I have A Messed Up Hairline Because My Barber Is Careless: What Are The Fixes?

Aging and genetics are at the root of receding hairline. But for a messed up hairline, indeed, an inexperienced and sloppy barber is responsible

Though hair treatments may help you with the receding hairline, they are useless for messed up hairline. In the latter case, you must look for hacks to fix or conceal the damage.

You can shave off your hair and allow them to regrow in case of a messed up hairline. Going for a buzz or fade cut also sounds convincing to cover the situation. The easiest fix to hide the crooked hairline is to wear a beanie or cap.

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Who Is Responsible For Your Messed Up Hairline?

Messed Up Hairline
Messed Up Hairline

Before running into the fixes, let’s discuss the causes of the messed up hairline. This will help you select the solution more effectively.

I have come up with 5 probable reasons responsible for a messed up hairline,

1. Male Pattern Baldness: Your genes can be why you have an uneven hairline. Though women also suffer from this condition, it is more prominent in men aged between 20 – 30. You face a gradual and predictable hair loss across the hairline.

2. Traction Alopecia: Ponytails, braids, or buns definitely level up your fashion and look. But the backward hair-pulling force can cause hair loss or receding hairline.

3. Low-Quality Hair Transplant: An inexperienced doctor can mess up your hair grafting or follicle transplantation. As a result, the hairline does not replicate the natural growth and misses the traditional form. Hence, you get an uneven hairline.

4. Careless Barber: A slip of the scissor or wrong-direction trimmer buzz is enough for a bad haircut. So, a barber with sloppy hands can mess up your hairline and give you a nightmare for the coming months.

6. You’re The Problem: As a customer, you have to be rigid and flexible at the same time. Otherwise, the barber finds it hard to shape your hair. But if you decide or fidget in the comfortable chair, the barber can not cut your hair right. Thus, there is a risk of ending up with a messed up hairline.

My Barber Messed Up My Hairline: How To Fix Messed Up Hairline

Messed Up Hairline
Messed Up Hairline 2023

Now you know the causes of an uneven or ruined hairline. So, can you fix the condition?

Well, the receding hairline due to habit and genetic conditions can be reversed to an extent. A healthy lifestyle and hair surgery may treat the hairline. But of course, these are not the topic of our article today.

So, we only focus on barber messed up hairline fixes. Let me introduce you to the popular ways to hide an uneven hairline.

Of course, there is a chance that these hacks will fail. But it never hurts to give them a try.

Cut Your Hair Short

Cut Your Hair Short
Cut Your Hair Short

Minimizing the hair length will hide the damaged hairline. A buzz or fade cut is perfect for covering up the crooked hairline. Another option open for you is to go bald.

Change Your Hairstyle

This works for you if you have long hair. Use the hair length to your advantage and hide the uneven hairline. Apply hair spray and heat blow to set the hair perfectly.

Pair Hair Accessory With Your Look

The easiest way to conceal hairline damage is to wear a hat or beanie. Use the head cover for a few weeks until the hair grows back.

Push Back Entire Hairline

I know it sounds harsh but hear me out. An entire hairline pushback does not look bad if your barber can give the proper finishing. This offers a similar look to the fade cut. Besides, you no longer have to walk like a hippie with a crooked hairline.

Let The Barber Do The Magic 

Well, barbers can make mistakes. But they also know how to handle a messed up hair condition. So, sit back and ask your barber to fix the uneven hairline.

Messed Up Hairline Fix At Home: What To Do If Your Hairline Is Messed Up?

You may want to cut your hair at home to avoid the hairline mess up. But remember, you can make the same mistake and end up with a crooked hairline.

In fact, cutting hair at home has a massive disadvantage. While the expert hairdresser can tackle any situation going south, you, as a noob, know nothing about it. So, obviously, the solutions are limited.

You can try a buzz cut or fade to hide the hairline. Go bald if the hairline is out of fixation.

Wear a beanie to hide the bald or uneven hairline. Apply oil and other hair products in the meantime to promote hair growth.

