Soap Cover Grey Coverage Bar Shampoo Reviews: I Have Wasted My Money

Soap Cover Grey Coverage Bar Shampoo Reviews

Recently I saw the advertisement for Soap Cover grey coverage bar shampoo. The brand claimed to eliminate the grey hair with 3 washes. Not only that, the company is offering a money-back guarantee.

I have washed my hair multiple times with the Soap Cover grey coverage bar shampoo. But unfortunately, my hair was as grey as before. But yes, the only good thing about this bar shampoo was the smell.

So, is Soap Cover a fake? Which bar shampoo is suitable for white hair? Let’s find out.

What Is Soap Cover Bar Shampoo?

Soap Cover Grey Coverage Bar Shampoo Ingredient Reviews
Soap Cover Grey Coverage Bar Shampoo Ingredient Reviews

You can already guess from the name what a soap cover shampoo is. Yes, it is a shampoo but in the form of a bar. The manufacturers have cold-pressed the formula to shape the shampoo in a bar.

According to the brand, this soap cover bar shampoo can eliminate your grey hair in 3 washes. Apparently, the bar accelerates blood circulation and does the repigmentation of the grey cells. Thus, you get subtle and natural-looking hair within no time.

The brand also claims this product to be of 100% organic formula. As a result, you will find no harsh chemicals like SLS, hair dye, paraben, phosphate, or sulfur in it.

How much of these statements are true? I am answering that in the upcoming sections.

Soap Cover Grey Coverage Bar Shampoo Reviews: My Personal Journey

Soap Cover Grey Coverage Bar Shampoo Ingredient Real Reviews
Soap Cover Grey Coverage Bar Shampoo Ingredient Real Reviews

Honestly, I haven’t found the Soap Cover Grey Coverage bar shampoo very helpful. Though I love my grey strands, I thought of giving this bar shampoo a try. Result? Absolutely, nothing.

Yes, I used the soap bar shampoo per the instruction and even washed my hair thrice. Yet, my grey strands were there with pride.

So, what is my take on this grey coverage bar shampoo? Of course, I will not tag it as a scam. But anyway, the formula does not work, at least not for me.

Though the brand claims to remove your grey hair, it is not possible. But, hey! It is not me who is saying this.

According to scientific reports, you can not reverse grey hair as the follicles have already lost their melanin. So, whatever promises the Soap Cover Bar company makes are fake.

Well, the shampoo may nourish your hair or make it smoother. But that is not the point of using this bar shampoo.

In short, I had my disappointments with this Soap Cover Grey Bar Shampoo. You are all welcome to have your experiences.

Soap Cover Grey Coverage: Pros & Cons


  • 100% organic formula
  • Easy to use
  • Soften and moisturize hair
  • Pleasing fragrance
  • Environment friendly
  • Accelerate scalp blood circulation
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Suitable for multiple daily uses
  • Work on beard, mustache, and hair


  • Baseless claims
  • No change in hair color even after 3 washes
  • Fake refund promises
  • Not value for money

Are Bar Shampoos Good?

Apparently, this generation has accepted the concept of bar shampoos more easily than it was thought. Well, why wouldn’t they? Those bar shampoos are minimalist and come with bundles of advantages.

So, are the bar shampoos actually good? Honestly, there are both bad and good of this new addition. You need to measure both sides before coming to any conclusion. I have added both sides below for your convenience,


All Natural Ingredients: Would you like to lather your hair with a detergent-based shampoo instead of a natural one? No, right?

The shampoo bars are generally made of all-natural ingredients. Additionally, the products are free from paraben, sulfate, silicone, etc. Thus, your hair’s natural oil stays intact.

More Softness: The shampoo bars are surprisingly healthy for hair. Customers are actually impressed by the softness and density of this shampoo offers the hair. Moreover, unlike any other product, bar shampoos do not strip off the natural oil from the hair strands. Thus, you get smooth and bouncy hair after every wash.

Last Longer Than You Think: Considering the price, bar shampoos are cost-effective and last longer. For example, you can use the shampoo bars for 70 – 90 washes, equivalent to 2 – 3 liquid shampoo bottles.

Multipurpose Use: The convenient size is the main attraction point of bar shampoos. These little pieces are perfect for camping, traveling, or business tours. Not only that. You can use these bar shampoos as facewash, body soaps, and whatnot.

No Harm For The Environment: The shampoo bars come in attractive paper packages, which are biodegradable. Also, these products are mostly organic, vegan, and cruelty-free.


Water Quality Matters: Apparently, the bar formulas do not work well with hard water. It means your hair will be the same even after using the bar shampoo when the water mineral level is high. Also, the soap shampoo may leave a waxy residue on your hair because of the water condition.

Not 100% Safe: Yes, I know the soap bar shampoos are vegan and 100% organic. But do not forget that the brands still use artificial colors, fragrances, foamers, and preservatives to launch the final product. Such ingredients can cause irritation on sensitive skin.

Short Shelf Life: Though a 6 – 12 months expiration date is a standard, for some users, this shelf life might seem inconvenient.

Trouble Storing: The soap bar shampoos can get mushy after a few washes. Hence, storing them in a dry place, away from water, is important. A water-draining soap case with constant airflow is the best way to preserve these products.

Are Shampoo Bars Good For Hair?

