Soap Cover Reviews: Another Scam? Here Is Your Answer

Soap Cover Reviews

The bold advertisements of Soap Cover will steal anyone’s attention. I mean, who does not want dark hair? But does this shampoo bar actually work?

Apparently, the Soap Cover shampoo bar does not work for most customers. But there are a few who claim to be benefitted from this product. Scientifically speaking, it is impossible to revive your gray hair pigments and force them to grow back hair.

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Soap Cover Gray Hair Reviews: The Most Honest One

Honestly, the Soap Cover gray hair shampoo bar has mixed reviews. Yes, a few people have claimed that this product works for them.

On the contrary, according to most customers, this shampoo bar does nothing. Even the YouTube tutorials for this shampoo are not positive.

When I went through the users’ online comments, most of them tagged this product as useless or trash.

So, what is going on here?

Well, the Soap Cover gray shampoo bar is almost like any regular bar shampoo. You can lather your hair with it, and in fact, the shampoo works pretty well in nourishing your hair.

In addition, as the brand includes no harsh chemicals in manufacturing, you face no hair damage or breakage after use.

The only difference between Soap Cover and other shampoo bars is that this product claims to reverse your white hair into black. But apparently, the shampoo does not fulfill this purpose.

Then, what are those few positive reviews doing?

I can not say for sure. It can be a marketing stunt to influence people to buy this gray shampoo bar. Then again, there is a narrow possibility that this product actually works for a few.

Lastly, is the Soap Cover Gray Shampoo bar scam?

From the look of the website, the company seems to be fake. Moreover, the moneyback campaign of this brand is also not legit.

Nevertheless, I can not tag the brand as a scam without proper investigation. But, of course, by judging the product and policies, the company seems suspicious.


  • Organic formula
  • No sulfate, paraben, or other harsh chemicals
  • Nourish hair
  • Promote hair growth
  • Smell good
  • Eco friendly
  • Suitable for beard and mustache


  • No reverse gray hair
  • Fake moneyback promise

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Soap Cover Reviews: My Personal Opinion

Soap Cover Reviews, Soap Cover bar Shampoo use
Soap Cover Reviews, Soap Cover bar Shampoo use

After going through the bundles of positive and negative reviews, I decided to try this shampoo bar. I ordered it from Amazon, and the product was delivered within a few days. So, 10/10 on the delivery.

I found the Soap Cover shampoo bar packaging really cool. Even the hand grip of the shampoo bar is admirable. Again, I didn’t have to struggle to foam and lather my hair. A little water with the bar did the trick.

When using this shampoo bar, I bet you can not ignore the smell of it. I mean, the fragrance is so soothing that you will enjoy every minute of bathing.

Soap Cover Reviews, softer and silkier hair, Soap Cover bar Shampoo use
Soap Cover Reviews, softer and silkier hair, Soap Cover bar Shampoo use

Upon drying my hair, I could notice the changes. No, not in gray hair. But my hair was undoubtedly softer and silkier.

Per the brand, it takes 3 washes to have reverse gray hair. However, some customers claimed it took more than 3 washes to see the changes. Therefore, I used this shampoo throughout the week just to be safe. Well, results?

Absolutely nothing.

Soap Cover Reviews, Soap Cover Bar Reviews
Soap Cover Reviews, Soap Cover Bar Reviews

My gray strands were there as before. On top of that, my dandruff came crawling back. Other than these, I had no issues with the Soap Cover gray bar shampoo.

In short, I am down for the packaging and fragrance of this shampoo bar. But if you ask about reversing gray hair, the Soap Cover shampoo does not work.

Does Soap Cover Work?

According to scientific research, you can not reverse your gray hair. See, our hair follicles can lose melanin due to age, stress, or genetics. But, unfortunately, once the melanin is gone, it can not be revived.

So, yes, the Soap Cover brand has promoted its product against this theory. As per the company, you can regain your youth with only 3 washes of the Soap Cover shampoo bar.

Is it possible? Scientifically, no! You have to color your hair to mask the gray strands. Hence, Soap Cover’s revitalizing hair pigment theory will not work.

But then again, some customers suggest that this shampoo has reversed their gray hair. Are these statements fake? Well, you can not say for sure. But if you think logically, these claims are baseless.

Soap Cover Global: Is It Worth Buying?

Let me ask you a question first.

Why do you want to use a Soap Cover gray shampoo bar? Is it because of gaining black, dark hair back? If yes, then you should not buy this product.

The Soap Cover promises to reverse your gray hair with 3 washes. Right? Well, the brand has miserably failed to keep on its word.

Now, what if you want to use the Soap Cover shampoo bar as a regular shampoo? Then, yes. You can definitely give it a try.


Question: Does Soap Cover Get Rid Of GREY Hair?

Does Soap Cover Get Rid Of GREY Hair

Answer: The Soap Cover grey shampoo has a mixed review. I have used this shampoo for a week straight and found no progress in my white hair. Well, I am not alone, and thousands of customers have the same experience.

Question: How do you use Soap Cover?

Answer: According to the brand, you have to apply the bar on damp hair and massage your scalp. Then, after leaving the shampoo for 5 minutes or so, you can rinse the foam with hot water. However, the customers suggest keeping the shampoo for 30 – 60 minutes for a positive result.


Soap Cover reviews can often be confusing. While one group claims this product to be authentic, another one tags it as trash. I have used the Soap Cover shampoo bar for experience, and it did not work. However, you can try this for yourself to find out the truth.

Dr. Marjumin Sinthia

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