Can You Grow A Pushed Back Hairline? Read The Recent Fixes 2023

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Has your barber pushed back your hairline without asking? Well, I have been there. My barber once messed up with my edges, which was entirely his fault. But instead of ranting, I looked for a fix and got several ways to hide my bad hairline. First, cutting the hair short masks the pushed back hairline well. Then, again, people will not notice the pushed back hairline if you colour the hair or wear a beanie.

Finally, you can shave your hair completely to level the hair growth and avoid a weird look.
Well, though there are limited ways to fix a pushed back hairline, you have many
options to influence the hairline growth. I have discussed the natural hairline remedies
in detail in the following article.

What Is a Pushed Back Hairline?

Brush your hair in a way that you can see your forehead clear. Now you will see the frontal line from where the hair growth starts. So, what happens if you lose your hair from the front line?
The hairline will be pushed back, and your forehead will look more pronounced. It is exactly what we call a pushed back hairline.

You can get a pushed back hairline due to your growing age and heredity. However, the pushed back hairline is now into fashion, and many purposefully shave the front hairline. On the other hand, in most cases, the barber does the shaving and pushes back your hairline without asking.

In any scenario, there are high chances that you will get a pushed back hairline at any point in your life. So, it is better that you stay prepared for that event.

Pushed Back Hairline & Receding Hairline: Are They Same?

I have heard people complaining that the pushed back hairline has head to a receding hairline in them. But wait! It is biologically impossible.

Yes, though the pushed back, and receding hairline seems the same, the root cause is different. The receding hairline occurs naturally because of your age or genetics.

Therefore, you can compare the receding hairline with balding. On the contrary, the
pushed back line is intentional.

However, with an intense hair loss, the receding hairline looks similar to a pushed back

Pushed Back Hairline, Can You Grow A Pushed Back Hairline, How To Fix Pushed Back Hairline, Hair regrowth, hair cut
Pushed Back Hairline & Receding Hairline: Pushed Back Hairline, How To Fix Pushed Back Hairline?

Another difference lies in the regrowth of the hair. Some experts claim that a receding hairline can not grow back while you can regrow a pushed back hairline. Though people used to believe in this statement, it has no significance. It is because there are several reports where the patients with receding hairlines have regrown their hairlines successfully.

How To Fix Pushed Back Hairline?

I get your frustration if your barber has pushed back your hairline without your opinion. However, you can live with a finely done pushed hairline as it is temporary. But nothing is worse when the barber has messed up the edges. It ruins not only your style but also your self-esteem.

However, do not lose hope. There are ways to fix a pushed back hairline. Some effective techniques are,

1. Either Shave Or Keep The Hair Short

What will you do if you start balding? Well, of course, other than freaking out. When I asked my friends and families this question, more than half gave the same answer. So yes, they will shave their heads.

Pushed back hairline, How To Fix Pushed Back Hairline, Shave Or Keep The Hair Short
How To Fix Pushed Back Hairline? Shave Or Keep The Hair Short With BaByLissPRO

Some papers claim that shaving your head can help defeat hair loss or irregular hair patterns. Though it is valid to some extent, it does not work for everyone. But of course, there is no harm in trying.

So, shave your head or Keep the hair short With BaByLissPROif you are stuck with a pushed back hairline. I understand that saving is not an option if you love your hair so much. Well, in such a case, you can cut your hair short. It will definitely mask the pushed back hairline.

  1. Do Not Make More Mess
    If your barber has blown up your hairline, cry all you want. But do not make it messier.
    The first thing you should do is to leave the hairline alone. Touching the hair, again and
    again, will not magically grow your lost hairline overnight. Instead, it can permanently
    shift the hairline.
    So, leave your hairline alone and shape the bad edge once the hair is fully grown.
  2. Cover Your Head
    Do you look like a hobo in your pushed back hairline? Well, do not lose your mind as it
    is not the end of the world. Instead of going crazy, you can own up to the style. For
    example, cover your head with a beanie or cap.
    Again, I have seen people colouring their hair to mask the jacked up hairline and GOD!
    It works. Other than these, you can use hair sprays to hide the lost hairline and return to
    your casual look.
  3. Your Hair Will Grow!
    Do not freak out to see a bad edge or a pushed back hairline. The chances are your
    hairline will grow back. It works the same way when you shave your beard. After a few
    days, you will notice the hair coming out.

