Latest and New Burqa Borka Design 2022 for girls Women’s

The burqa is the symbolism of modesty. In Islam, it’s taught to cover and carry oneself with modesty.
Hence, year after year Muslim women have practiced modesty. New Burqa Design 2022

But like any others, burqa design has evolved with time.

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What is the Burqa Design?

Which Burqa design in Bangladesh has been popular?

Here, we will talk in-depth about Burqa design. There are numerous borka designs in the market. Some designs have been inspired by the Arab Countries. But every country has its signature design. As a tropical country, the burqa designs here have been focused on pleasantness.

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There is an immense number of options for burqas. So, in the following article, we will discuss the Burka designs.

New Borka Design 2021 for Girls and Women’s Fashion

The new borka design has been a topic of interest for pious Muslim women. You don’t have to
be a simple-wearer because of your choice of clothing. Herefore, we have brought various
designer burqa.

Koti koty Style Borka Design, Koty Style Burqa Design 2022 2023

This will help you to decide your outfit depending on the event. Either if it’s a
glamorous evening or a simple gathering. There are simple burqa designs for everyday wear. Also, there is a koti burka design for extra coverage.

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In this article, we have also discussed Irani Styled burqa, Malaysian Burqa, Dubai
Burqa, Gown Style burka, Umbrella design burqa, and so on.
Below, we will discuss the spectrum of burqa designs. So stay with us till the end of the article.

Simple Burqa Designs


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For normal occasions, burkas are normally kept simple. If you are going for a walk, kaftan-style
Burqas are the best. The breezy feeling of the burqa will help with the profuse sweating. The
simple burka design is mainly focused on the wrist area. Along with that, you might find a line of
embroidery in the midsection.

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The burqas are designed to wear easily. The neckline is wider to fit properly. Some also have a
zipper in the shoulder area or have buttons in the front area. This will give you the extra space
that you need to fit into the burqa.

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Apart from that, going to school or formal meetings, simple burqas are your best friend. The
clothes are meant to represent our personality, so choose them accordingly.

Furthermore, the colors chosen in this criteria are always soothing. The colors are never too
bright, that will scream their existence. Besides that, pastel color always gives a soothing aura.
This is very appreciated in a general gathering.

New Koti Borka Design

There is a verse that quotes

‘Tell the believing women to lower their eyes, guard their private parts, and not display their
charms, except what is apparent outwardly, and cover their bosoms with their veils.’
The interpretation stands that we should lower our gaze if there is something inappropriate.

And cover our body from other’s gaze. So, it is always better to go for the extra coverage. The Koti
burka designs validate that. The upper part of the burqa supports the extra coverage.

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The design sometimes comes in a contrasting color. Also the base of the burka is simple,
whereas the Koti portion displays varieties of printed designs.

Besides that, the lower part of the base may have some stonework. But it is not heavy, but a simple line of stonework.

 Irani Borka Design

Irani borka designs are regal. They feature gown style and shrug-style burqas. Hence, this is
perfect for wedding occasions. The Irani burqas are usually double-layered. The upper layer
donning various intricate designs, but the inner layer is creating volume in the Burqa.

The design features stonework embellished throughout the garment. And some Irani burqas
also have detailed embroidery on the sleeves. Alongside that the lower part of the base, and in
the mid-section. In these burqas, the fabrics are on the heavier side. As the detailing on the
fabrics will last longer.

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Silk is normally used for the base layer. And the upper layer is either net or georgette. The
fabrics are usually flowy. This helps to execute the design better.

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As the fabric is heavy, it is very hot to wear for a long time. So, choose wisely when you are
choosing. If the venue is air-conditioned, then there is no need to stop yourself. But in the case
of outdoor events, you better customize the burqa in a suitable fabric.

Gown Style Burqa

Bengalis have never-ending parties and weddings. It is quite a hassle to choose a burqa
according to the occasion. So, it is rather better to add a gown-style burqa to the wardrobe. At
the last moment, it is hard to choose what to wear. If you have a gown-style burqa ready, then
slipping into it will save you time.

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The gown-style burqa is the same as the name suggests. There is an inner layer to give
volume. Furthermore, the embroidery is heavy. Sometimes, the stonework is used in this style.
The work is done in the mid-section. Also, the sleeves and the bottom part have stonework or

Gown Borka Design 2022, Gown Burqa Design 2022 , 2023

The material is shimmering. So, it brings attention at once. But it is lightweight. So, you can
wear it in hot weather without worry. Furthermore, the material is durable. Hence, it has a long
shelf life.

