Moroccan Oil Shampoo Hair Loss: Should You Buy This Expensive Shampoo?

Moroccanoil shampoo is definitely more expensive than many other existing brands. But customers often complain about experiencing hair loss after using this shampoo. Considering these mixed reviews, should you buy Moroccan oil Shampoo?

There is a high chance that Moroccanoil shampoo causes no hair loss. The brand has excluded any harsh chemicals from the formula, making it safe for any hair condition. As a result, you experience no damage but hair and scalp nourishment.

In the following article, I have discussed Moroccan oil shampoo hair loss in more detail as a real user.

Moroccanoil Shampoo Hair Loss: Is The Shampoo Worth It?

Moroccanoil Shampoo Hair loss, Hair Care Shampoo for all Type of Hair
Moroccanoil Shampoo Hair loss, Hair Care Shampoo for all Type of Hair

The hype of Moroccanoil shampoo forced me to purchase this product. For starters, I have no complaints about the delivery and packaging.

But when it comes to the shampoo and conditioner, I am a bit disappointed.

I ordered Moroccanoil Hydrating shampoo because, honestly, I have dry hair. Therefore, I assumed the Hydrating formula would be best for my strands. 

When I opened the bottle, I was instantly struck by the fragrance. While most people praise the scent of this shampoo, I found it quite irritating.

Let’s not lie here. The shampoo smells intense and quite heavy. In fact, I had to attend all my meetings with that strong hair perfume. It was dead embarrassing.

Now Coming to The Texture,

The shampoo is a viscous suspension. It is not smooth or runny like many other brands. For this reason, you do not need a handful of Moroccanoil shampoo to clean your hair. Instead, the lesser, the better.

I must say that the Moroccanoil shampoo lathers well on wet hair. It was foamy, and I could easily slide my fingers through the strands.

However, the Moroccanoil Hydrating shampoo seems to have a similar texture to a clarifying shampoo. Why am I saying it? Well, I could feel the roughness in my hair instantly.

Clarifying shampoos strongly affect the scalp, as their primary purpose is to clean out the area. You already know this if you have used a clarifying shampoo. However, hydrating shampoo is supposed to work differently than Moroccanoil Shampoo.

Well, it could be my hair condition or sensitivity. My hair looked frizzy and dry. Yes, you do not expect it when you use hydrating shampoo. Also, my hair was anything but not manageable at all.

People have claimed that Moroccanoil shampoo causes heavy hair fall. But fortunately or unfortunately, I faced no such issue. In fact, I noticed reduced hair loss than before in one week.

In short, Moroccanoil shampoo seems to strengthen the root and nourish it internally. As a result, you will face less hair fall. I have no issue there.

But I have faced frizzy hair and excessive dryness after using this shampoo. Also, I kind of hate the smell of Moroccanoil shampoo and conditioner.

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Does Moroccan Oil Shampoo Cause Hair Loss?

Moroccanoil shampoo causes no hair fall or hair damage in particular. I have seen people complaining about hair loss after using this brand. But in most cases, such hair fall is coincidental.

Let me clear it up a bit more.

Moroccanoil shampoo has launched 6 different formulas. Each one is designed for a specific hair condition.

If you look at the labels of these shampoos, you will find some common ingredients. For example,

Moroccanoil Shampoo  ingredients, Moroccan Oil Shampoo Hair Loss
Moroccanoil Shampoo ingredients, Moroccan Oil Shampoo Hair Loss
  • Argan oil
  • Algae
  • Vitamin E
  • Sodium lauroyl sarcosinate
  • Glycerin
  • Lavender extract
  • Rosemary Extract
  • Chamomile
  • Jojoba extract
  • Keratin
  • Panthenol
  • Cocomide mea
  • Perfume, etc.

Each ingredient is added to the formula considering a safe ratio. As a result, there is no risk of hair fall or breakage.

Instead, the combination of these organic elements strengthens the strand roots. In addition, the formula heals any damaged hair cells. So, in the long term, you enjoy healthy, strong, clean, and more manageable hair.

