oVertone Rose Gold: A Tough Competition Or A Failure?

I finally bought the awaited oVertone Rose Gold healthy duo. As I have light blondes, this coloring duo should work for me. But yes, for dark hair, the oVertone Rose Gold for Brown Hair is a better suit.

So, how did oVertone Rose Gold work for me? Am I satisfied with this product? Find out in the following article.

oVertone Rose Gold Hair Color: My Impression

I have tried out different oVertone vibrant colors and conditioners over time. So, I knew about the brand’s popularity and authenticity.

The ordering was smooth, and I got a fast delivery. There is nothing to say about the packaging or the label. The company did an excellent job of keeping everything minimalistic.

I went through the ingredients. As far as I am concerned, the product is healthy. It incldues no silicone, parabane, sulfuer, or ammonia.

The next thing I noticed about the oVertone Rose Gold coloring conditioner was the smell. It has a pleasant scent that will make your hair dyeing experience more fun.

The color did not look as vigorous as the purple conditioner. So, slathering the color with your hands will not cause much stains. However, you get gloves within the package, which you can use for this purpose.

Next, I prepared my hair for the coloring process.

It took me 10 – 15 minutes to spread the color on my hair and another 15 minutes to allow it to sit. Within an hour, I was flexing with my new rose gold hair.

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oVertone Rose Gold Before And After

oVertone Rose Gold Before And After
oVertone Rose Gold Before And After

I wanted the best results from the oVertone Rose Gold color conditioner. Therefore, I followed each step carefully and to the point. So, here is how it went for me.

Well, my hair was completely covered in rose gold. No cheating.

The color was heavier at the tips and lighter at the roots. I had grey hair, which looked brighter with the rose gold shade.

As for the color, I am totally satisfied with the shade. The product definitely excels at it.

Usually, the hair becomes rough and dry after a deep color session. But honestly, my hair was smooth and soft. Most importantly, there was zero hair fall.

In short, oVertone Rose Gold is definitely a steal. You get to enjoy the perfect rose gold shade without those harsh chemicals.

oVertone Rose Gold Coloring Conditioner Vs. oVertone Rose Gold Conditioner

oVertone Rose Gold Coloring Conditioner Vs. oVertone Rose Gold Conditioner
oVertone Rose Gold Coloring Conditioner Vs. oVertone Rose Gold Conditioner

The coloring conditioner has more pigments than the daily one. Hence, use it only when the color is faded. Conditioning hair with this product once every 15 days will boost the shades.

Moreover, experts suggest applying oVertone coloring conditioner on dry hair. It is because colors stick better on dry strands, offering a bright shade. Also, keeping the color for 10 – 15 minutes is just okay to get the expected result.

When it comes to the oVertone daily conditioner, you can use it regularly. The product contains less pigment count but enough to brighten the shades. Additionally, the nourishing formula of this conditioner promotes better hair health.

Furthermore, apply oVertone daily conditioner on wet hair after a shower. You can continue its use like any other regular conditioner. Allow the conditioner to sit for 3 – 5 minutes for a desired color boost.

oVertone Rose Gold On Brown Hair: Is It Effective?

oVertone Rose Gold On Brown Hair

Generally, colors like Rose Gold do not stick well on brown hair. For this reason, oVertone has launched a specialized Rose Gold for brown hair. The product includes more pigment to stain the brown hair.

The process of application is the same as the original Rose Gold. However, the shades may not look as bright as with light blonde or bleached hair. Instead, you will notice shiny, vibrant rose gold strands under the light.

Sometimes the colors are too stubborn and do not stick to the dark hair at all. Going with the oVertone Rose Gold complete system will help you in such scenarios.

oVertone Rose Gold On Red Hair: Does It Work?

Red hair also has a bright undertone. As a result, you may struggle to cover the whole shade with Rose Gold. But it does not mean the color will not work on red hair.

All you need is to apply oVertone on your red strands generously. Keep the pigments on for 10 – 15 minutes and rinse off with warm water. You will notice the rose gold shade upon drying.