Why Do Barbers Messed Up Hairlines?

Barkers do not mess up hairlines on purpose. But sometimes, they get distracted when cutting your hair and may channel the trimmer in the wrong direction.

Again, barbers find haircutting difficult if the client fidgets in the chair. Thus, the hairline cut can go wrong.

However, sometimes the barber suggests a pushback hairline. It is maybe because you already have a receding hairline. Also, the barber may assume that a jacked-up hairline will suit your style.

In any case, tell your barber beforehand about your expectations. Make it clear that you do not want a crooked hairline. If you still land on a pushed-back hairline, go for the fixes and change the barber.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Your Hairline?

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Your Hairline?
How Much Does It Cost To Fix Your Hairline?

You can fix the barber messed up hairline with a simple trick or two. For example, cutting the hair short, wearing a head cover, etc. So, there is not much cost involved.

However, you better be loaded if you are talking about receding hairline due to age and genetics. Moving your hairline forward will cost around $4000 – $15000. Sometimes the price goes up depending on your demand.

You can lower your hairline to 3 centimetres in this forehead advancement surgery. It usually takes 2 – 3 hours for this complete surgery.

The surgery makes a permanent hairline on your forehead. But with age, you will face hair thinning and receding hairline again. That is why professionals suggest combining hair advancement surgery and hair transplant.

Does A Messed Up Hairline Grow Back?

A barber messed up hairline definitely grows back. On average, humans enjoy a half an inch hair growth rate per month.

So, you will notice baby hair coming out within a week. Apply oil and eat healthy to stimulate hair growth.

If you ask about the receding hairline due to age, genetics, or traction, in some cases, that too is reversible. For example, proper medications and lifestyle changes prevent hair thinning and loss to an extent. But yes, there will be no significant change in your hairline.

Researchers claim that pushup hairline, due to genetics and age, is almost incurable. However, hair transplants, hairline advancement surgery, etc., are still available to lower your hairline.

Durag Mess Up Hairline

Durag is a trendy hair accessory worn mainly by African men. Though Durag is supposed to protect the hair, it is now used as a fashion accessory.

Well, some people blame Durag for hair loss. But logically, this headcover does absolutely nothing to harm your hair or scalp. So, hair loss is out of the question.

If you face a receding hairline with Durag, you may not know how to wear this head cover. A tight knot will pull back your hair and strain the strands. As a result, you will notice a pushed back hairline because of Traction Alopecia.

Girl Messed Up Hairline: Do Women Face Uneven Hairlines?

Do Women Face Uneven Hairlines?
Do Women Face Uneven Hairlines?

Well, most female haircuts focus not on the edges but on the tips. So, there is less risk of a barber messing up the hairline. However, just like men, women also suffer from receding hairlines due to age, genetics, etc.

If you face a pushup hairline, you first need to determine its cause. You can take the help of a professional in this journey.

Girl Messed Up Hairline: Do Women Face Uneven Hairlines?
Girl Messed Up Hairline: Do Women Face Uneven Hairlines?

You can switch to medication and a healthy diet to track the change. But chances are, the hairline will not be restored completely. The females must undergo hairline advancement surgery and hair transplant for a complete comeback.

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Wool Cap That Won’t Mess Up Men Hairline

Generally, wool caps causing hair loss are a myth. In fact, the beanie or the headcovers spice up your style and looks.

The wool caps come in handy if you have a messed up hairline. You can conceal the damage with the head accessory.

But yes. The hats with tight fits are not good for your hair or hairline. You will face a receding hairline because of the pulldown force on the strands and the strain.

Frequently Asked Questions of – Messed Up Hairline

Do Dreads Mess Up Your Hairline?

Dreads are thick and long and put weight or strain on the hairline. Receding hairline due to this condition is called Traction Alopecia. You lose hair because of tightly bonded ponytails, braids, or buns here. Keeping the hair loose will help you beat this condition.

Do Waves Mess Up Your Hairline?