Generally, formulas with harsh chemicals also lead to hair fall and split. However, Moroccanoil shampoos are free of sulfate, paraben, or strong agents. Hence, this shampoo does no harm or hair loss of any sort.

However, the brand infuses synthetic perfume to get the fragrance. It can cause irritation on the sensitive scalp.

Is Moroccan Oil Shampoo Good For Hair Loss?

Is Moroccan Oil Shampoo Good For Hair Loss, Moroccanoil  hair shampoo
Is Moroccan Oil Shampoo Good For Hair Loss, Moroccanoil hair shampoo

Moroccanoil shampoo is suitable for hair nourishment. The product is 100% organic and free of harsh chemicals. As a result, regular use of the Moroccanoil shampoo causes no hair fall or damage.

A sneak peek into this shampoo’s ingredient credibility will help you understand its benefits.

Take the example of argan oil first.

Argan oil is the crucial ingredient of Moroccanoil shampoo. The fatty acids and antioxidants of this oil moisturize the strands. Besides, these protect the hair from day-to-day damage.

Again, vitamin E is another vital element of this shampoo. Of course, you know what wonders this vitamin does to the hair.

First, vitamin E repairs the damaged follicles and guards the lipid layer against breaking off. Consequently, your hair root gets strong, and you see no hair thinning. 

Moreover, Moroccanoil shampoo is rich in organic extracts. Each one contributes to hair strengthening, strand hydration, and hair protection from damage.

So, considering the overall scene, the Moroccanoil shampoo prevents hair fall. Instead, the product has a deep formula that works on the hair roots, making them strong. Therefore, you enjoy healthy hair with minimum hair loss.

Does Moroccan Oil Shampoo Help Hair Growth?

Moroccanoil shampoo is not designed to promote hair growth. Instead, the formula works on the hair roots and strengthens them. In addition, the shampoo heals any breakage and protects from further damage.

The formula also hydrates the strands and locks the moisture in. So the hair looks shiny and smooth. Not to mention the milky texture that comes with the appearance.

Again, the Moroccanoil shampoo removes scalp dirt and any other hair buildups. Hence, the hair feels light and bouncy. So now, you can manage your hair more easily.

If you look at the label, Moroccanoil shampoo is a rich source of antioxidants, fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. Therefore, the formula nourishes the scalp and strands from within. Hence, the shampoo may stimulate hair growth to an extent besides preventing hair loss.

Frequently Asked Question

Is Moroccanoil Shampoo Good For Thin Hair?

Moroccanoil Extra volume shampoo works wonders on thin hair. The formula is designed to keep fine and dry hair conditions.

Why Are The Best Shampoos From Morocco?

Of course, not all the best shampoos come from Morocco. However, argan oil is a crucial ingredient in many shampoos found in Morocco. So, the local industries have experimented with the argan oil formula and come up with leading shampoos.

Is Argan Oil Morocco Shampoo Good? 

Argan Oil Of Morocco shampoo seems to be an authentic product. It perfectly handles dry, dull, thin, and frizzy hair. Also, the formula prevents any hair loss and damage.

What Does Moroccan Oil Do For Your Hair?

The omega fatty acid of Moroccan oil adds shine to damaged hair. Besides, the oil promotes a healthy and oil-free scalp by balancing the pH level. 

Which Is Better For Your Hair Moroccan Oil Or Argan Oil?

While argan oil is pure oil, Moroccan oil is a mixture of different ingredients. Also, they have separate contributions. For example, Moroccan oil makes the hair bouncy and light. On the contrary, argan oil is used for hair repair.

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Final Thoughts

Moroccan oil shampoo hair loss is nothing but a myth. Instead, an infusion of organic ingredients here gives the hair a boost.

However, users may face hair loss after using this shampoo due to skin sensitivity or other conditions. Consider any significant lifestyle or diet change that can be responsible for hair fall.

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