The red hair base will create the perfect color gradient with rose gold. A regular wash with oVertone daily conditioner will keep the shades fresh and vibrant.

oVertone Rose Gold On Gray Hair: Does It Stain?

oVertone Rose Gold On Gray Hair

You may wonder what oVertone Rose Gold can do on grey hair. The strands deposit pigments more effortlessly and exhibit a brighter color.

Some people think Rose Gold stains grey hair forever. But it is not the case. Sure, the pigments will be around longer than they will on other hair tones. But the color will come off with washes, exposing the grey underneath.

One more thing.

With grey hair on board, the rose gold shade looks more rosy than goldish.

oVertone Rose Gold For Blonde Hair

oVertone Rose Gold For Blonde Hair
oVertone Rose Gold For Blonde Hair

Do not worry if you have blondes. oVertone Rose Gold will still rock your hair. In fact, the rose gold looks more vibrant and bright with light blonde hair.

While applying the color, make sure to distribute them evenly. Otherwise, you will get heavy shades on one side and light on another.

oVertone Pastel Pink Vs Rose Gold: Which One To Get?

Both oVertone Pastel Pink and Rose Gold are shades of pink. But you can not expect the same outcome from them.

oVertone Pastel Pink offers a more vibrant and brighter shades. The color will spice up even dark hair. On the other hand, the Rose Gold is a sober pink and adds a cool tone to the hair.

Because of the intensity, users often saturate the Pastel Pink with conditioner before use. But of course, they can easily switch to Rose Gold as the color is available now.

Is Rose Gold Hair Hard To Maintain?

As the beauticians say, Rose Gold hair color is gorgeous and timeless. But at the same time, maintaining it is a challenge.

However, you can always make hair care easy with a little trick or two. For example,

  1. Semi-permanent color depositions like oVertone are definitely a saviour here. You can combat the dullness with the daily conditioner and boost the shades with the coloring one. This gives the same result as the permanent dye.
  2. Heat can really mess up the rose gold color. Thus, try to avoid heating as much as you can or apply in a moderate setting. Using a heat-protecting cream can minimize the damage.
  3. Do not wash your hair as frequently as before. The more the washes, the more quickly the color will be gone.
  4. When washing, you can use a daily coloring conditioner like oVertone to freshen up the shades. Otherwise, a color-safe shampoo with cold water will be fine.

How Long Does oVertone Rose Gold Last?

According to the oVertone brand, you can not say the exact longevity of the color. It depends on the application process and the hair condition of the user.

However, chances are that the oVertone colors will come off with each wash. Rose Gold coloring conditioner customers suggest it takes 10 washes to get rid of this shade.

If you want an instant way out of the Rose Gold color, try the oVertone Fading Shampoo. Using an aggressive solution like moisturizing shampoo and developer also removes this color.

On the other hand, you need to use the Rose Gold daily conditioner to maintain the shade for a longer period. Moreover, applying the coloring conditioner every two weeks will give a proper boost to the color and revive them.

How To Dilute oVertone Rose Gold?

Diluting or saturating oVertone is not a big deal. You can do it with your regular conditioner.

Take a small container. Pour oVertone Rose Gold and any conditioner in a 1:1 ratio. Give it a good mix, and see if you like the saturated paste.

You can modify the ratio as per your need. Therefore, a strand test will really be helpful.

How To Use oVertone Rose Gold?

The application process of oVertone Rose Gold is exactly the same as any other shade. For example,

Step 1: Shampoo and Condition First: Do not forget to shampoo and condition your hair beforehand. You do not want greasy hair when coloring. It will prevent the pigments from sitting on the strands.

Step 2: Comb Your Hair: Detangling your hair is important before coloring. This way, you will not miss any spots. Some people go with wet hair for this very reason.

Step 3: Section Your Hair (Optional): Divide your into sections to make the coloring hassle-free. You can clip the parts and work on them one at a time. However, some people avoid this step as they find slathering the color easier as a whole.

Step 4: Apply The oVertone Rose Gold: You need to scoop up a handful of color and slather on the strands thoroughly. Go from the root to the tip to have an even distribution.

