product stays safe for the scalp and hair strands. However, overexposure to this ingredient can lead to hair loss and scalp inflammation.
  • Isopropyl Alcohol: Isopropyl alcohol sucks the natural oil out of your hair, making it dry and thin. As a result, you can experience split ends and hair breakage soon.
  • Gluten: Unfortunately, MM shampoos are not entirely gluten-free. Though the products do not actively contain gluten, the ongoing reactions can generate contaminants in the process.

So, the Maui shampoo does have a negative side. But apparently, these ingredients backfire only on users with sensitive hair conditions.

Now, the discussion clearly indicates that Maui Moisture is safer for most people. The brand claims this product works better for curly and dry hair customers. But, if you have a sensitive hair condition, MM products can lead to strand breakage and hair fall. For example, the shampoo overmoisturizes porous strands, causing hair damage,

Maui Shampoo Review Hair Loss: The Mixed Feedback

Maui Shampoo Hair Loss ingredient
Maui Shampoo Hair Loss ingredient

According to the Maui Moisture shampoo labeling, the product is packed with natural ingredients. For example, aloe vera, shea butter, coconut oil, coconut milk, sea minerals, volcanic ash, bamboo fiber, etc. 

So, apparently, the Maui Moisture should not cause hair fall in the users. It is because all the ingredients in the products are organic and highly nourishing.

In fact, many customers have reviewed Maui Moisture as the best shampoo brand. As per them, the MM shampoo and conditioner make the hair softer, denser, and shinier. Moreover, these customers face no hair fall while on MM products.

See, the Maui Moisture shampoo and conditioner includes no sulfates or harsh ingredients. Thus, there is less risk of hair damage with these products.

But again, like all other commercial brands, MM failed to develop a 100% organic and all-natural shampoo. There is no harm in admitting that the brand product contains a few elements that can instigate hair falling to a few people. DMDM hydantoin, Sodium hydroxide, and isopropyl alcohol are some of them.

The above elements can make hair lifeless and sharp, causing split ends. So, if you have sensitive hair, Maui Moisture products may backfire on you.

Again, aloe vera, coconut, and all other natural ingredients may also fail to nourish the porous hair. These elements will overload the hair strands with moisture in such cases, leading to hair loss and breakage.

Maui Shampoo Hair Loss: My Personal Opinion

I got a mixed review when I asked around about Maui Moisture shampoo and its condition. Some of my friends totally hate this brand as they have faced severe hair fall. But, on the other hand, I met clients who are fans of these products.

So, I have decided to use the Maui Moisture shampoo myself.

The first thing I noticed about the Maui Moisture shampoo was its scent. To be very honest, the shampoo smells so good. So, I was already impressed with the brand though it didn’t last long.

I won’t lie. After the wash, my hair was softer and silkier than before. So, I was loving it whatsoever.

But soon, I noticed within a few weeks, my dandruff had come back. It means the shampoo and conditioner have less protection against dandruff. Hence, I was forced to switch back to my previous shampoo.

Well, other than dandruff, I enjoyed the Maui Moisture shampoo. I faced minor hair fall but nothing significant. While some people notice scalp burns and dry hair, I had no issue with the products. But then again, I had used the shampoo only for a few weeks.

You can definitely give the Maui Moisture shampoo and conditioner a go! Who knows, the product may suit your hair condition and better it?

Best Maui Shampoo For Hair Loss

Maui Moisture has launched several products with different ingredient combinations. Therefore, you can choose your shampoo according to your needs. In this section, I have included the 3 best Maui shampoos for hair fall.

1. Maui Moisture Heal & Hydrate + Shea Butter Shampoo

I can feel your struggle with damaged and dry hair. But applying this heal and hydrate Maui Moisture can turn the table around. No joke, and I mean it.

The core ingredients, aloe vera, and shea butter, moisten your day hair. Then, again, Macadamia oil will heal the damaged follicles and cuticles of your strands.


  • No harsh chemicals
  • Suitable for regular use
  • Soothing scent


  • Not 100% gluten-free

2. Maui Moisture Smooth & Repair Anti-Frizz Curl Shampoo With Vanilla Bean

You can not imagine what wonder vanilla beans and cocoa butter can do to your damaged hair. Wash your hair with this Maui shampoo and see the frizzes go away. Not only that. Your hair will be smoother and sliker than before.


  • Safe for dyed hair
  • Reduce frizz on curls
  • Heal damaged hair


  • Leave residue even after wash

3. Maui Moisture Lightweight Hydration + Hibiscus Water Shampoo for Daily Moisture

Of course, the cute pink bottle is not the only impressive thing about this Maui Moisture shampoo. In fact, this product is rich in vitamins, oxidants, and other natural elements.

As a result, your hair strengthens naturally with an increase in volume.


  • Refreshing scent
  • Hydrate hair
  • Repair follicles and cuticles


  • Formula backfires in dry hair

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Is Maui Shampoo Making My Hair Fall Out?

Maui shampoo does not always cause hair fall. However, some active elements of this product can lead to hair damage and hair loss in some sensitive cases.

What Hair Shampoo Makes Your Hair Fall Out?

Well, it is not the shampoo but the ingredients that cause hair loss. For example, if the product includes sulfate, parabens, silicon, and other harsh chemicals, it will lead to hair damage.

Does Maui Shampoo Help Your Hair Grow?

Maui shampoo formula actually helps in hair growth and nourishment. But in a few cases, the active ingredients can backfire, causing hair fall.

Will Hair Loss From Shampoo Grow Back?

Hair loss from shampoo is temporary. First, you consult a dermatologist or try out different brands until you get the product that suits your hair type.

What Shampoo Is Healthiest?

Any shampoo with natural ingredients can be considered healthy. Besides, the product should not include hash chemicals like silicone, sulfate, parabens, gluten, etc.


There are mixed reviews on Maui shampoo hair loss condition. Of course, you can not deny that this shampoo does cause hair fall. But compared to the positive results, the cases of hair damage are negligible. However, switch to another product immediately if you face any bad experiences like irritation, inflammation, or hair loss with this shampoo.

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