Siberian Bear Hunting Suit: The Truth Revealed

People have their doubts about the viral Siberian bear hunting suit. So what’s your take on the armor? Is it authentic or one of those fake stuff on the internet?

Well, there is no valid reference for the Siberian hunting armor and its historical values. So, speculations are that the suit is not meant for hunting. Instead, it is a piece of surrealistic art.

The following article explains more exciting facts about the famous Russian bear armor.

Siberian Bear Hunting Suit: My Personal Opinion

Siberian Bear Hunting Suit

The Siberian bear hunting suit includes a pair of leather jackets, pants, and an iron helmet. Not to mention the layer of 1-inch iron nails coming out of the suit.

You can not imagine a hunter wearing this suit and running around in the forest effortlessly. However, if you are a hunter yourself, then you will know the struggle of blending in the wild and moving without making any noise. Both sound impossible with this so-called Siberian bear hunting suit.

Well, many people have already tagged the post as fake. On the other hand, some groups still believe that the costume was used for bear hunting in Siberia. As a hunter, I see little possibility of such bold statements. However, only historians and experts can shed light on this confusion.

Siberian Bear Hunting Armor: Does It Exist?

Right now, no reliable source can verify the origin and use of the Siberian bear hunting armor. But well, some social media junkies have claimed that the suit is not real. In fact, according to them, this is just an art, and many people have seconded this possibility.

According to them, that two-piece leather jacket with a spiked helmet is a piece of art. The artist was inspired to build this costume from ancient hunting histories.

However, not everyone is happy with this theory. Many people still believe that the suit is built especially for bear hunting.

Siberian Bear Hunting Suit From The 1800s

Speculations are that the viral Siberian bear hunting suit is from the 1800s. But no one knows the truth about it.

Apparently, bear hunting was a sacred and significant ritual back in the 18th and 19th centuries. Killing a bear and bringing its head was a way of proving manhood and strength back then.

So, wearing special armor when hunting bears is nothing surprising. But that particular Siberian suit seems to be too much for bear hunting.

It is because men used to take training from masters before going hunting. Also, they had to be eligible and strong enough to participate in that wild game.

Moreover, the rumors are the hunters had to offer the bear the same privilege as they had. So, wearing an iron-studded suit to scare the bear and injure it right away does not add to this rule.

Well, we can not say anything with a guarantee about the Siberian bear hunting suit. Only the experts can make comments after a proper investigation.

Siberian Bear Hunting Suit For Sale

The gen-z kids want everything quirky coming on the market. Well, those youngsters broke down on the internet to find the Siberian bear hunting suit right after it went viral. The music video of “Bear Hunting Armor” wearing a similar costume has just spiked the demand.

But unfortunately, you will not find that exact outfit in a regular store. Of course, it is because the studded iron is dangerous, and walking down the street with that suit can hurt people.

However, you will get a similar costume without the iron spikes. Later you can DIY the outfit and make those iron studs with paper or foam. This will make the perfect Halloween costume for you.

Siberian Hunting Suit

You have to be extra careful when it comes to hunting suits. Choosing the wrong outfit can make you uncomfortable, ruining your kill.

So, before packing the hunting clothes, check the weather first. Light suits will be fine if you go into the wild on a sunny or spring day. On the other hand, heavily insulated overalls are necessary for hunting in cold weather.

Here I have added the crucial clothing layers. You can customize the suit as per the weather and your comfort,

Top Clothing

Start with a comfortable inner layer. A fitting T-shirt of polyester material will serve the purpose as this fabric does not hold moisture. You can wear a camouflage flannel shirt over the Tee if it is hot outside. As a mid-layer, you can use a vest or a hoodie, while a thermally insulated jacket is perfect as the last layer.

Bottom Clothing

Wearing long underwear always serves you better when hunting. Put on camo sweat or cargo pants if it is a summer or spring day. Otherwise, go with insulated pants with several pockets.


A rubber boot is preferable for hunters as those pairs make no noise. Besides, wear woolen socks to keep your feet warm.


Hand gloves and beanies are also mandatory when hunting in cold weather. In addition, some people wear a facemask and other accessories as per their comfort.

Bear Hunting Accessories

You can not go bear hunting with bare hands. You are already losing the battle with this wild beast without the necessary gear and supplies. While we all remember the gears we need to take with us, we forget about the accessories. But those accessories always make hunting easier and smooth for us.

I have already discussed a complete bear hunting gear list in my previous article. So, this section only focuses on hunting accessories. Yes, you can modify the lists as per your need.

Glassing Kit

You can not imagine bear hunting without glassing. Though a binocular is all you need for this task, holding it with bare hands for all those hours can be tricky. Hence, get a tripod set with a pan head and adapter. Also, you can carry a lightweight sitting tool for more comfort.

Kitchen System

Kitchen kits are mandatory when you are camping or hunting for days. Take a lightweight stove and sharp knives with you. Also, a water purifier and a container are necessary to survive in the wild. Moreover, do not forget to take fuel and lighter on the hunt.

Weapon Accessories

Besides taking the powerful rifle, ensure you have packed the rifle scope, scope level, range, bipod, bipod rail, and rear support. You can also carry pouches as a bullet wallet.


Moving in a leather costume with spikes coming out of it is not the ideal suit for hunting. Also, there is no valid reference that can be linked to that outfit. Hence, there is a high chance that the Siberian bear hunting suit is not authentic and is just a piece of art.

Mizanur Rahaman Khan

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