Rowenta Steam Force Iron DW9280 Reviews: The Best Professional Iron In The Market 2023

Rowenta Steam Force Iron DW9280 Reviews, best iron in 2023

Rowenta Steam Force Iron DW9280 can remove wrinkles from any corner of the garment. Its compatibility with varieties of fabrics needs no mention.

Here, the 1800-watt heats the iron in a minute. Besides, the 3-way smart sensor makes the device an energy saver.

Moreover, you can iron both upright and sideways with this DW9280 iron.

Do these features sound lucrative? Is the model really worth the money?

Here I have reviewed the Rowenta Steam Force DW9280 Iron. Give this article a read for an honest opinion.

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What’s In The Box?

Rowenta believes in the product, not in the fancy packaging. Yet, the Rowenta Steam Force Iron DW9280 comes in a decent box. It includes,

  • Rowenta Steam Force DW9280
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card

Rowenta Steam Force Iron DW9280 Specification

Iron Model Rowenta Steam Force Iron DW9280
Dimension 11.4 inches by 4.9 inches by 6 inches
Weight 3.85 Pounds
Variable Steam Output65 grams per min
Steam Burst210 grams per min
Water Capacity12 ounces
Water TypeTap water
Voltage1800 watts
Cord Length8 Feet
Safety Auto Switch Off8 minutes
Warranty1 Year

Rowenta Steam Force Iron DW9280 Features

Rowenta Steam Force Iron DW9280 Reviews, best iron in in the market 2023
Rowenta Steam Force Iron DW9280 Reviews, Best iron in in the market 2023

The Rowenta Steam Force Iron DW9280 has a perfect look. The 11.4 by 4.9 by 6 inches ergonomic design balances perfectly with the 3.85 pounds weight. No wonder why the iron feels light and handy at the same time.

But of course, the DW9280 is not just about the look. The device is a beast when it comes to performance.

Allow me to explain the features of the Rowenta DW9280 in detail,

Slick Stainless Soleplate

Rowenta has used high-quality stainless soleplate to manufacture the DW9280. The slick steel surface allows you to enjoy smooth ironing.

Moreover, there are 400 micro steam holes on the soleplate. Thanks to the stainless steel quality, continuous steam causes no damage to the surface.

A 30% Steam Boost With Pump Injection Technology

The pressure chamber of the Rowenta DW9280 releases a 210-gram steam burst per minute. It is a 30% steam upgrade to the other Rowenta products.

This miracle happened because of the pump injection technology of the DW9280.

The variable steam output of this model is 65 grams per minute. But in practice, this iron will emit a whopping 69 grams of steam per minute.

Fast Heating Iron With 1800 Watts

Any brand barely gathers the courage to input an 1800 watt of power in the irons. But Rowenta has done it wonderfully with the DW9280.

Because of the high wattage, you get a hotter iron in less time. Also, there is a noticeable improvement in steam bursting.

Both Vertical & Horizontal Steaming

With the Rowenta DW9280, it is now possible to iron hanging clothes. Yes, the mighty steam burst of this model effortlessly removes any creases from the drapes.

Of course, the iron works equally in both horizontal and vertical positions.

Smart Sensor For Energy Saving

The brand has installed a 3-way energy-saving sensor in the DW9280. It prevents accidents by shutting off the iron when not working.

As per the program, the iron will stop working within 30 seconds if it falls. Again, the sensor shuts down the iron when it is not gliding for 8 minutes straight.

If you want to know more about a iron troubleshooting, Then you can visite our Rowenta Iron Troubleshooting Page.

Ergonomic Design & Precision Tip

Of course, the asymmetric engineering of the Rowenta DW9280 makes the iron handier. Besides, the angled tip precision allows the iron to reach any corner of the garment.

Therefore, ironing the collar, buttons, and edges is not a hassle now.

LED Ready Temperature System

The Rowenta DW9280 allows customers to iron a variety of fabrics. For example, wool, nylon, cotton, linen, and silk.

Obviously, the ironing temperature for each fabric is different. But you do not have to worry about that. 

The brand has installed the desired ironing temperature for the mentioned fabrics. All you need is to set up the fabric type, and the iron will heat up to the programmed temperature.

Once the iron heats up enough, the LED light stops flashing and becomes static. It indicates that the iron is ready for business.

Bigger Water Tank

Rowenta has assigned an 11.2-ounce extra large tank to the DW9280 model. Thanks to the size. Now you don’t have to run for a tank refill in the middle of ironing.

No Mineral Build Up On The Wall

The DW9280 has an installed anti-calc system. Because of this technology, the iron is compatible with tap water.

However, the auto-cleaning feature will remove any build-ups, even if there is rust or mineral blockage.

Easy To Use

Of course, the large stainless steel sole plate makes the Rowenta DW9280 glidable. Besides the 8 feet long cord, you no longer have to worry about the plug point and the iron table distance.

Rowenta Steam Force Iron DW9280 Reviews: The Performance

The best thing about the Rowenta DW9280 is not the look but the performance. I think this model is a total beast and can compete with any existing iron.

The larger soleplate with over 400 steam holes is enough to cover a large fabric area. Moreover, the pump injection technology boosts 30% more streams at a 210-gram-per-minute rate.

As a result, you can remove any stubborn wrinkle in a minute.

Thanks to the precision angle tip and the upright gliding feature. You can now iron almost anything in both horizontal and vertical positions without compromising the quality.

The model has an 1800-watt power system. So you do not have to wait minutes to heat the iron. In fact, you can start ironing almost instantly.

Finally, the DW9280 has a longer durability than most other models. It is because of the uncoated, scratch and rust-resistant stainless steel building. Also, the anti-calc system eliminates the risk of internal corrosion and build-ups.


  • 1800-watt power supply for fast heat up
  • 210 g/min steam burst through 400 micro holes to remove stubborn wrinkles
  • Stainless steel soleplate and anti-calc system to prevent scratch and rust
  • Smart sensor for saving energy
  • LED display to monitor temperature
  • Easy gliding and handy


  • Expensive
  • Make an irritating clicking noise

Conclusion of Rowenta Steam Force Iron DW9280 Reviews

Rowenta Steam Force DW9280 is definitely an excellent iron. No doubt about that. But should you buy this model for your home? 

Well, honestly, this model is built for professionals. But of course, if you do not mind the money, go ahead. Rowenta DW9280 will change the ironing experience for you.

However, if you are low on budget, go for other Rowenta iron models. Top Rated Rowenta Iron – Which Rowenta Steam Iron Should You Buy In 2023? Best Rowenta Iron Reviews

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