Waves do not mess up your hairline. You just lay your hair flat in different patterns when going for waves. It, in no case, will cause a receding hairline. But you may end up with a jacked-up hairline if your barber does not know his job.

Do Lineups Mess Up Your Hairline?

Though the lineup looks unnatural, it has become popular to shape up hairlines. A lineup can not mess up your hairline unless you are getting it done by a noob.

Can You Fix A Messed Up Hairline?

You can fix your uneven hairline by buzz or fade cuts. You can use your long strands to cover the crooked hairline. Wearing a beanie or cap will also help you hide the damage.

Does A Messed Up Hairline Grow Back?

A messed up hairline caused by you or your barber will definitely grow back. Take care of your hair to promote fast growth. In the meantime, wear head covers to avoid humility.

How Do I Get My Hairline Back To Normal?

You need to get on medications and a healthy diet to restore your natural hairline. But even after all these, there is no guarantee that your receding hairline will return. A hairline advancement surgery will come in handy in this situation. However, if your hairline is messed up because of a wrong trimmer cut, it will grow on its own.

Will My Hairline Grow Back If I Shave My Head?

The receding hairline caused by age or genetics does not grow back even after shaving. You need medications and surgery for that. But if your hairline is messed up while cutting, it will definitely regrow.

How Can I Grow My Front Hair?

If the hair follicles on the front line are intact, you can regrow the hair. Apply oil or other hair care products to stimulate hair growth. Also, switch to a healthy diet and medications when necessary. 

At What Age Does Hairline Mature?

Men have an immature hairline until they are 17. Their hairline will mature between 17 – 30 years and go about an inch further on the forehead. The age range can vary depending on growth, health and geography.

What A Normal Hairline Looks Like?

There is no particular prototype or model of normal hairlines. But generally, a straight, bell-shaped, low, and middle hairline is considered good. The reason is these hairlines keep the forehead of the usual size, not broad or narrow.

Why Is My Hairline Messed Up?

A distracted barber can jack up your hairline. Sometimes it is you who has messed up the hair edge when cutting. However, age, genetics, and hormones are more severe reasons for receding hairline.

Are Hairlines Messed Up On Purpose?

Of course, no one wants to go to a meeting with a jacked-up hairline. But yes, the barber sometimes insists on having a pushed-up hairline as it suits you. Also, the reason can be your receding hairline.

Can Shaving Your Head Mess Up Your Hairline?

Shaving your head has no link to the hairline. In fact, your hair will grow as it were before, and so will the hairline.

Does Having Long Hair Mess Up Your Hairline?

Long hair does not damage your hairline. Instead, having long hair is a blessing for an uneven hairline. You can style up to conceal the crooked hairline with your long hair length.

How Do You Know If Your Hairline Is Messed Up?

You will notice the hairline travelling back several centimetres. Besides, there will be severe hair loss and hair thinning.

How Long Does Hairline Hair Take To Grow Back?

On average, the healthy hair growth rate is 6 inches per year and .5 inches per month. It means your hair grows less than one centimetre daily. Generally, it takes weeks to notice any change in the hair growth and months to enjoy full hair.

What Is An M-Shaped Hairline?

The M-shaped hairline is similar to the widow’s peak. Here the two portions of the hair sit towards the crown, and one bit sits at the lower down the forehead. When you look at the picture as a whole, the hairline creates an M shape.

Can A Barber Permanently Mess Up Your Hairline?

A barber can not permanently mess up your hairline. A wrong cut with the trimmer will only jack up your hair edge temporarily. The hairline will grow back within weeks.


Generally, the barber is responsible for your messed up hairline. However, sometimes the client is too restless. So, it becomes difficult for the barbers to control the trimmer.

However, in any case, do not get pissed off. Instead, look for the right fix.

Cutting the hair really short will solve the crooked hairline problem immediately. Wearing head covers is another solution to hide the hairline. But of course, keep patience, and the hair will regrow soon.

However, if you have a pushed-up hairline due to age or genetics, you need professional help. With medications and surgery, you may be able to regrow your hair.

Dr. Marjumin Sinthia

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