Shampoo bars are indeed good for your hair as long as you have the right product. I know there are a few drawbacks to these shampoos too. But if you weigh both sides, the advantages are far more than the downers.

Here are some of the key reasons why I think shampoo bars are good for hair,

  1. Shampoo bars include no harsh chemicals or surfactants like sulfur, paraben, silicone, etc. As a result, these shampoos do not affect natural hair oil and gently lather the strands.
  2. The all-organic nature of the bar shampoos is another appreciating point. Going through the product label, you will notice mostly natural elements such as vitamins, oils, and minerals. Thus, these shampoos nourish your scalp and make the hair stronger.
  3. Washing your hair with bar shampoos allows blood circulation on the scalp. Therefore, you will notice increased volume density and better hair growth.

Are Shampoo Bars Good For Oily Hair?

The key feature of shampoo bars is not to strip off the natural oil from hair. But will the effect be the same for oily hair? Well, yes.

Most shampoo bars are equally effective for all hair conditions. However, selecting a shampoo bar specially designed for oily hair is wiser. This is because those bars will not produce any more oil on their own and will only promote natural oil production.

As a result, you will get a balanced hair condition instead of a dry or over-oily scalp.

Are Shampoo Bars Safe For Colored Hair?

Shampoo bars are indeed safe for colored hair. In fact, many people prefer shampoo bars over liquid shampoo for their dyed hair.

I know dying hair changes its texture, and not all shampoos can suit the condition. But, well, there are several reasons for doing this.

First, the shampoo bars are soap and chemical free. Again, the pH balance of these products is suitable for dyed hair. The shampoo bars do not strip off natural oil, so the colored hair does not get rough. Instead, the natural ingredients of the shampoo bars seem to nourish the scalp and promote hair softness.

Bar Shampoo And Conditioner: Lush Vs. Ethique

Lush Vs Ethique
Lush Vs Ethique

Lush and Ethique are two common brand names for bar shampoos. So, people often need help with which one to use. Hence, I will give you a short review.

Well, this is not going to be a detailed comparison. So, I will directly cut it to the chase.

I have used both Lush and Ethique bar shampoos and bar conditions. The two brands definitely have similarities. For the starter, each product smells great. But, again, while the bar shampoos are easier to handle, the conditioner bars are a bit hard.

Both the products are greasy and sticky. I personally do not like that feeling in my hair.

Now, coming to the user experience, I will proffer Ethique shampoo bar and conditioner over Lush. Well, the reason is Lush shampoo bar happens to make my hair rough and dry. But on the other hand, the Ethique shampoo bar nourishes my hair and keeps frizziness to a minimum.

In short, the Ethique shampoo bar is a total value for money.

Best Bar Shampoo For Gray Hair: Personal Opinion

The options for a shampoo bar for grey hair seem to be limited. Hence, I have collected the opinion of my clients on different brands and made a list of the best three. Here are they,

Polygonum Multiflorum Shampoo Bar, Organic Grey Reverse Shampoo Bar

This is the best-selling bar shampoo right now. The key ingredient of this product is the polygonum multiflorum extract, along with other natural elements.

The ingredients nourish hair roots, promote hair growth, and circulate blood. In addition to that, the shampoo moisturizes the scalp and prevents dandruff attacks. Also, the formula claims to reverse the white and grey hair.

Check Out More Details On Polygonum Multiflorum Shampoo Bar

Hair Darkening Shampoo Bar Natural Conditioner And Maintenance

Of course, coloring the grey hair is a hassle in itself. However, you can simply avoid the trouble by switching to a grey hair shampoo bar.

This shampoo bar is 100% organic and safe for hair as it contains no toxic elements. Again, the chemical-free feature of this brand allows the customers to enjoy a shiny, vivid hair volume.

Moreover, this shampoo bar contains different natural ingredients. Those elements do the healing and nourishment of hair follicles. Thus, you can get a firm hair root with no hair loss with this product.

Check Out More Details On Hair Darkening Shampoo Bar Natural Conditioner And Maintenance

Arencia Night Shadow Shampoo Bar

You can reverse your grey hair with an Arencia Night Shadow shampoo bar. Yes, you have read that right. According to this brand, the groundbreaking formula actually works on white hair.

However, you can still use this shampoo even if you do not have grey hair. This eco-friendly and vegan shampoo contains no harmful chemicals at all. Hence, your hair gets softer and silkier with each wash. 

Check Out More Details On Arencia Night Shadow Shampoo Bar


Question: Does Soap Cover Remove Gray Hair?

Answer: The Soap Cover brand claims to remove gray hair with 3 washes. But unfortunately, there is no proof of that, and the customers are really disappointed with this product.

Question: How Do You Use Soap Covers?

Answer: You have to apply the soap cover grey bar shampoo on your hair during the shower. Applying pressure on the bar will make the shampoo foamy. Next, massage your scalp and rinse the shampoo.

Question: Can You Reverse GREY Hair?

Answer: Apparently, there is no formula effective for reversing grey hair. So, once your hair follicles lose melanin, that is permanent.


Unfortunately, the soap cover grey coverage bar shampoo reviews are not so great. Therefore, there is a high chance that the brand’s claims and promises are fake. However, you can always try the product to find its authenticity.

Dr. Marjumin Sinthia

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