Wear gloves when layering up the color to avoid staining. I have seen people using brushes to spread the color.

Step 5: Waiting!: Once you cover the hair, wait 10 – 15 minutes. Remember, keeping the color for more periods will not help with the intensity. So, do not go for overtime.

Step 6: Wash It Off: Rinse the color with warm water, and voila! Dry your hair to enjoy and flex your new shade flawlessly.

Where Can I Buy oVertone Rose Gold?

oVertone is available on Amazon, Target, Walmart, and other major online stores. You can also shop for oVertone in beauty salons and retail shops.

Besides, oVertone mainly manages its sales via the official website. You will find all hair color products from this brand on the page.

oVertone is a USA-based brand, and right now, its sale is limited to this country.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Rose Gold A Girly Color?

Usually, pink is considered girly and blue is a boyish color. Rose gold surely is a shade of pink, which is why people think it is feminine. But nowadays, masculine men also get a rose gold shade to compliment their overall style.

Is oVertone Rose Gold Warm Or Cool?

oVertone Rose Gold adds a cool tone to the existing hair color. You can use it to compliment dark hair or spice up the light shades.

Does The Rose Gold Color oVertone Work On Dark?

oVertone Rose Gold coloring conditioner works on all hair tones, including darker ones. The pinkish shade looks more bright on light hair. But the color definitely compliments the dark hair as an undertone.

Should I Wash My Hair Before Or After oVertone?

Wash your hair before using oVertone to get a clean scalp and strands. This way, the color will stick to the hair more easily. However, with daily conditioner, you can apply it later after your regular shampoo.

What Color Shampoo For Rose Gold Hair?

A color-protective regular shampoo and cold water wash are enough to maintain Rose Gold hair. Again, the purple or blue shampoos do an excellent job of removing the brassiness and restoring the shine in the shade.

What Skin Tone Suits Rose Gold Hair?

People with any skin tone can try out rose gold hair as long as they feel good about it. However, color-wise, this cool shade goes more with dark eyes and yellow-based skin.

Does oVertone Dye Your Tub?

oVertone products are rich in pigments. As a result, you can expect a stain in the tub or bathroom after coloring your hair. But the good news is that oVertone stains are not permanent and go away with a cleaner.

Does oVertone Rose Gold Stain Sink?

oVertone Rose Gold is a cool and sober color. Though the deposit stains, this is temporary. You can remove the pigments from the sink or tiles with a cleaner or rubbing alcohol. However, you need to be fast so that the porous sink material does not soak up the colors.

Does oVertone Rose Gold Fade Nicely?

oVertone Rose Gold is not a permanent hair color and fades with every wash. But unlike the dyes, you will not notice the orange or yellow dull shades. Instead, the color will deposit nicely.

Does Purple Shampoo Tone Rose Gold Hair?

Purple shampoo can restore the gold shade by eliminating brassiness. However, the violet pigments may deepen the pinkish tone of your hair and make it ash.

How Do I Keep My Pink Hair From Turning Orange?

Color-protective shampoo can keep the color intact for a long time. Again, a blue shampoo will come in handy if the strands start turning orange.

What Colors Do You Mix To Make Rose Gold Hair Dye?

You can prepare the rose gold hair dye by mixing oVertone Pastel Pink and Red coloring conditioner. Trying out Pink with Yellow or Gold also might work. You would need a regular conditioner to dilute the color.

Is There A Permanent Rose Gold Hair Color?

No dye is permanent, and eventually, it comes off the strands. Usually, the rose gold dye has a longevity of up to 8 weeks. However, you can get long-lasting, shiny rose gold hair with permanent colors. This rose gold color treatment is available in both light and deep variations.


oVertone Rose Gold color conditioner is definitely a steal. It allows you to enjoy a fun, sober color without bleaching. As per the brand, the Rose Gold conditioner works for both dark and light hair.

However, sometimes, the color will not sit on the dark hair tones. In such cases, the Complete Rose Gold system will be the saviour.

Wash your hair with the color conditioner every two weeks to enjoy the rose gold to the fullest. Besides, use the daily conditioner regularly after a shampoo.

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