How To Get The Slim Shady Hair Like Eminem In 2023: A Must Read Before Bleaching Hair

Who hasn’t heard the 2010 hit song ‘The Real Slim Shady’? Boy, that song went viral overnight, and every youngster was going for Eminem’s slim shady haircut. Surprisingly, the craze for slim shady hair is still there. The best part of this look is you do not need an expensive salon for the makeover, and you can get your slim shady haircut at home.

Slim shady hair is nothing but a really short, perfectly blonded haircut. Of course, if you are a natural blonde, you have to trim your hair really short. But for people with other hair tones, hair bleaching is necessary after trimming.

Are you thinking of dyeing your hair like the slim shady? Yes? Lucky you! The following article has a complete guideline for getting the real slim shady look without any hair damage.

How To Get The Slim Shady Hair

Slim Shady Hair

Well, it has been over a decade, and the slim shady hair is still in demand. For those who do not know, the Eminem fan base often calls this talented singer slim shady. It is because of his slim body posture, short trimmed blonde hair and that particular pitch in his tone.

Yes, Eminem is no longer that slim shady and his voice is much more mature now. But he will always be the real slim shady, and his look is timeless. Hence, it got updated over the years, and even the GenZ generation embraces this style with open arms. So those recent TikTok’s about slim shady hair is trending now.

So, the question is, how to get that slim shady hair? Here is how,

  1. First, trim your hair really short. An electric hair trimmer will do the task. But, of course, you can go to a salon if you feel underconfident. Ask for a buzz cut to get a similar hair length as Eminem.
  2. Next, pick up hair bleaching cream and peroxide from the local store.
  3. Mix those two in a perfect proportion and apply to your hair.
  4. Bleaching can cause scalp burning and itching. But those are just chemical effects and temporary.
  5. Shampoo your hair once the solution is completely dried and your hair has turned yellow.
  6. There you go! You have successfully pulled off the slim shady hair.

Slim Shady Haircut: Eminem Haircut Name

Slim Shady Haircut
Slim Shady Haircut

Eminem’s haircut is nothing but a simple buzz cut. However, after the stardom of Eminem, this hairstyle also goes by the name of slim shady haircut.

You can use an electric trimmer to get this buzz cut at home. Most people I know have tried this slim shady haircut on their own. Even the rap God Eminem is known for cutting his own hair.

However, you can obviously go to a salon to get this slim shady haircut.

Though Eminem is not the one to invent a buzz cut, he is definitely the reason behind its popularity. Nowadays, many celebrities have been trying this buzz cut with slight modifications. As a result, the slim shady haircut is getting updated with time.

Slim Shady Blonde Hair: How To Blonde Your Hair Like The Slim Rep Jesus?

If you have natural blonde, just trimming your hair is enough to get the slim shady look. In other cases, you have to blonde your hair artificially.

As a preparation, do not wash your hair for 2 – 3 days before dyeing for optimal results. Then collect the following supplies,

How to blonde hair
How to Blonde Hair

Now that you have gathered all these things go through the following guidelines step by step for a blonde hair,

1. Precautions First

The bleach tends to stain your skin, clothes and even the bathroom. Therefore, wear an old T-shirt and gloves before starting the bleaching process. Also, remove the stains on the bathroom floor with a cleaner as soon as possible.

2. Do The Mixing


The ideal ratio for a bleach and peroxide combination is 1:2. This mixture should have a thick consistency and no pored air bubbles.

3. Bleach Now!

Slim Shady Hair color  Style
Slim Shady Hair color Style

Once you are done stirring the mixture, apply it to your hair with a brush. Make sure there is no place left, and each hair follicle is covered. Later, wear the shower cap and wait.

4. Counting The Clock

I know the waiting period is boring, but there is no other option. Generally, it takes 30 – 45 minutes for the original hair colour to leave. Of course, the time depends on the hair shade and health.

5. Shower & Enjoy

Slim Shady Hair color, Slim Shady Hairstyle
Slim Shady Hair color, Slim Shady Hairstyle

Now that the yellow and orange shade is properly visible, it is time to rinse off the mixture. Later shampoo and condition your hair properly. Once dried, you will have the exact hairstyle as the real slim shady.

Slim Shady Hair Color: Which Color To Choose?

During the peak of his stardom, Eminem had blonde hair. He had the blonde even when shooting for the ‘Real Slim Shady’ song. But in many songs, the slim shady had dark Brown hair on the buzz cut.

You need to bleach your hair if you want the slim shady makeover. Using a yellow or orange shade will not work.

You can bleach your hair at home with the peroxide and hair bleach solution. But there are risks associated with it. As both those chemicals are strong and toxic, mishandling can cause damage. Therefore, go for a saloon if you are underconfident about bleaching on your own.

FAQs of Slim Shady Hair

Question: How Do I Get Hair Like Slim Shady?

Answer: You can get hair like the slim shady by trimming it to a short length first. Then bleach your hair unless you are blonde.

Question: What Is Eminem’s Haircut Called?

Answer: Eminem’s haircut is a simple buzz cut. Later after the apparent success of Eminem, people started calling the buzz cut a slim shady haircut. Many celebrities now have the same hairstyle.

Final Thoughts

To recreate the slim shady hair, you must buzz cut the hair with a trimmer. Then, you can blonde your hair with a bleaching mixture. Now that the hair is done wear similar accessories and garments like Eminem for the complete slim shady makeover.

Dr. Marjumin Sinthia

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