Umbrella Burqa Design

The umbrella burqa designs have taken down the internet for their popularity. And the reason is
quite apparent. As it has a very beautiful umbrella flare in the lower part of the burqa.

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If you want to see yourself in a cinderella style dress, this umbrella burqa depicts that. It is toned down
from the gown style dress but doesn’t compromise with the flare.

Generally, this design has beautiful Chikan embroidery in the chest and wrist area. The
embroidery is done in contrast colors. Also in the flare part is left untouched, but sometimes
there is a string of embroidery. This left a beautiful illustration in the whole design of the burqa

Simple Burqa Design 2022 , Latest Burqa Design 2022, New Borka Design 2022

Umbrella Burqa design is a must-have item for this season. This features a fairy-like style.
Hence, it will enhance your wardrobe.

Printed Designed Burqa

Print-designed burqas are perfect to wear at a party or every day. The choice of place depends
on the print and the fabric. Besides that, the burqas come in multiple layers or one layer.

simple borka design burka design borkha design

If you want to wear it every day, look for light material. The prints are normally flowery. Besides
that, crepe and American georgette are used in a printed-designed burqa. As this material
takes the color rather well.

Printed long borka design burqa design

Furthermore, if you are looking forward to a party-style, printed-designed burqa, the material is
heavy and shiny. For a night event, the glossy material goes perfectly for it. Apart from it, the
print is Kolki-style.

This is very famous among the designs. So, it’s widely used in salwar kameez, sarees, and other traditional wear.

Burqa Designs 2022

Burqa design 2021 and 2022 are the same. The reason is the pandemic. The popular designs
were the kaftan-style burqa, Irani style burqa, Dubai burqa and Malaysian burqa. Above we
have discussed some of the styles. Let’s discuss the Dubai burqa and Malaysian burqa now.

What is The Dubai Burqa?

Dubai Borka is known for its regal designs. The burqas are in a basic color. But the designs are
created with golden thread. There will be a delicate design in the upper portions and the
sleeves. While the bottom has a nice flare.

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The Dubai burqas are lightweight. And there is a zipper on the side of the shoulder. So you can
easily slip out of the burqa if you want. Other than that the Dubai burqas are exquisite. So, you
better add this to your wardrobe. As, no matter which season you are in, it is a must-have

latest design burqa 2022 latest borka design for girls women’s 2022 dubai dobai borka burqa design 2022

The burqa is typically worn at big events like weddings or a party. It brings out your elegance in
the best way. So, if you want to be in the center of a gathering, it will do the job. As the golden
thread embroidery is hard to miss.

What is Malaysian Burqa?

Malaysian Burqa is renowned among Burqa lovers. As it’s lightweight and comfortable. The
burqa also has layers. The fabric is Rita georgette. Furthermore, this fabric is durable for longer
use. So, if you are looking for everyday wear Burqa, the Malaysian burqa is perfect.

This burqa design is perfected on light colors. Besides that, the layers have wavy flares. There
are white pearls adorned on the side. The design has a soothing style. Therefore, you can
include it in your wardrobe for everyday wear.

Malaysian Burqa is easy to wear. Because the neckline of the burqa is designed such as. There
are also pockets available in the burqa.

So it is a plus point for this one. As no one can resist a burqa with pockets. Furthermore, it increases the functionality of the burqa. And small gadgets like phones, earbuds can be stored there easily.

Burka Design in Bangladesh Price

The burka design in Bangladesh is very reasonable. As we have the biggest garments factory in
the world. So, the clothes are readily available. Henceforth, the fabrics are available and very

The Simple Burqas Range From 1000-2000 taka. Whereas the Exclusive Burqas are somewhere
from 7000-15000 taka. The prices change depending on the embroidery and stonework.
Henceforth, the prices have been placed reasonably.

Why Buy From Us?

We have brought you different varieties of burqas. If you are looking for a simple design to go to
a social gathering, our burqas will assist in your elegance. Furthermore, the fabrics chosen are
very lightweight, and easy to wear. This is perfect for our humid weather. And, the pockets are
the best feature of the burqa design.