However, do not expect a regrowth if you are experiencing receding hair loss. But still, you can mask the pushed back hairline with proper styling. Keep your hair long and go for a messy hair look.

  1. Change Your Barber
    If your barber has pushed your hairline without asking, it is time to look for a new stylist.
    But, of course, it is not always the barber’s fault. Sometimes the customers are too
    careless and do not instruct the stylists properly.
    So, you should talk to the barber first and tell him what you really want. Then, if he still
    messes up, switch to a more professional one.

Can I Grow My Pushed Back Hairline?: Try Not To Get At All

As I have mentioned, you can grow your pushed back hairline. But of course, there is no guarantee for it. So, instead of praying for growing your lost hairline, try not to face the situation. The proverb saying prevention is better than cure goes here too. But how can you avoid getting a pushed back hairline? Well, here is how,

  1. Come Up With A Proper Instruction
    If you haven’t instructed your barber correctly, you should not complain when he
    messes up the hairline. Hence, it is better to clear the doubts before sitting for the
    session. Tell the barber that you like it with a frontal hairline. Also, always stay alert the
    whole time so that you can stop any disaster coming your way.
  2. Be Your Own Stylist
    If you do not trust the barbers, I suggest you go solo. Well, it might sound impossible,
    but it is not. However, you will need help to cut the hair from your back.
  3. Go With The Flow
    Do you have an even or symmetric front hairline? If yes, consider yourself lucky. Then,
    tell the barber to cut your hair following the natural hairline without pushing.
    However, you are in a mess if you have an asymmetrical hairline. Not all barbers can
    navigate such edges and often end up jacking up the hairline. Hence, the best option is
    to make an appointment with an experienced barber. Then, again, you can sacrifice a
    bit of your hairline and straighten the edge.
  4. Go Old Fashion
    This rule applies if you cut your own hair.
    I know trimming is the easiest and most convenient way to cut your hair. But it also
    raises the risk of getting a jacked up hairline. Well, why not? The trimmer moves like
    butter, and you end up cutting more than you need.
    For these reasons, I suggest you use a straight-edge razor. These blades are not as
    smooth as the trimmer, and you have to push to cut the hairline. So, the chances are
    you can save your hairline before making any wrong move.

Why Do Barbers Insist On Pushing Hairline Back?

Of course, your barber has no benefit from messing up your hairline. But, again, in many cases, it isn’t the barber’s fault. For example, imagine you are cutting a client’s hair, and he sneezes out of nowhere.

The suddenness of the act can misplace your scissor and make a wrong cut on the front line. Now you will be left with no other options but to push back the hairline. It can also occur if the client constantly moves or distracts the barber. Also, the difficulty level rises if the customer has oily hair. In such cases, the stylish is not to blame.

Again, if you have a receding hairline, the barber will try his best to straighten the lines. Otherwise, it will look odd. So, complaining about your barber just because he wants you to look good does not make sense.

However, sometimes, the barber thinks a pushed back hairline will go with your style. So, he jacks up the hairline without asking, which is clearly his fault. The barber definitely needs a green signal from his customer before making such a decision.

If the barber pushes back your hairline even after explicit instruction, he definitely needs to learn professionalism. In such a scenario, switch to another stylist.

Should I Push My Hairline Back?

Pushing the hairline back definitely makes your forehead more pronounced. Especially, it suits black men due to their unique hair density and growth. Also, a pushed back hairline will add a new dimension to your style if you plan to keep the hair really short.

Again, a pushed back hairline can mask your receding hairline. This new look will vanish all your self-doubts or low confidence about natural balding.

Then again, a pushed back hairline is not always harmless. Sometimes, razor or trimming after touch is permanent, and you can not grow back your hair. It occurs mainly when you continue to push back your hairline repeatedly.

Moreover, some people despise the pushed back hairline as it does not match their styles. So, should you push back your hairline? The answer is yes and no. Definitely, it is up to your personal preference and hair condition.

No matter what, give the barber proper instruction about what you expect. This way, you can prevent a disaster from taking place.

How Do I Move My Hairline Forward Naturally?

If you have a pushed back hairline, there is a high chance that it will grow back naturally. However, it will take 2 – 3 weeks or even a few days more. In the meantime, you can work on your hair care routine to speed up the process.

