Woman In Burka: Basic Look And Laws Of Wearing Burqa

Burqa is basic wear for most Muslim women. No wonder they search for tips to level up their look in the burqa. So, how can you style the burqa with your personality?

You cover your entire body except the hands and feet with a loose burqa. So, there is not much room for styling with a burqa. But you can select the color of this garment as you desire.

Let’s explore more aspects of a woman in burqa.

How Do You Look Good In A Burqa?

Woman In Burka, Women in Hijab
Woman In Burka, Women in Hijab

Burqa is a loose garment that covers the whole body. This clothing is paired with a headscarf and veil to cover the face.

In simple terms, the main purpose of the burqa is to conceal your body, head, and face.

Muslim women wear this garment to maintain a visual barrier with non-related men. Islam as a religion encourages this clothing as the Quran talks about wearing decent and modest dresses.

Hence, the goal of the burqa is not to polish up your look or make your appearance outstanding. Instead, the garment exists to envelop your body, head, and face, allowing you to carry on your outdoor life without compromising the deen.

Though the most common color of a burqa is black, the blue burqa has also been popular because of the Afghani influences.

However, there are no restrictions or rules for maintaining a burqa color code. You can wear any shade. But avoid the shiny color that attracts attention.

How To Wear Hijab To Spice Up Your Look

Many Muslim women choose to wear a hijab instead of a burqa. It is a headscarf that only conceals the hair, not the face or body. Females can wear hijab with almost any casual clothing.

Hence, there are rooms to look better in hijab or spice up the appearance. Of course, you need to keep it low as you do not want unnecessary attention from strangers. But at the same time, choosing the right hijab and style will stand out your personality.

Here is how I wear my hijab to avoid dull, boring looks,

1. My Personality Talks Through Hijab Color

Black Hijab, My Personality Talks Through Hijab Color
Black Hijab, My Personality Talks Through Hijab Color

I happen to have an outgoing personality. Hence, my closet is full of bright hijabs. Yes, I own a black hijab, which gives a more sophisticated look.

While the bright shades suit extroverted personalities, the matte or mute hues are perfect for introverts. You will not grab much attention with fancy colors and maintain the classy hijab look.

Also, when buying a hijab, do not just pick a color for the sake of your personality. Consider your available wardrobe options as you pair the hijab with those outfits.

2. Hijab And The Eye Colors In Balance

You can level your look by complementing the hijab color with your eyes. For example,

  • Pretty shades of violet, blue, and teal are in perfect contrast with brown or chocolatey doe eyes.
  • Popping brown, orange, gold, and bronze hues coordinate perfectly with blue eyes.
  • If you have green eyes, the red, peach, and pink shade hijabs will give your look richness and warmth.

3. Your Undertone Helps With The Color

The hijab look gets more trendy when you match the color with your undertone. For example,

  • Warm-colored hijabs like orange, yellow, brown, and red match perfectly with fair skin.
  • Green hijab shades offer a soft and welcoming look on golden undertones.
  • Royal colors like plum, peach, and coral easily flatter the browny, dark skin tones.

4. All In For Pattern And Print

Different patterns and floral prints on the hijabs make them look beautiful. When you match the outfit accordingly, you look vintage and bold. But of course, avoid wearing the hijab and dress of the same pattern or print.

5. Maintain The Balance Between Hijab & Outfit

Make sure the hijab does not overwhelm the outlet but complements it in a sober way. For example, choose a muted or dark hijab with a fancy and bright dress. Similarly, a bold hijab elevates the monochromatic and simple outfit.

6. Wrapping Style Of The Hijab Matters

You can wear the hijab in several different styles. For example, the square and the Kuwait hijab styles are the most popular. Trying out the Amira and triangular hijab will also help you experiment with your look.

7. Why Not Some Accessories?

You can adventure with your hijab look and make the scarf more lucrative by adding accessories. For example, ribbons, pins, brooches, etc., go with any hijab. Also, you can pair jewelry with your outfit to compliment the hijab.

Is The Burqa Comfortable?