As a woman, we always have lots of things in our hands. And oftentimes the bag that we carry
cannot fit all of it. So, pockets provide us extra space.
Alongside that, we have a gown-style burqa with lots of bling. And bling is the perfect choice for
a wedding or party.

The kaftan burqas are also available with delicate designs. So, you can choose according to
your preferences. The burqas are priced very reasonably. As we prioritize our customers. So,
feel free to choose from our diversified collection.


● What is the Difference Between Burqa and Abaya?

Burqa and abaya, both are meant to cover the whole body. The difference is the burqa mainly
consists of one layer. Whereas, abaya has multiple layers.

Also, the burqa has defined sleeves. But abaya has an outer layer on top of the sleeve portion. So, it illustrates a flowy vibe. Visually, it is very soothing to the eye.

Abaya and burqa are both suitable for everyday wear. As it depends on the material. If you have
Customize them into lightweight material, then you can tackle the hot weather easily.

But if you chose heavy material and heavy work, then they are suitable for a party.

The prices of both are the same. Normally the price starts from 1000 taka. But, the price will
vary according to the material and work

Is Khimar and Burqa Same?

The answer is no. Khimar is mainly a veil to cover your hair, neck, and shoulders. So, it is the
top part. You can wear a khimar on top of the burqa.

The burqa covers the whole body but not the head. So, you can add khimar with your burqa.
This will give an overall cover. Also, you can replace the khimar with the hijab. As both have the
same purpose.

Which Fabric is Best for the Burqa?

The burqa comes in different types of fabric. So, you can choose the burqa according to the
weather. If the weather is unbearably hot, then go for cherry georgette. It is very popular now for
being lightweight.

But in cold weather, go for a heavy material to keep the body warm. You can always customize
your burqa according to your needs. So, there is no right material, but material that you need for
your Burqa.

Which Burqa is Best for Everyday Wear?

There are lots of designs available in the market. Sometimes it’s very overwhelming for you. But
fear not. We have found that answer for you. First, figure out your preference to choose for
everyday wear. If you are working in an airconditioned environment for the longest hours, then
go for a kaftan-style burqa.

If you are walking a large distance, then go for a lightweight burqa. Furthermore, you should
choose breezy, sweat-proof material. The Malaysian burqa and simple-styled burqas fit into it.

So look for something like that. In this hot summer, comfort is your best friend. As you are
wearing a burqa for most of the day, choose accordingly.

Which Burqa Design is the Best to Wear in a Walk?

A quality breeze can lift the mood. So, to our burqa wearers, choosing an appropriate burqa for
the evening may be a burning choice. But fret not, we are here to help you. You can wear a
kaftan style burqa. Or simply choose a slip-over burqa.

But make sure the fabric of the burqa is sweat-proof. If the burqa becomes heavy after profuse
sweating. It will be very unpleasant. Nowadays, cherry georgette has come around.

This fabric is known to be lightweight. So, this certainly helps with the sweat. As it’s very airy. Furthermore,
it dries fast. So, it is best to wear it on a walk.

Can I wear Koti Borka at a Wedding?

Koti burqas are a wonderful choice of burqa for a normal gathering. The upper part of the Koti is
rather unconfined. So. it delivers a lovely look instead of a glamorous look.

There is nothing wrong with a free look. But you may opt for Irani Burqas in a party setting. As they fit the best.
Koti burqas are best for the working environment. As the offices are mostly air-conditioned. So,

they help you to keep your body warm. The layers do the job for you.

Which Burqas are Best for Parties?

There are various styles of burqas in the market. You can choose them depending on your
needs. For weddings and parties, you can go for the Dubai Burqas or Irani-style burqas. As this category focuses on heavy work. And the material is bright.

The style focuses on golden thread embroidery. Apart from it, the burqas have flares and layers.
The embroidery is very delicate. And it brings out a regal aura. Besides that, the work will help
you be the center of the party. So, it is one of the best party wear.


Burqa’s design has ranged from simple to regal. Besides that, designer burqas are available for
going to a wedding occasion or parties. Also, the simple burqas are features of everyday wear.
So you can choose according to your preferences.

Furthermore, the Burqas come in many different fabrics. So you can choose between airy or
heavy material. So, it means there is a burqa for every occasion. The prices are also
reasonable. So, this makes the burqas in your hands reach.

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