Of course, using a chemical-induced product will boost your hair growth. But I personally do not recommend any chemical treatment as it harms in the long run. Instead, adopt natural remedies to grow your hairline faster. Some ingredients that speed up the hair restoration process are:

If we talk about science, Biotin or vitamin B7 converts food to energy and channels that fuel to stimulate keratin production in the hair follicles. As a result, you enjoy dense and rapid hair growth. I know there is not enough evidence of Biotin provoking hair restoration. But then again, you can not ignore the evidence of Biotin benefiting your hair growth.

Peppermint Oil
A recent study suggests that peppermint extracts can promote hair regrowth. The menthol of this oil can boost blood circulation in your scalp and does this magic. A few drops of Peppermint oil are enough to have natural hair regrowth.

Rosemary Oil
A few drops of rosemary oil will also help you restore the pushed back hairline. Evidence suggests that this oil can improve hair regrowth if used properly.

Which Lack Of Vitamin Causes Hair Fall?

If you suffer from hair loss, it can be because of your age or heredity. However, sometimes vitamin deficiency also causes a massive hair fall. For example, the lack of vitamin D weakens the hair follicles, leading to hair loss.

Vitamin D has many roles in your body. One of them is to stimulate the old and new hair follicles. Hence, when lacking this vitamin, your body can not process to grow new hair roots.

Moreover, vitamin D deficiency can lead to alopecia. It is an autoimmune system of your body that causes baldness in men and women. So, a lower vitamin D level can provoke this condition and make you lose hair.

Besides vitamin D, iron, zinc, and selenium deficiency can also cause hair loss. Such conditions damage and break your hair. So, how can you prevent or get rid of these conditions?

The answer is simple,
✅Go for a healthy diet
✅Do not apply any chemicals to your scalp
✅Try vitamin capsules after asking a doctor
✅Quit smoking
✅And lastly, take care of your hair

Does M Shaped Hairline Mean Balding?

An M-shaped hairline does not mean you are balding. Instead, it means that you are maturing and ageing. However, you can take it as a sign that your balding process is just waiting in the queue.

See, with growing age, the hairline of men changes. No matter if you have a curved, squared, or uneven hairline, once you get mature, the hairline shape will change. As these changes start, you also experience some hair fall. It is totally natural.

A report says more than 50% of men face balding. Such massive hair fall can start when you hit puberty or ageing. If you notice a change in the hairline shape, the hair loss process has started. Men often get an M-shaped hairline once they mature, and the balding begins after a few years.

Does Combing Hair Back Make You Bald?

You can not style your hair without combing. Right? But do you know there is a certain way of combing your hair? If you rough comb your hair, it can lead to severe hair loss or balding.

Actually, certain factors decide whether the combing is ideal or not. For example, first, check how you comb your hair. Experts claim that harsh combing is a curse for your hair. It is because it puts too much strain on the hair, causing damage to the hair follicles.

Another factor is frequency. You have to be gentle and considerate while combing your hair. If you do the combing in a hurry, you will soon have a hair fall.

Last but not least is combing direction. Have you noticed that our hair falls in the order it grows? When you harshly comb in another direction, the strand experiences a strain. As a result, you get hair fall.

Hey, I am not implying that combing makes you bald. I am saying that when you comb your hair harshly, you will notice hair loss and permanent damage. But if you do it gently, you can avoid such a risk. In fact, combing your hair is considered healthy.

Research suggests that combing can influence oxygen and nutrient transportation to the follicles and increase blood circulation. Also, regular combing removes old hair, dead cells, or any other residuals sitting on the root and promotes hair growth.

However, to enjoy these benefits, you have to be gentle when combing your hair. Otherwise, brace yourself for hair loss.

Can Frontal Hair Grow Back?

Most men and women experience a massive hair fall with growing age. I know it is not easier to deal with balding as it hits your self-confidence. But here is the deal. In many cases, the frontal hair does grow back.

See, your hair grows from the follicles. If a strand is closed or damaged, it will not produce new hair for several years. On the contrary, a follicle generates new hair if it is intact or open.

Now, there are ways to heal a hair follicle or influence it to promote hair growth. For example,

Natural Oil: You can apply essential oil or other natural ingredients to stimulate hair regrowth. I personally use Biotin, rosemary oil, peppermint extract, and jojoba oil for my hair care.

Medications: You can try out oral medications prescribed by a dermatologist. These drugs can assist in hair restoration in no time. Topical Treatments: Some of my friends have got positive results with topical medications.