Woman In Burka, wear hut
Woman In Burka

Burqa is comforting and discomforting at the same time. Let me explain my statement.

This outwear covers your whole body except for the hands and feet. It means you can see the world through your meshed eye screen. But for the world, you are a mystery.

As the burqa conceals your body, you do not have to bear the nasty look of strangers. Moreover, no more words of body shaming.

But then again, western society sees the burqa as a threat. Therefore, the street people will give you constant eye frowns. Though it is not illegal to wear a burqa in most countries, policemen can ask you to remove the veil for identification.

Finally, the burqa is an outer garment worn over the usual clothes. Therefore, it is really hot and sweaty underneath. Moreover, clothing with a meshed screen often triggers claustrophobia.

At What Age Does A Girl Start Wearing A Burqa?

Girls are encouraged to wear hijab or burqa when they reach puberty. Signs of adulthood in girls are,

  • She is 15 years old
  • Her pubic hair is growing
  • She has a nocturnal emission
  • The menstruation cycle has just started

Once the girl reaches adulthood, she must maintain the full hijab, and she will be accountable for not following it. There are no laws or rules for girls wearing a hijab before puberty.

However, some scholars suggest encouraging girls of 7 – 9 years to wear a burqa or hijab.

This will help the little ones to get familiar with the garment and build up the habit.

Are Woman Forced To Wear Burkas In That Religion?

Muslim women wear the burqa as Islam promotes decent and modest clothing. As per the religion, males and females should wear loose garments enveloping their bodies.

The clothing rules may be a bit stricter for women than the men. For example, females should conceal their whole bodies, including their heads. It is justified as Islam treats women preciously and encourages females to maintain visual distance from strangers and men.

Burqa is a garment that conceals the whole body of a woman except for her hands and feet. Well, there is no such ruling about covering the face in Islam though many scholars beg to differ.

Hence, Islam does not force women to wear a burqa. The religion asks them to maintain a loose garment that conceals their body curve and covers their heads.

A Muslim Woman Dressed In A Burka

Buqua satisfies both cultural and religious aspects of Muslim women. However, with time, the number of burqa wearers is declining. Females are more attracted to the niqab, abaya, and hijab nowadays.

Fat Woman In Burka

Burqa conceals the body size and shape altogether. Therefore, you do not have to worry about your oversized body. You will not get body-shamed.

Afghan Women In Burkas

While most Muslim countries have loosened their laws on wearing a burqa, Afghanistan seems to walk backward. The country has mandated a burqa for all women.

If the females are seen without a burqa outside, their father or brother gets punished. I know it sounds cruel and unfair, but it is the norm in Afghanistan.

Different regions of Afghanistan have rules on burqa color. For example, women are asked to wear blue burqas in some areas. On the other hand, a brown burqa is also a thing in some regions of this country.

Can You See In A Burqa?

Burqa envelops the entire body, including the face. The garment comes with a veil with a meshed screen to see through.

Of course, the vision gets restricted and limited with the meshed veil. The wearer can not see far from her position.

Therefore, women can not see clearly wearing a burqa.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do Women Wear Burqa?

Islam encourages females to wear loose garments and cover their heads. Burqa allows women to stay in the veil and maintain the rules. Hence, women wear burqas as a token of religion, Islamic culture, and their distaste for western dress codes.

What Is The Difference Between Hijab And Burqa?

For starters, the hijab is the headscarf that can be worn with any outfit. On the other hand, the burqa is a garment that covers the whole body, head, and face.

Why Are Burqas Blue?

Burqas are not meant to be any specific color, for example, blue and blue. You can wear a burqa of any sober and modest color that does not draw attention. Blue burqas are actually linked to native Afghanistan.


A woman in a burqa is the most common scenario in Muslim countries. This garment covers the entire body of the girl. However, most scholars think there is no necessity to cover the face or eyes.

Burqa is a loose outer garment and comes in basic colors. Therefore, you can not do much to make it stylish. Also, the goal of this clothing is not to look pretty, but to keep you away from strangers.

Mizanur Rahaman Khan

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