As per them, those medicines activate potassium channels in the follicles, which promote hair regrowth. However, though topical drugs are effective to an extent, they can cause a few side effects. So, research any medicine before consuming it.

Supplement: The US drug market is packed with hair regrowth supplements. Though these drugs do not have any lab proof, you can not deny their effectiveness. The truth is, these capsules do work for some people.

However, it is better to go through the possible side effects of any supplement beforehand.

Surgery: What if none of these tricks work and you desperately want hair to grow? Well, then you have to go for minor surgeries or a hair transplant. In addition, experts often suggest plasma injection to fight baldness or hair loss.

Tair Transplant

Can Hairline Grow Back After Stress?

We all know that stress causes hair fall or acne issues. But is it the sign of balding? Or will the hair grow back?

Can Hairline Grow Back After Stress, Push Back Hairline
Can Hairline Grow Back After Stress, Push Back Hairline

Well, sit back and relax as stress-induced hair fall is not permanent. Usually, your hair follicles go to a resting phase when you stress too much. As a result, the affected hair falls out suddenly, and you see no hair regrowth.

Again, severe stress also affects your immune system. A hit on the immunity can weaken the hair follicles, causing hair loss.

So, what can you do in such scenarios? First of all, breathe and relax. Your hair will grow back once you stop worrying. In the meantime, nourish your hair with natural ingredients and keep the scalp clean.


Question: How Long Does It Take To Regrow Pushed Back Hairline?

Answer: I know it feels like an eternity to regrow the pushed back hairline. But logically speaking, you have to wait for 2 to 3 weeks to get back the line. Depending on your hair growth and hair care routine, it may take a few more weeks.

Question: Does A Pushed Back Hairline Grow Back?

Answer: A pushed back hairline grows back unless you are talking about hair receding. The jacked up hairline is not permanent as balding. It may take a few weeks to get back the hairline. However, regrowing your receding hairline is not an issue with advanced technology.

Question: How Do I Stop My Hairline From Pushing Back?

Answer: If you are dealing with a pushed back hairline that your barber caused, just sit back and relax. It is not permanent, and the hairline will grow back in a few weeks. In the meantime, apply natural oils to speed up the hair regrowth or wear a cap to hide the bad edges.

Question: How Do I Bring My Hairline Forward?

Answer: It is not impossible to reverse your receding hairline. Peppermint oil, rosemary oil, lavender oil, etc., are effective in bringing the hairline forward. You can also seek medical treatments like incisions or hair transplants to lower the hairline.

However, it will regrow naturally if you have a pushed back hairline.

Question: What Do I Do If My Barber Messed Up My Hairline?

Answer: A messed-up hairline is not permanent and definitely will grow back. For a temporary solution, you can shave your hair or cut it short to hide the bad edge. Wearing a cap or colouring the hair also switches people’s attention from the pushed back hairline.

Question: How Can I Regrow My Frontal Hairline Naturally?

Answer: It is not impossible to regrow your frontal hairline. In fact, natural remedies are proven effective in restoring the hairline. I recommend using rosemary, jojoba, coconut, Biotin, peppermint, etc., to regrow the hairline. Besides, regular hair wash and scalp massage can promote faster hair growth.

Question: How Can I Grow My Hairline Corners Back?

Answer: When the hair follicles are intact, the hairlines will grow back naturally. Besides, you can use natural remedies to speed up the restoration and heal damaged follicles. You can seek medical treatment for a satisfactory result if it is a receding hairline.

Question: How Do I Know If My Hair Loss Is Permanent Or Temporary?

Answer: Well, there is no exact way to determine whether your hair loss is permanent or temporary. But you can guess. For example, hair fall during a stressful week, pregnancy period, or puberty age is temporary.

Also, sometimes medications cause temporary hair fall as side effects. But, on the contrary, hair loss because of heredity and age is permanent.

Question: Will Hair Grow Back After Being Pulled Out In A Fight?

Answer: There are high chances that a pulled out hair will grow back. When the hair is uprooted,
it damages the follicles, but temporarily. Once the follicles heal, you will notice new baby
hair coming out of the bulb.


A pushed back hairline is not the end of the world. You might look crazy for a bit, but the
hairline will restore within a month. During this waiting period, you can experiment with
your look by colouring your hair or wearing a head cover.

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